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Oasis Plus

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Yes, we are currently doing art and coding for Orion's path. Things have gotten busy IRL, but we still work on HPP whenever we have time. Thank you to everyone for your patience as we continue working on the game!

We're not 100% sure, but sometime early next year would be nice!

Thanks for your support! We're still deciding the release date, but we'll definitely announce it once we're more sure!

Thank you for your kind donation, we really appreciate your support! We haven't decided our final release date yet, but will be sure to announce it when we do. We also plan to release a longer demo that contains previews of each route.

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I feel honored to hear that you made an account to contact us! :D As for news, most of Vincent's route is done (just have to wrap up a few bugs and maybe add another ending), and writing for Orion's route is almost done (currently working on the endings). We'll do our best to finish the full version soon!

Ace is special in many, many ways. ;) Hope you enjoy the demo!

Sorry for missing your comment before (need to check this page more often), but I'm glad you enjoyed that part! It's always a relief to know when the jokes actually land. ;)

That's understandable - Ace is pretty mean in the prologue! He becomes nicer later on in all the routes.

We're happy to hear you enjoyed the demo! We haven't decided the final release date yet, but will update here once we do. Thanks for your encouragement!

Thanks for your support, kaiyoriachi! We are almost finished coding Vincent's route and are currently working on Orion. We haven't decided the final release date yet, but will definitely update here once we do. We hope you enjoy the full game!

Thanks for your interest, but Narttu is correct that the game is still in development and will be commercial once released. Sorry for any disappointment!