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Hi thanks for playing my game and leaving feedback, I agree the game could be smoother, the main thing I wanted to show was the different  ways a player can distribute weight to trigger the destruction of a platform

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Thanks for playing my game, I think it helps to drop down at one of the two ends and time it so you land on an enemy or so if you do miss, then the enemy is moving away to give yourself plenty of time to drop again. The rats behave differently, they won't chase you like the spiders but you can't just rush because there may be snakes below.  One final tip: Keep the ball close because if the enemy touches the ball it's pretty much game over, unless it's a snake, in which case just be aware the ball doesn't squash it. 

Good game and like that you can find and watch a youtube video. The platforms which disappear after a while upon touching them definitely have improved your game, there could maybe be some warning that they are about to disappear though perhaps by fading

I like your game and what the platforms do, however I do think animating the platforms could make a big difference to the feel of your game

I think this game is great and has a very good chance of winning this jam, there are lots of interesting platforms, which all look great when they are destroyed.  

I think you set the bar very high when you submitted this game so early on, the animations are perfect

I had fun playing your game. I like shrinking platforms and limitations, not sure if you know but the block you push doesn't always land where it should, it is cool though and fits perfectly with the style of your game. I have no idea what that button does at the end of the game, it seems like it should create a platform. I got to the end somehow. Maybe you could have some platforms which can fall and squash the boss or have to land on his platforms so they disappear.

I think I got quite far and would definitely continue to the end if it didn't stop working.. The destructible platforms are amazing to watch burn, and think you know this judging by the cool checkpoints. You have certainly shown how much fun your platforms can be. I believe you deserve to win this jam and wish you luck!

there is a lot to like about this game, one being the artwork, I like that you lift up in the air when you land on a destructible platform, maybe it could disappear in a more interesting way eg if the logs were floating on water, and you land on a vertical platform it could sink a little like a trampoline, lift you up then sink and make a splash, it might be quite difficult to do but looks like you have some skills with animation. 

My first thought was where are the platforms? But then I realised you are controlling the platform, I really like playing your game. I think it would be better if you could see more destruction, e.g. feathers falling (which maybe you could recollect) or you could have a character with a jetback which could explode upon impact, you could also collect fuel shown by a bar rather than display a number, and carry a limited amount, as I have found that sometimes you can collect more than one jump with one jump which i like but it can eventually become too easy if there is no limit (not sure if there is in your game) but something to consider. Overall I would say this is a clever idea, and the gameplay is awesome. 

nice game

hello all, i am the maker of 'meet your death' in platformer challenge #1, after enjoying the jam I have just submitted my next game for the second platformer challenge, I have named my newest game 'death scream' and hope you all enjoy it, or draw some inspiration from it, and I look forward to playing your games!

thanks for playing my game and leaving feedback. Yeah having different weapons for enemies could be interesting and as for the levels i would have liked to make a maze like game similar to prince of persia with spikes and platforms which crumble etc

thanks for playing my game and glad you found it fun, level 9 is the last and hardest level, nothing special happens when you complete the game it will say well done and tell you to press R to restart

thanks for playing and leaving your feedback, i totally agree with your points made

this is a fun game, and you should be proud, jumping from one platform to another is great fun. It reminds me of games where you use grapple hooks. I just feel there should be more variety of platforms 

This is a good platform game, but it is a shame there are no moving platforms and this is the only reason I am giving a low score. Had this game been an auto runner it would recieve a better score however this wouldn't make it a better game. Some simple things I think you could have done to get a better score and reach the top is to make the platforms drop when they are stood on for a while, and maybe make them move side to side.  

This is an exceptionally well made game. Even though most of the platforms weren't really needed and occasionally get in the way you'd think it would be really bad but it actually works really well kinda like the original sonic games on the mega drive - where you just want to go fast, and use your characters abilities to get to the end killing or dodging enemies on the way. 

This is an exceptionally well made game. Even though most of the platforms weren't really needed and occasionally get in the way you'd think it would be really bad but it actually works really well kinda like the original sonic games on the mega drive - where you just want to go fast, and use your characters abilities to get to the end killing or dodging enemies on the way. 

Although some platforms didn't come back when they were supposed to, and seemed to kill me unfairy I kind of expect that with any late entry, but how good are the moving platforms? well i absolutely love the ideas you have come up with. 

The boat platform was fantastic, so too were the platforms which dip into lava, and the lightning was really fun to dodge whilst jumping to the next platforms. Normally its not a good idea to stand on a platform which breaks / vanishes so it did feel good when you need to. My favourite platform games are those which make you feel like you are learning something for the next challenge. I can't really fault the platforms. Well done!

this is one of my favourites to play, or possibly the best, but unfortunately i can't say much about the platforms you've made as I couldn't get past one part due to the large platform not respawning or lifting me up properly like the first time i played and me dying a lot - my fault sorry lol. The infinite lives and autosave helped a lot here and i hope others get further and see more than myself because Im sure there are plenty more good stuff to see. 

every platform i have seen was placed perfectly, I did get to enjoy being lifted whilst dodging the spikes the one time which was really fun, some other platforms I really like are the seesaw and the steps which you create by jumping on them. The lift down was a brilliant platform with great potential, especially as you can only use it once, you could maybe have some things to collect on the way down to make it more fun. 

Everything felt really good e.g. the gravity, controls, sizes / lengths. You should be really proud of what you have made. In my opinion it could benefit with more theming

I certainly had a lot of fun making a mess when playing this game :)

I love the guys with bombs and how you can take out other enemies by destroying them

this is a fantastic game

I love the look of the characters and their animations, and gameplay is excellent too!

I enjoyed playing your game

I enjoyed completing your mazes

glad to hear you like it, and hope it makes everyone in your family laugh

Glad you like the controls, it will definitely look more like a game the next round if I go through

I've made the slime temporarily stop an enemy as planned, and been testing some other ideas for the slime too, I have been thinking that players might not need to use the stopping power of the slime and might be boring and just retreat,  so I've only tackled these, but will definitely look at doing something with different surfaces could be fun

Thanks for the comment. I'm glad you see potential with my idea

I almost forgot to vote, I love the ability and character animation is spot on, and believe that if you get through to the next round this will turn out to be a great game! 

This game is so addictive, I absolutely love this idea

Fun idea!

Very fun game. Hope you get through!

I really like this idea, super fun!

I love this ability lots!