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i need a walkthrough that has all answers to the good endings i keep getting the bad endings no matter how many times i try. please please

save the choice moment before you choose by left clicking the screen. That way, you can always return back if you make the wrong choice. :)

Seriously tho, those stories are real drama... I think Fritz and Varg's bad ending is the best for some "Romeo and Juliet" drama. ^.^

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yes i have tried that many times and i still get bad endings but i keep trying to and as for the bad ending with rod that i keep getting to. i cry every single time but really i cry at all the bad endings because they are so sad and i will agree with you about the romeo and juliet drama. and like real drama. thank you so much to for help ^^

I agree fully, Fritz route really was saddening and heartbreaking ;-; especially for varg in both his good and bad end, he dissapeared without any hope to get loved bacl, knowing she would never love him. I wish there was a route for varg..


Kooriiko wishes Varg has a route as well. But he's practically Fritz so yeah. ;)

Yes, it's dissapointing to see how he doesn't even stand a chance :(

The game has a Right Choice Indicator (RCI) which can be turned on or off through the settings. A crystal will appear on the upper right corner indicating that it's the right choice.

If you're still having a hard time, someone from Steam made a guide: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=899432238

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really the crystals are to tell you that you made right choice, strange i really thought they was just for show hmm silly me to think that but now i know and thank you i will keep trying still i just do wish there was more nice games like this where i really do enjoy playing them. thank you to for your help ^^