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Even though I haven't heard the full joke yet, I can say it's easily worth $0.99.

Great game to show off to friends.

So, so, SO good. Took me about 30 minutes to complete my first run but I loved the complexity of this game. I have never played anything like it. Would love to see this expanded upon with more rooms in the future -- or a more full fleshed out (paid for obviously) release in the future!

Weirdly kinda reminds me of The Cube haha

I saw a lot of hubbub around the Playdate subreddit in regards to Eyeland and I thought it looked cool from screenshots but Eyeland blew me away. I absolutely adored the whole playthrough (I won't link the video here because I want people to actually pay for this game but I did link it to you on Facebook, I'm Jordan Thompson from Drop Rate).

The pixel art is stunning, every area has such great puzzle design and the way it shifts from silence to the soundtrack kicking in is perfect. I loved it all the way through and loved the ending. This is absolutely one a killer app that warranted a purchase outside of Season 1. I think I like Eyeland more than Bloom and that's a really high bar to pass. 

Seriously this is amazing. Playdate should pick this up for Season 2. I absolutely, positively need more games from you haha.

(Greensleeves is at 4:38)
Liked this as a concept and similar to your other games I didn't know what to expect going in. Was like 99% sure it was going to end in a jump scare but was surprised it didn't. Very clever to have the reverse crank reveal the credits.

(Surf Safari is at 2:54)
Very simple game and was fun as a test game for my new playdate. Ran perfect on hardware! Gotta say the soundtrack is rad!

(Caff Roulette is at 1:48)
I think as a concept this works really well, albeit slightly morbid. I haven't been in a spot where I had people over to play roulette with some friends, but I think it actually would be quite fun.

Really fun concept and idea! As the other commentor said I think adding additional tracks could make this have a lot more depth. But for a quick hit game it is rad!

Super solid take on Space Invaders! Really enjoyed playing and have continued to go back to play more and more. The ufo's weren't always giving powerups but I imagine that is by design?

Either way sound/sprites and background all look phenomenal and is such a blast to play!
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Really enjoyed the writing and overall message of this game. I was hoping you'd have the original still posted to Itch so I could see the differences (I saw you scaled back on how depressing it was). I love games that pick at existential dread and I can estimate on how the original would have went.

Loved the character animation and the world -- although returning to the crystals kinda sucked to do but I could see it fitting the theme and it did add an element of slow burn buildup. 

Thanks for making this!

From playing a lot of other people trying to make Tetris clones, it's so hard to pull of the feel of the official releases. But you nailed it. Between the board shake, the controls, it's so rad. I keep returning to it over and over. 

I kept seeing people discuss Bloom and finally opted to pick it up and everyone swooning about this game was absolutely on point. The mix of lofi beats and a slow burn story playing out via text messages just feels so fresh and fun. 

The writing has been top notch up to the point I am and it's such a great blend of various genres (gardening/visual novel) with that rad Asteroids clone, this is just a world I want to keep on living in. 

Can't wait to see where the story goes and being able to experience the inward and outward feelings of Midori. <3

I never played the original, but this is addicting! Absolutely love it and game 2 is by far my favorite. Just has a higher score chasing feel. Thanks for making this!

A very solid and well-designed arcade experience. Very impressed with how the game ran and the overall presentation. You might be the first dev with a splash screen lol.

Really loved the incorporation of buffs/debuffs and how difficulty scaled. I've returned to this after the video and found myself doing better each time.

Games like this show the true potential of what PlayDate could become. <3 

Really enjoyed all the games included. It took me quite a few attempts to get most of them done in a timely manner to get a decent score -- but I did manage to get a high score in the low 20's before the game crashed lol.

Hope to see another Mobware jam in the future!

I honestly thought this was just going to be a Snake clone but was pleasantly surprised by this journey. Did not see that twist ending coming but it really wrapped the whole game up in a nice package. So rad!

I love when an experience can make me reflect back on something I was insecure about and so irrationally afraid of.  I think you really pulled it off perfectly.

Really enjoyed playing through this little game. Unsure if there are more than one ending but I got up to what I assume is an ending.

