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Youmu subtly asks Eiki Shiki to send Yuyuko to hell.
Submitted by Firecat1311 (@Firecat1311) — 27 minutes, 34 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Challenge (Tough but Fair)#14.2144.214
Use of Theme#113.5003.500

Ranked from 42 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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good game continue :)


I really like this game, the idea of use Youm's half-human half-ghost to nullify attacks is pretty awesome

Deleted 2 years ago

oh, do you remember what the error message was? as far as I know it shouldn't be possible to crash the game by mashing the attack button (I've certainly mashed it thousands of times during testing runs), there must've been something else going on

Deleted 2 years ago

That is really weird. Well, if there wasn't an error message then chances are it wasn't a problem with the code at least; could be a hardware issue or something, the game has been acting up on some peoples' computers. oh well


This is my favourite, the artwork is charming(like others have said that squish and stretch is so good), the gameplay is fun

To be honest I wasn't sure if the bullet colours affected anything gameplay-wise (i played on easy like a pleb) but hey there is nothing youmu's sword can't cut, love the UI deisgn too


Yep, black bullets are cut by the sword and white are blocked by myon

On easy mode, there are less white bullets so you can just go ham with the sword

Host (1 edit) (+2)

Well dang doesn't this one feel good! Like everyone else the squash and stretch and exaggerations is what I'm really in love with, since it's something you rarely see in the timespan of a game jam, and it's wonderful.  And a nicely-designed boss fight too!

I do feel like I wasn't using Myon for much though, at least not intentionally. It felt like more of a puzzley mechanic the way it was presented, or maybe something mostly useful for crowd management in a brawler, which is why I was surprised to just see a boss follow it. It's a nice idea for a ranged attack in general but it isn't aimed or anything and doesn't do that much more damage, so by the time I'd line it up it seemed more worth it to just go in and slash. 

That's just a super small nitpick since I wanted to weigh in on Myon being there, and I feel it could definitely be a great subweapon with some minor adjustments. But either way this is a joy to play so YEET!


Did you notice that you could launch myon forward as a boomerang projectile on Easy/Normal/Hard modes? also, it blocks all smaller white projectiles just by touching them even without being launched, so if you turn around it can be used as a shield as well

Lunatic mode is the only one where you really gotta manually swing it around into the boss, and on this mode it also does double damage so it's very worth making use of


Dat's fair enough, I was mostly judging by the easier modes (I gots a lot of games to play), and it seemed like in most situations it was never worth the time trying to line up and throw Myon. Didn't realize the bullet blocking thing though, I guess I didn't pay much mind to what she would do passively since she floats around very freeform. It makes sense she'd be useful for higher level stuff, I was just playin' casual.

She's like the deku nuts of this game.

(oh looking at the other comments actually it looks like this mechanic could benefit from a tutorial adjustment to have small enemies with bullets as well. Since you have black and white projectiles with different properties, the tutorial was telling you that through the different color boxes you had to break, but having one more segment explaining you can do that to enemy bullets would've really cemented that imo, since it wasn't entirely clicking with some players that shiki's bullet colors were the same thing as the boxes. This is all just nitpicky anyway this game is heckin' great)


Wow, game feel is through the roof! You did this by yourself in 3 days and submitted with half an hour to spare?

It's regrettable that you weren't able to get any music in but even so the sound game is spot on!

I hope you gave yourself time to eat, sleep and shower god damn.


well... more like 2 days + a few extra hours from getting up early before the deadline to finish the menus and ending, heh. to be honest I didn't think I was gonna be able to be doing the jam at all at first, so I got a late start.

maybe if I'd done some work on that first day it would have at least some rudimentary music, and a bit more polish and gameplay.

no need to worry though, I did indeed take care of all my physical needs


Awesome game.  I really dug the mechanics with the two types of bullets.  Very clever.  The sprites were adorable too.


Mmm squishy and lerpy sprites.
Pretty amazing with how much fun and engagement I got from the game even with the game being relatively simple. 


dude i love how her sprite squashes that looks so good and cartoony very good idea


I enjoyed playing that a lot. It was really fun beating up Shiki with Youmu! The mechanics were easy to learn thanks to the tiny little tutorial in the beginning.  I always like your approach to making smaller games than "To be continued" sort of things. Overall, I had fun!


That was awesome! I love the art style and dialogue! good job!