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i played the game before and got really far, sadly it seems that i lost my save files but thing is when i downloaded the new update one now and have to see the beginning part, it freezes and doesn't move when this person in a cloak comes out, the game just stops working, i did wait for like ten minutes leaving it alone but still nothing. i am wondering if i did press spacebar to much or to fast, or if the game just likes to take it's time in going to next part.

Hey there! I think you mean the spot after the two guards are chatting, right? You should be able to move the figure with the cloak. I guess it's not that clear that the cutscene ends there.

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okay now i feel really stupid, it has been a long time since i played this, i am shocked at myself that i forgot all about what you just said, moving the cloak character. next time i try all the keys to figure things out before i ask something stupid again lol. thank you though for telling me P.S just finished demo again and still love the game, please finish game, would love to keep playing and see the whole game someday.