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I really love the demo and can't wait for it to be finished, even seeing how your choices play out, like if they give you a good ending or a bad ending, i still can't wait to see Frederique route and also Bastien route, i do love all the other characters to even having a choice to have no one so can find someone else. this game is amazing already

yay thank you for considering it ^^ i just thought it could be amazing to see how shocked they be to see your main girl in a dress and how pretty or beautiful she looks because they not seen her in dress before it could be a ending scene but they just guesses but still thank you so much for your game's and answering back ^^ it means so much and can not wait to see the full game ^o^ it will be so amazing

yay i can't wait to see more but would also love to try them routes out and see what happens, but thing i also wondering is if you choose to be a girl on your game will there be any dress scenes at all, it's fine if not because it still is a great game.

this great news about the update and i would be fine with waiting for all routes to be finished together not one by one

I just finished the demo and love it, i been trying to get with the best friend but i really hope this gets fully finished as soon as possible i really want to see the outcome of it. it's a great game so far 

i'm sad i didn't get to do the poll but i would of chosen the same as so many, the take my money now because i really love the game, i still been playing it, can't wait to see what the mother thinks of the secret romance i unlocked on the game and enjoyed ^^. okay i did enjoy all the characters even the main girl. love the dresses and well well done to you for making such a great game, i be looking forward to the next great games.

thank you for your help i managed to finally get some good endings at least on daire with your help and i did lots of trust and design also and used the singer ty with emma. seems like that helped alot to. can't remember if i did use that trait, i might of. thank you again for help.

thank you again for your help and i did try what you told me yet i still get the same bad endings which is sad, but i will just keep trying. still though your games are so amazing, i now wonder if you got anymore ideas like maybe a easter one or even christmas one <-- that would be soo great.

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thank you sooo much for your help, i am sorry if i sound stupid but is there a way to check which stats are right for the guys like say Daire for example i kept trying management and trust that failed so i tried trust and social that failed then tried them all that didnt work out but also i kept choosing erik for emma. so really just wondering if there is on the game like in menu or not just to check which stats should be chosen. sorry if am asking to much. (okay small edit) i finally got a good ending after all the bad ones. it was with zane yay!!

okay first i like to say the game is great just like the halloween one, its nearly 3am here and i am still playing it trying to get the good endings. omg help us please!!! it really is killing me. i want to see the good endings!! i keep getting bad ones. so i am not sure if i need the trust to be up way more or what, some clue would be great 

Loved the Halloween Game now can't wait for this one to come out ^.^

i agree with CuteFreeVNs you do have something good, am happy to hear about Orion's path i chose him in the demo but do love the other characters to. hope things go well for all of you in real and with this game.

is this in english now, my french isn't really any good but it still looks so much fun 

love the game so much!! would love to see more good games like this, i keep playing this game lots.

when will the full game be out i really want to play it

I am just wondering if there will be a continue of this game or like extra stories about the princess and like any of the guys. i do love them all but i do keep playing the route with rod, i would really like to see how they are all getting on after everything that happened. it really is such a fun game to play

This is a fun game to play i have it still downloaded and do play it from time to time now ever since i finished all the routes and do kind of remember how to do the puzzles but still overall a great game, loved every bit of it.

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really the crystals are to tell you that you made right choice, strange i really thought they was just for show hmm silly me to think that but now i know and thank you i will keep trying still i just do wish there was more nice games like this where i really do enjoy playing them. thank you to for your help ^^

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yes i have tried that many times and i still get bad endings but i keep trying to and as for the bad ending with rod that i keep getting to. i cry every single time but really i cry at all the bad endings because they are so sad and i will agree with you about the romeo and juliet drama. and like real drama. thank you so much to for help ^^

i need a walkthrough that has all answers to the good endings i keep getting the bad endings no matter how many times i try. please please

i donated how much i could afford but i really like the demo i just think it was a little to short but it still worked me up and made me want the full game so please please give us a date when it will be out i really want to play it.