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That's How Sumireko's Roach Stomping Mafia Works!View game page

It's life or death! Bounce on roaches without touching the ground!
Submitted by ChairGTables (@ChairGTables) — 5 minutes, 14 seconds before the deadline
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That's How Sumireko's Roach Stomping Mafia Works!'s page


CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Challenge (Tough but Fair)#34.0564.056
Use of Theme#222.8522.852

Ranked from 54 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team members
ChairGTables, Sylvysprit, DannyRG, Tristama

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I found a "Bug" where if you dash outside of the main play area you need to restart via level select as nothing kills you outside of the main game. Also I dont know if its intended or not but everytime you die there is this small death screen, but if you die by a Kisume falling on you, you instantly respawn, which is a bit weird.
Btw, I also found out that if youre REALLY quick you can make use of the "wavedashing" because it acts as a constant dash on the ground if you input jump like every 2 frames or so.

Overall I've loved this, I was just sort of hoping for more, because its so addictive!

Don't think I didn't notice that Megalovania bassline in the second song.

This game is so much fun and is very addicting, plus the arranges of the touhou songs (my favourite ones too) were very nice to listen to while dying endlessly. Controls are a bit hard to pick up but once you get a feel for them, it feels great to fly through cockroaches.

Submitted (1 edit)

I hate how I actually thoroughly enjoyed it. The difficulty was good, and after some getting used to, the controls felt great, I love that fast-pacedness.

Must say I didn't really feel like the Kisumes did anything, horizontal speed is off the charts anyway, so I was never getting hit vertically.

Also noticed that if you spam your z button enough at the boss you can clear it super quickly (3 seconds...), so maybe add some invulnerability or something? It's way easier than the levels before it...

Also have to agree that the respawns take a little too long for a game like this

Finally beat it. This game is hell but also makes you feel very great when you finally nail a level. Good job.


My one critique is that respawns aren't instantaneous and it can be frustrating getting no-way!-ed in the face the hundredth time and having to sit through it because you're a shit platformer and speedrunner.

Besides that, you guys made a rock solid game!

Host (1 edit)

This one has high energy, and I'm always down for precision platforming, but I can't help but feel like this game is a handful of small control tweaks away from being super fluid. The camera, first off, could use some smoothing or at least not follow you around everywhere all the time so you can get your bearings. I'm finding I really can't parse new areas in time to really counteract without having to just memorize. Smaller levels (divvying these into digestible chunks) or checkpoints might also help with that. The main movement is a bit jerky but not too bad to handle. The dash feels like a bit too much though, and at least a bit too linear in speed. Easing out the speed to segue the player back into having control would probably help a lot.

Those are mostly nitpicks though and I know it's hella hard to make flawless controls for a jam game, especially precision-based. And I still had fun. So uh, _ahem_


A fun platforming challenge.  The mechanics are very easy to understand, and the level design makes for a pretty good challenge.  Clearly Sumireko is a true mafia boss.


i came when i realised i could wavedash


"Thats how Sumeriko's  Roach Stomping Mafia Works" is a short yet fun platforming game that offers good quality music and visuals and obviously entertainment with gameplay aspects similar to those of Celeste and the Pringles game for the sega genesis, however at first it can be really tricky to get used to the movement of the game.

The game's tittle and some small visual aspects of the game ( Such as the player's rank)  reference memes such as mafia city ads wich add to the fun of the game.
So if it wasn't clear enough I really like and recommend this game.
-End of actual comment-
However the lack of The Quarter Game  makes it lack some good Mashiro screen time.