Each time I figured out how to advance it felt really good and some clever ways to hide items/rooms. These are the games I hope I see more of on Playdate.

Went hands on with it and honestly, it's pretty rad to have a song/video be scrubbed through via the crank. I know it's for the memes but you def made something interesting and unique! Thank you for that.

First off, I can't believe you managed to make such a unique but challenging control method actually feel fun! I was really thinking the controls would have hampered or changed how I felt about the game because at the start... they are abrasive, but once I got going it actually was a lot of fun doing two things at once. 

I got an ending that kinda caught me off guard. It wasn't where I thought it was going and did have to ask: do multiple endings exist?

Regardless I love the pixel art, atmosphere and the music. So well done!

I made my way through the game in it's entirety and had a great time (even if it took me two attempts because a death). I do need to know though -- is the torch for that secret room?

Regardless it was a fun little throwback action adventure game that just added more value to the Playdate as a platform.

Really enjoyed this! Feels great playing it on the actual hardware. Very tense and almost horror like when you're waiting for the lawyer to barge in. I thought the writing was really well done and funny!

Loved the slow building tension and the jump scare was great. Loved the anti-war message as well -- you had some well thought out statements and quotes. 

The concept is hilarious and I wonder how you even came up with it. For a prototype I feel like it was solid even with it being rough around the edges. Hope to find out more about Michael McWrist in the future. 

Really loved the 90's graphic render aesthetic and the slow build up to the duck reveal. That jump scare caught me so off guard and I rarely get jump scared, so mission accompished haha.

This is the first time I've seen Bitsy in a 3d environment and wow. It's such a great experience! 

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Very powerful and moving short experience. Written very vulnerably and raw. 

I'm a huge fan of anything that's bullet hell/twin stick/shmup and this is damn near perfect. I probably have about 5-6 hours into your game and continue to want to pop into it from time to time. Love how much content is there already. 

I actually did two vids, one for the standard route A and then messed around with alternate routes in a second vid.

For some reason, this game really did resonate with me. Had a lot of fun with this small memory game.  <3

A truly slow build anxiety inducer. Freaked me out far more than most games on Itch. Loved it!

Thomas has always kinda creeped me out but you took it to the next level. Loved the mechanics of the rail maze and really like the monster that Thomas becomes. Great job!

I thoroughly enjoyed this little visual novel. I share a lot of the feelings that Froggy feels. As a frontline worker that has been mentally drained and really struggling through the last year or two this really spoke to me in a way and gave me some relief. We really must just keep moving forward, don't we? <3

Blessed content

Blessed content

After making it through the OG Doghouse and then moving on to Doghouse 2, I have to say I am thoroughly impressed. You managed to expand on the originals mechanics in such a fun way. 

The puzzles weren't to hard to figure out for the 5 endings but that secret ending when I got to the phone I thankfully saw the code in the comments. Where was it hidden?

It took me a good 20 minutes to even get over the object to get to the secret ending but it was totally worth it lol

As a huge fan of LSD Dream Emulator I feel like you made something in a similar vein but with some actual objectives. It really did feel like a drug filled escape room challenge. The whole aesthetic was phenomenal and I really enjoyed the challenge. I did have to use your guide but only for realizing I could touch the cash.

Saw Doghouse 2 and had to make sure I played the original first. This was your first game (I thought I read it somewhere)? I really love the whole aesthetic and the warped FOV. It's simple in concept but has the heart to make it stand out amidst the near-constant uploads on Itch. You should be really proud!

Really looking forward to sitting down and playing Doghouse 2!

I absolutely loved this experience. Very impactful and though the art and the story told was very powerful.

Absolutely loved the slow build of horror and the payoff was awesome. Really enjoyed this little game that plays into childhood horror and the obscure.

Really enjoyed the experience in full, had a real tense build up that was either intentional or falls back onto my for making an assumption as to what this game was -- but the payoff is great. Phenomenal job.

Huge fan of Junji Ito and this really felt like it was true to the source. I brought it up in the video, but is this connected to the Tomie universe?