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I would like to thanks everyone's reviews and comments about the game! 

It really felt great making this game and I'm positive I will continue polishing this game until it becomes a masterpiece - maybe under another name, as there are a lot of improvements that need to be done. I will place a thought to EVERY single one of your comments about the game and I hope to become better and better. 

I never thought it will turn out this well and to be so fun for me to develop it, and I really feel like I have found my way in life, so

Thanks to every single one of you

Hi. I recently wanted to play it again, this time on Linux. However, I found this error. It doesn't make the game unplayable, but it keeps popping up every 2 seconds.

Took me some attempts for it to load on firefox-esr. Got stuck in the first level (The broken glass does not respawn). Kids would love this game if you make it right.

A game becomes boring if it doesn't even tell what do you have to do to win. It is even more boring if it doesn't even tell you how to play it. Nice concept, but keep that in mind.

I really like it. I loved the story and how it unveils. To be honest, it seems more like a visual novel than an rpg. However, I hope to see more of it, and maybe buy it after it is released.


  • Great story
  • The art and the characters really gives the game a sense different from any other game.
  • You can feel how the characters feel when talking

Cons/Things to work out: 

  • There were a few typos in the initial scene
  • Some seemingly passable terrain isn't passable at all
  • The reception of the Bail Bond Store looks very empty (not sure if it is on purpose)
  • The player can't really interact with the story,

Great job, keep it up!

For a demo, it is a very good game.  Please keep it up!

There are some places where you can climb to the walls, though.

How do I say it... The change between art is striking, and

  • There are better ways to create characters and art than paint. 
  • Why is it that Serana is weaker than Alex if she could one-shot the orc/goblin at the beginning?
  • You should read some articles about map design

I only could get until the big snake, it was a bit too hasty only attack and attack and keep attacking and... well, you know. It's a first good game, if it is your first.

Thanks, Dezue. I'm glad you like the story. I'll remake it better once IGMC finishes!

I really appreciate your input. 

I should have pointed out better the dirt passage in the mountain range at the west. That's where you should go first, before going to the hill south the capital.

After the jam ends, I will turn this into a better game and publish it, maybe even changing the name but we'll ser.

You really did an amazing game! The art, the theme, the story, the music... everything fits perfectly! Great work, Deuze!

I was very late adding plugins (like 4 hours before the deadline) so I really couldn't get much done. I should have added a Quest and a minimap system to pinpoint how you have to kill the 3 mini-bosses in the pass so an evil Castle with the final boss appeared in the dessert.

I couldn't really test the fonts in my system (the font was very small here). I couldn't really find a way to separate between what Komui was saying and what he was thinking. Also, there were no doors on purpose - people trusted each other on that time so they trusted you wouldn't enter without permission. I also forgot about changing those messages at last minute.

Normal enemies in the map where targetted for lvl 10-20, elites are for 15-20 and demonic and mimics for 25 more or less. However, my damage formula was made too lazily and some enemies were not doing even 1 dmg.

I'm sorry you had such a bad experience with the game. What I spent most time was on backstory and balancing enemies hoping people would immerse in the world. Guess I was wrong.

Thanks for you feedback, I really appreciate it!