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A jam entry

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Submitted by SlowDancer (@LemmyRodul) with 4 hours, 40 minutes before the deadline

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Judge feedback

Judge feedback is anonymous.


    The game uses custom graphics and they all fit together well. What areas there are look good, too.

    The sound is a little grating but at least it's there. Sound effects were used in a minigame which was creative.

    The music is appropriate and works well, not getting boring over time.

    The menu is a bit small to read.
    What writing there is seems decent. It would be nice to have some kind of instruction on how to play or what, even, we're playing.

    Gameplay consists of board-game basics - roll dice, move spaces and complete minigames. That said, the game wasn't very long, cutting out to a 'demo' sign after about five minutes of play. There's options for more than one player but they seem to be WIPs at the moment. There weren't any bugs as far as I could see.

    The dice roll consists of three items rolling through amounts (1-3 of each item) and having to confirm to stop them from rolling, then adding up the amounts you got into your roll. It... works, I guess?

    The minigame made use of sound to let you know when you could walk or not on a bridge. You had to get to the other side. It was pretty good.

    There was a card pick at the start which seems silly when there's no other players to choose against.

    The game didn't even have an AI character of any kind. Just you, on a board, rolling over and over.

    There wasn't really anything to do but roll the dice, be moved by the game automatically and either play the one minigame or roll again until you get to the end.

    No challenge, nothing of interest to do bar that one minigame and roll 'dice'. There's no story or explanation behind it either. You're just dumped on a board and play.

    I gather the idea is to make money kind of like game of life, but the fact is that the game is so short there's no real time to see much of that come about (apparently you get money by doing the minigame but otherwise... nothing).


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A game becomes boring if it doesn't even tell what do you have to do to win. It is even more boring if it doesn't even tell you how to play it. Nice concept, but keep that in mind.


Thank you for playing! I will keep it in mind but as shown in the status, it's only a prototype.