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I made a pixel art isometric tileset pack that I figured would be of great help for any gamedev who is planning on developing a tactics style of game, and I put it on sale now that I've launched it. Please do check it out! :)

dogerino has places to go uwu

Yes, it appears it has something to do with the way the input gets caught on certain applications. I've been looking into a few ways I could attempt to fix it and if there is any success an update will be in order.

There were themes though...

Optional Themes:

Here are the multiple OPTIONAL themes, you can use one, two, all of them or none of them, it's just to help along those of you who like the extra challenge or need some inspiration

  • Infiltration
  • Always Moving
  • Parallel Universe
  • You Are The Weapon
  • Recoil
  • Hotdogs
  • Slippery
  • You Are Terrifying
  • Life As An NPC
  • It's Not Really There
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Hello guys, I had made this tileset not so long ago and after some amazing feedback I got on my other projects with the recent summer sale, I went and added this into my projects on, I figured some devs would get some use for these. I hope you like them :)

Also, it will be on sale for a couple of days with %50 off, go check it out!

I'd like to submit
It's a tool for gamers to test their gamepads and for streamers to use as an input overlay

That's awesome and so sweet of you! I really enjoyed it!
I am currently working on an improved post-jam version of the game, of which if you want I will be sending you a free copy as soon as it is available. Thank you so much!

I realized the lack of moving space way too late into development, but that is something I will definitely be fixing in the after-jam version, thanks for the input! :D

Fantastic! I really enjoyed playing it, I loved the character and animations! I only wish it had more levels.

Love the blob thingies!

Interesting concept, it was kind of hard to get the hang of it at first, but definitely cool!

I can barely focus on usign both hands at once, thinking about what I would do with 3 hands... Pretty cool concept, and very fun! I scored 958 I think, on easy difficulty, great entry!

Loved it!

Fantastic look, totally on point!

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Please share your suggestions/report bugs here!