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hello i am wondering when this game will be finished, i do want to buy it but i don't know if you all are finished with making it, it says Projected release date:  TBC, does that mean to be continued or something else. also i wondering if this game and The Thorns Of War would be on steam. i still like the plot twist even though it is sad to me. i do also want to buy the thorns of war game to when it is finished.


Hello, kindgem, and thank you for your interest.

Yes, BFF will be finished (TBC means To Be Confirmed) - I will start work on the game again once Thorns of War is finished.

And, yes, both Thorns of War and BFF will be on Steam once they are finished. ^_^

Many thanks for playing


okay thank you for letting me know, I am more then happy to wait, also can't wait to play them games when they are completed.