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i donated how much i could afford but i really like the demo i just think it was a little to short but it still worked me up and made me want the full game so please please give us a date when it will be out i really want to play it.

Thank you for your kind donation, we really appreciate your support! We haven't decided our final release date yet, but will be sure to announce it when we do. We also plan to release a longer demo that contains previews of each route.

do you have an ETA of when the demo will be released?

We're not 100% sure, but sometime early next year would be nice!
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*CLAPS EXCITEDLY* OOH! I like the sound of that!!
(as long as it doesn't take till late, (like...OCTOBER of 2017) to get the demo out, I'll be quite the happy camper) (but if it is late, that's good too!)
keep up the great work! x3