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Omg the fireball speed boost is my favorite trick!  Thanks for playing! :D

Yeah, no worries.  Balancing difficulty is never an exact science, and it takes a lot of work and a lot of testing to get it right.  Obviously, it's even harder to accomplish during a game jam.

I really liked the game visually.  The simplistic approach works really well, and the particle effects are lovely.  The main thing holding this game back for me was how the game felt to play.  As others have mentioned, the camera controls feel pretty funky, in that the camera is reversed horizontally, and is very sensitive.  I felt that I had to turn down the mouse speed to play effectively.  It would have also been nice to have some sort of indicator of where I was gonna land when dashing as Youmu, and when I was going to start falling as floaty Yuyuko.  All of that said, I thought the puzzles were pretty well designed, at least in the levels I played.

I really loved the hand-drawn style.  Great job on the artwork.  My one complaint is that the movement felt a little bit stiff, but that might just be down to personal preference.  Very nice work.

The death meter mechanic is really neat.  Games where defeating the enemies isn't a net positive are relatively uncommon.  I would've liked more control over the height of my jumps though.  I also would've preferred if the amount of bullets on screen was built-up to over the course of the game, rather than just being non-stop waves of bullets from the very start.  Overall though, I really liked this one.

A fun platforming challenge.  The mechanics are very easy to understand, and the level design makes for a pretty good challenge.  Clearly Sumireko is a true mafia boss.

A cute and clever puzzle game.  There were moments where I was laughing out loud at the absurdity.  Very well done.

More like Meme-a.

For real tho, not bad.  The game feel could've used some work, (Short hops, feedback for getting hit, etc.), and I would've liked some checkpoints.  It was frustrating starting the entire level over after getting pretty far.  The music was great though.  I really enjoyed this game.

Looks awesome, I like the fast-paced take on Touhou gameplay.  Although as someone who's a casual fan of the shooting games, I found it hard to get past the first 30 seconds.  Difficulty ramps up pretty quick.

Awesome game.  I really dug the mechanics with the two types of bullets.  Very clever.  The sprites were adorable too.

Nice work, dude. My only major critique is that the camera whips too far back and forth while turning around. Maybe have the character slightly more centered, or have a small zone in the center of the view where the camera doesn't turn. I really dig the arrow platforming though.