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Caessenia Oryon

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damn nikolai was wasting no time with that date

someone text me or reply to this comment when they make the full version of this game please

personally i think visual novels are better than porn

okay we will just... wait. XD I wish you the best of luck, though! We all can't wait to read it! 

Make sure to put some hentai.

Has this game not been released yet? I have been waiting for a year because that was my only choice, duh. But I am rather excited about its release, so excuse my impatience... ^.^

Ikrrrr it's SOOO boring to wait and wait... and be disappointed just because these games are being released later... I know it's difficult to make them, though, but I can't wait to play them!

Jeez.... everyone is making such long comments...

It's nice that they're spending time to express their opinion here, but come on. Say it shortly...

like, I think this game is nice, the way it is.

I wanna play the new game. Where's the dude who made it? Why is he not responsive? 

He could be a she. 

Wait, that did not make any sense.


Point is...

Why isn't anybody making this game's full version??

A DEMO??? 

I downloaded the game yesterday and I noticed I'd accidentally downloaded 64-bit when my PC is actually just 32-bit.

Tbh, I don't really understand much about this "bit" thing, but I could not play the game.

Now I'm downloading the "32-bit".

I hope the full version will come out soon.

I really can't wait.

I'm really bored...

This game was pretty special, different from everything I have played before. I have to say it was nice. I have always been a fan of vampires and it is cool to play one VN with vampires as options for romance. 

If you'd like, I can draw your characters.

 I am good at drawing and well... don't be offended but the current ones just suck.

Seems like it only works on computers, laptops, Mac and Apple... So sorry to hear you can't play... 


Your games are just so funny, I love them!

I loved the game, but can we please know when will this game come out ... as full?? I just can't wait!! Btw... I already ship the protagonist with the prince best! 

When does the full version come out?

Hardly waiting for it to come out!

First when i saw this I was like "it can't be that good, but I'll play the DEMO anyway."

Then I was like "Hold on there, it's not good, it's AMAZING!"

Really cool game, loved all the characters and the drama! It was completely mind blowing and amazing. Now this game is even more amazing but... wow ... you guys just blew me away with this...

Anton is pretty cold

Anton is pretty cold

Yes, it's dissapointing to see how he doesn't even stand a chance :(

save the choice moment before you choose by left clicking the screen. That way, you can always return back if you make the wrong choice. :)

Seriously tho, those stories are real drama... I think Fritz and Varg's bad ending is the best for some "Romeo and Juliet" drama. ^.^!!! Yay!

1. More.Day!! Yay!

Thank you so much for telling me. :)

Amazing! Hardly waiting to read everything!

Someone please tell me when the full version comes out! :O

When will the full version come out? I'm hardy waiting... nuuu... I loved everything about this game; the characters, especially Karma and the solider guy from the castle... Those were some very amazing designs! And the story is dazzling too! Even though the princess is a bit too cocky... I love the theme song too, who sang that?