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Really enjoyed my time with this game. Great job devs.

First off, thanks for making this alpha public. Had a lot of fun playing through the demo levels. 
I don't have much criticism off the top of my head, I think everything controls solid and is a lot of fun. I know you'll have more objectives in the future, so I won't knock it on that either.

Overall you have a future purchaser in me and I'll look forward to any and all updates. 

I took the time to play and really enjoyed it. I also learned a new perspective along the way. Very glad I took the time to go through this. Very well done.

Very, very much enjoyed it. Reminds me of the upcoming Devolver title. I really have no complaints other than I wish more levels existed. Very satisfying and found the arcade theme fits it very well. Good job.

Wow. This was an experience everyone should play. One of the better "walking simulators" i have played in a long time. My only complaint is the light walkway, I really struggled. Like 15-20 minutes I edited out struggled. I think the pathway is a little small and easy to fall off of.

While it's lacking in overall content, it's a premise I would love to see grown and expanded upon.

While very short, I thoroughly enjoyed what you did here. Would love to see you build off this in the future.

Took the time to fly through the world of Eole. You've def. made something special here. Fun, relaxing, beautiful. Love it.

Took the time to play, wish more existed. I will check out your other game. As a concept it's very solid.

Really enjoyed this demo. Is very tense even with the Gameboy aesthetic. Can't wait for more.

Finally beat it. This game is hell but also makes you feel very great when you finally nail a level. Good job.

I did it. I did it. So happy I made it through, but damn this game is hard. <3

Hey, I played your game.  For a meme game, it did entertain me even if I don't really know what Big Chungus is all about.

Eerie, odd and grotesque. Short but very intriguing. 

Eerie, grotesque and odd. Everything I love. <3

It's really short but I opted to do a video on it. 

I enjoy it for the horror, grotesque nature, it's unique and almost has a dark Michel Gondry feel. I thought you did a great job!

Beautiful. I love it. Really hits close to home, I lost both of my parents last year and I know the struggle, the hope and the dreams. Seriously, great work.

Love the original Pink Marmalade, Pink Marmalade 2 is rad. Keep it up dev. Love the leaderboards now.

Wow. This game is beautiful in so many ways. Such a great soundtrack. Phenomenal. 

<3 Seriously though, from Bread 2 destroys Bread in humor, gameplay, design. So rad. I'm going to stick with my promise of picking up Arlo to continue to support you. Keep on making great games.

Bread 2 is such a major step over what the original Bread offered. It's phenominal in so many ways and really shows the direction Joshimation's can go (humor and gameplay). I was expecting a much smaller experience like the original Bread was and this just blew expectations out of the water.

Support Joshimations. If you're wondering about scale, scrub through the first few minutes. BUT BUY THIS GAME FOR YOURSELF. $1 IS DIRT CHEAP.


Wow. Very impressed with how much you nailed the feel while improving the looks.  Love classic Tomb Raider and this is just rad. Thank you for making this!

Okay. This game really blew my mind. Watching the levels evolve in real time and build out, mixed with the reflections and everything. WOW. This is some very impressive tech. I love Marble style games and this adds a new layer. That last level is so tough but I love it that way.

Wow. This game is so rad. Loved the aeshtetic, the writing, the feel. Can't wait to see future chapters.

Loved this game. Such a clever concept. Also adorable af. 

Just wanted to say thank you very, very much. I never got the chance to play PT and now I have. Seriously, you're the best. <3

Color me impressed (pun intended) for such a simple concept, I really felt at zen.

I enjoyed quite a bit. While it's not a game you can really talk over I did record it for my channel. Just love the aesthetic overall. 

I did those afterwords, just a 50% opacity PNG with a border. I had trouble recording finding the drum sticks so I thought why not just show locations if people couldn't find one or the other.

Odd, obscure and jarring. I enjoyed the experience of Tinnitus. 

Well, thank you. I got Chungus'd.

I tried to sum up how I feel but I'll leave behind what a comment said on my video:

"There's something strangely admirable about being able turn a couple of jpegs and some sound files into something more diverting and somehow more complete."

Thank you for LoFi Room. I'm glad it exists.

Loved it! 

I loved it so much. What a great secret santa gift.

Always a pleasure. I loved it. I'm tempted to go back and start from the origins and work my way back up.

Touched on it directly in the game page but the UI breaks after each death and it needs a little more push in what the objective actually is. Other than that I really enjoyed it, thought it was clever, tense and overall a fun little experience. <3

The downside is after each death I couldn't actually click any buttons, and had to dig into my filepath to get the game to launch. That being said, for your first time doing 3D I thought you did great and it was a lot of fun to play (sans having to relaunch the game each death). I feel like the actual goal could be presented a little more clearly but other than that I am thankful it exists and I got to play it. Grats.

Wow. Seriously the foundation of this game is phenomenal and I cannot wait for more. This is the first bullet hell esque game that I have anticipated in a long time. I seriously cannot wait for more content.

So this, much like Smash 'N Dab literally made my night. Genius. I need to go back and dig through your previous library. Seriously, I think you nail what I want in a fun little video game experiences so well it's like it was meant for me. So good. Look forward to all future releases.