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How do I say it... The change between art is striking, and

  • There are better ways to create characters and art than paint. 
  • Why is it that Serana is weaker than Alex if she could one-shot the orc/goblin at the beginning?
  • You should read some articles about map design

I only could get until the big snake, it was a bit too hasty only attack and attack and keep attacking and... well, you know. It's a first good game, if it is your first.

First of all thank you for playing. I know there are better ways to do art but I am not skilled with art at all. But I did not want to use default assets and I wanted the characters from the real world to look different. 

If you have leveled your characters up to level five before fighting the snake Serana should have the ability to raise the party's attack for a couple of turns. And Alex should have the ability to flail wildly witch hits two random targets. Plus if you equip Alex with a shield that can be found in the cave he can use it to perform a shield bash witch causes confusion.

Again thank you for playing and for your constructive criticism.