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It reminds me to the Animaniacs console game!!! Really cool!

I feel the hit box or the attacks are really big, is hard to avoid attacks and attack, overall, great game idea about switching to capture souls, i just hope it were easier to catch

Is like Sky but you go up instead of down, and all the snowman are fairies, cute visuals, i wish i wasn't that bad playing this game, love the hide and dash

Really cute art! the turn of the boat is a kind hard in my opinion, really easy grab all the souls by holding click, it should be some kind of limiter

Really enjoyable puzzle game!!! Good art and it reminds me to Chip's Challenge or Lololo's Adventure, i feel is really well modularize and it could even have a puzzle maker to share puzzles

I love yukkuris… i couldn't eat it

Great visuals, and good music, i love how cocky marisa gets when going back

Really enjoyable the fact that changes in one world affects the other and viceversa, really explotable

BOOOOOOOOOOIIIIIIIIIIIII thisgame…. Amazing way to handle the theme, and really well crafted atmosphere. PD: Poor old man :c

Cute pixel art, and nice level desing and atmosphere, the collision and physics can be improve

Good if you are playing with a friend, not so good if you are not. The idea is really good, exploiting dead to progress is really funny, yet, moving two character using the same keyboard is kinda confusing, and is really easy to get kill in this confusion, my suggestion is to make one of the characters been controlled by the mouse somehow, so you know who is each one

Really good concept!!! I really like it, the only problem is the ammo in this game, i get the concept, to make you not to waste your resources and to make you die so new characters can resurrect, my suggestion is, once there is no more characters to revive, make the weapons able to recharge but make the recharge or reaaaaallly slow, or each time half the max ammo that weapon has, or even both, some sort of penalty, so you won't go full Rambo because you know sooner or later you will waste a lot of time trying to recover your ammo and having less and less ammo each reload. At least for the main weapon. Overall, really cute art and great game

Really nice pixel art and the music is good too! The souls spawner is a little too much and only been able to attack on ground makes it hard, my suggestion is make the souls just to stag you but not decrease the HP bar to make it fair, overall really good

The patterns are really good and the sprites looks wonderful! Is really challenging

Super fun and really love the Mima sprite! The Megalovania catch me out of guard

Super cute! Really fun to play, I feel the controls are a little wonky, it could be great a little fix, also the amount of intensity in the "cherry lighting" was overkilling a little my GPU and making the game quite laggy. Love how Yuyuko is a little similar to Peach from Mario 2

I enjoy how creepy and horrific this game is, the atmosphere is on point, the music is stressful and i think that is a nice touch. I would add a "ugly face" to each time you die, and also maybe make the dessert a little more visual could be great

Is funny how it was harder with Reimu than Marisa, really enjoyable game, the level design was hard but fair, music and art is amazing, it should be a small reminder that you can deattach from a wall pulsing down

Enjoy this game a lot, I love how the fairies work as a "Rings of Sonic" mechanic, allowing you to stay alive in a lot of waves. Great art and music!

I really like this game, the idea of use Youm's half-human half-ghost to nullify attacks is pretty awesome

Really fun and the explorations is pretty great, the style is ultra cute and i would enjoy like re playing this like a lot of times just for the lolz, i would love to see more of this

Meme game that is really well done and hard to play, the level design is amazing and the visuals are great (PD: Why the cockroaches? I mean, i know "why" but why?!)

Super fun to play, and it really makes you think what to do next! The music is well made and it adds weight to the characters.

I feel Sakuya needs a buff, also, there should be a way to clear the screen after some time like "rechargeable bombs" or something like that.

Overall, really great game

Really fun, i love it a lot

It should be a balance when you lose your teammates, also, there is friendly fire with some characters

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Really funny, the problem is, the flame attack is highly OP, and once you got the mastered version you can easily kill all the bosses remain, overall, really funny game

PD: Kokoro is my only waifu

Pretty funny, it doesn't work quite well with my resolution tbh, but funny game

You can also try 7zip or PeaZip if you don't like WinRAR

You try decompressing the file with WinRAR right?