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Recorded the first level here, but all kidding aside I actually really enjoyed the game overall and with some fine tuning I think could be a rad release and fill a niche void in the lewd community.

Took the time to play it, have been following Scrap Story's development for some time now. I don't have much to add from what I saw others talking about before, all valid complaints you've already commented on. 

That being said: SCRAP STORY IS RAD! It's lived up to the internal hype I've slowly been perculating within me, I love it. Seriously. Whole demo I played with a smile. <3 Looking forward to more updates (and the finished game) in the future. Can't believe this is the first game you've made.

Very powerful message. Loved the politcal commentary and really feel for those who face difficult decisions and aren't able to make their own decisions safely or within reach of the general population. Seriously, loved this game so much -- from aesthetics to message.


Wow, I really was impressed. Love this game. Felt very much like the Witness and I kept wanting to move forward to explore this island. I'll be watching development and I am super excited for a complete game. So rad. 

I can only speak on my behalf, but usually it's easier to give criticism/compliments over video. That being said, I know i post videos that lean informative to the developer as opposed to screaming in my mic and showing clips of 90's Nickelodeon shows. 

I really loved playing through 'The White Diner', between the trippy visuals that brought me back to being 10 years odl and walking through a 'Ripleys Believe It Or Not!' to pancakes, my breakfast of choice, I just thought 'The White Diner' was a solid game from start to finish. You devs should be proud!

So much fun! Huge fan of shmups and even the Puppest difficulty gave me difficulty (which is a good thing). Can't wait to see what the future brings.

Awesome. Thanks for the response! I'll be keeping this installed and playing on and off. It's so much fun and has that perfect "ONE MORE RUN" aspect to it!

I lost myself in this game. Probably put about 2-3 hours into it and want to play more. This is my longest run on Palindrome Paladin. What a great game. LOVE IT!

I finally cleared a full run and I loved it so much. So glad I picked this up. 

I talk about it in my video, but the one thing I felt it lacked was a "slow" button. Specifically on the first boss I felt movement was faster than I felt comfortable with.

Outside of that, I loved it from start to finish and the regenration was unique and also very beneficial. Killer song to wrap up the game. 

Thanks for making this!

Very impressed. Had a lot of fun playing through. I wish the ending felt more like an ending but would love to see your take on this over the course of a handful of bosses. 

You nailed it. For just being a "test", the atmosphere and humor hit me hard. Loved it.

Will do! :D

Wow. You nailed an aesthetic that really took me aback. Such a powerful art style and creative world. Following you to keep up with futurue endeavors. <3

Wow, I didn't even know the video existed prior to this game.

I Feel Fantastic community · Created a new topic Played it!

A question below (spoilers?)

I was able to find a weird alternate video angle, but didn't find any others for the other scenes. This game is creepy as all hell and really left me feeling uncomfortable. I really enjoy experiences like this and you definitely pulled it off.

I'm also afriad I missed the point, I hope the point is just the experience itself, I just wanted some feedback . Reminded me of September 1999.

First off, great job. Really love this game. Plan to put more time into it and explore the level creation. So good.

Very well done!

Had so much fun. This game is a little gem.

WOW. This was super impactful. The tension. The fear. The paranoia. Loved it. 

Wow. So impressed by the concept and how well it is pulled off. This game really blew my mind (and continues to). I don't even know how you'd begin to code something -- simple yet so complex. Grats dev, this game is rad.

Absolutely love this game. If you want a first look, I did a quick video for those on the fence. Seriously, pick this up. 

Very clever! The answers to the puzzles took some time to really "get" but enjoyed the atmosphere and presence this game offered. 

Absolutely hit me in the feels. The aesthetic of this game is adorable. Loved how the puzzles worked throughout the house. Loved it!

Loved the whole aesthetic. Although it's simple in concept, it tough to basically "flick" around the food, which makes it difficult in a fair and funny way.  Took me a few attemps before I finally found out you really want to "center" the food. Great job, looking forward to future projects!

Very much enjoyed your little, obscure game. Does a point exist as to why you'd want to drop or pick up other shells?

I am in love. I don't just like this game -- I like, like this game. <3

Love the look and feel,. The gameplay loop is fun, even though it lacks a solution. Had a lot of fun with your unusual little game.

No problem. You should be really proud in what you've made. Def keeping an eye on future games you make!

So, first off, very creepy. Great atmosphere.  Secondly, I hate the Baldi's / Slender genre and can officialy say: THIS is the first one I have actually liked. I had so much fun playing through. Thanks for the game dev.

Went hands on and want to say I love this game. Very polished. Super rad. Def someone I plan on supporting via Kickstarter. Can't wait to get with a friend to do co-op.

So scary. So awesome. I did it. <3

Went hands on with Tunche and was very, very impressed. Good luck on the Kickstarter I plan on supporting ya'll!

Wow, had so much fun playing through. It has so much style. The soundtrack is great. Everything. Would love to see more of this or things along these lines in the future! 

Wow. That's all I can say. I was wrapped into this almost instantly. I wanted more. I still want more. It just has an authentic feel and the characters introduced now already had my attention. Would love to see this come together.

Really enjoyed my time with this game. Great job devs.

First off, thanks for making this alpha public. Had a lot of fun playing through the demo levels. 
I don't have much criticism off the top of my head, I think everything controls solid and is a lot of fun. I know you'll have more objectives in the future, so I won't knock it on that either.

Overall you have a future purchaser in me and I'll look forward to any and all updates. 

I took the time to play and really enjoyed it. I also learned a new perspective along the way. Very glad I took the time to go through this. Very well done.

Very, very much enjoyed it. Reminds me of the upcoming Devolver title. I really have no complaints other than I wish more levels existed. Very satisfying and found the arcade theme fits it very well. Good job.

Wow. This was an experience everyone should play. One of the better "walking simulators" i have played in a long time. My only complaint is the light walkway, I really struggled. Like 15-20 minutes I edited out struggled. I think the pathway is a little small and easy to fall off of.