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Really enjoyed the experience in full, had a real tense build up that was either intentional or falls back onto my for making an assumption as to what this game was -- but the payoff is great. Phenomenal job.

Huge fan of Junji Ito and this really felt like it was true to the source. I brought it up in the video, but is this connected to the Tomie universe?

If you look up rad in the dictionary, ANGER FOOT is pictured right next to it. This game is so great from the art, gameplay and soundtrack. It's perfection. IT WOULD BE CRIMINAL FOR YOU NOT TO EXPAND ON THIS. 

I loved it. The whole aesthetic is great and really looks good in motion, the characters introduced all felt very unique and individualized and fun. Cannot wait for full release, day one purchase. So much fun.

What a phenomenal experience. I loved the art, the glow and the ambience of the world. I cannot wait for more, I am anticipating the full version of the game so much!

Absolutely loved this experience. Very thoughtful and a great message.

This was such a rad experience. You did such a phenomenal job balancing out the slow ramping anxiety buildup and the payoff landed perfectly. I was tense the whole time. Thank you for making this.

You did such a phenomenal job mixing together bullet hell mechanics with a rhythm game. I didn't do great but I did pass it... so I at least balanced both things at once to a certain extent. Please expand on this... I really think this concept is great and has a niche similar to Just Shapes and Beats or Project Arrhythmia.

An ABSOLUTE delight. I didn't know what to expect but it was OH SO MUCH MORE than I could have ever expected. Also very, very rad way to wrap it up. That cut to credits was on point. SO GOOD!

Really great attempt at a meta horror game. Would love to see what you would pull of in a longer title. 

Meta horror is really hard to pull off in a post DDLC universe and I think you managed to do it just fine.  I thought the small hints were infrequent enough it didn't feel cheesy and I was thoroughly surprised in the latter half of the game. Great job!

Absolutely loved this chaotic little platformer. Loved the music, art and animation -- the blood animation is top notch -- and thought the writing was passable but could be cleaned up just a tiny bit. I look forward to more of Hamachi, I'm absolutely keeping my eyes on this.

A short experience but felt very polished and the animation and soundtrack was on point.

Really well done. Thought it still felt grounded and weird and did ramp up the anxiety halfway through. Did not see that end coming though lol. <3

Rad. Absolutely rad. Nailed the aesthetic, the sound and the wild way this game wraps up. Seriously this is phenomenal.

Love the aesthetic and have been meaning to check out your Giraffe game. You do a great job of balancing out the creepy with nostalgia while not feeling overbearing. Really loved the experience and can't wait to dig through all your games.

Omg. Loved this little experience. You did a great job going from the (isometric?) angle to the 2d in the pond. FUN!

Beautiful. Very moving and the way it goes full circle at the end was powerful. Art and soundtrack are on point. Well deserving of awards.

Art and animations are great, the sound design is great and as someone with very limited music sense or skill, I felt like I did alright. I've found myself coming back to it (probably around 45-an hour) just to keep plucking away and seeing if I can get my timing better and just having fun. Great job.

Very powerful, raw and emotional. Very well done writing, I would recommend maybe a few more visuals though.

Only played for my first run and thought it was both adorable and brilliantly written. Will def mess around and see some of the weird routes I could take. Love the art as well. So rad.

The art and the music are great! I really do want more levels. The timing doesn't feel quite right, but overall I think you should expand on this prototype!

Very short but I loved the little glimpse of this adorable universe <3

Love the overall tone and themes of this game, I felt like the voice actor really portrayed someone that isn't the most mentally stable in a way that made the process feel so fun. So rad. I honestly loved this experience so so much.

So well done. That last jumpscare tho.

Love the aspect of building out chapters that span game jams, but connecting a weird universe storyline. Great job with writing, aesthetic and overall map layout and design.

I didn't know what to expect after Ep 1, but this transition to a more open environment with active dialogue caught me by surprise. Loved the attention to detail in the little city square and the antagonist of this episode really is creepy. I didn't think the tail of the game would play out like it did and was awesome, although the weapons in this game don't feel like they have "impact". Cannot wait for future content, I love the universe you've built. 

It's hard to have tension both ramp up effectively but also to actively effect you. This game pulls that balance off perfectly while being hyper stylized. 

Really enjoy the slow ramp up in tension with great buildup and solid "reveal" at the end. I didn't expect how the true ending would play out even though it should have been obvious based on the position of items. Can't wait for post Ep. 2 content!

Loved it. Horrifying and really leaned into that tech horror I've slowly come to love over the past year. I thought it was pulled off perfectly without feeling cheesy, although I did kinda lean into the glitchyness with my video.

Tense, interesting puzzle solving. Ending could've been a little tighter, but overall a solid 2 minute horror jaunt. 

Honestly, this felt incredibly tense to me. The slow build was a lot of fun to experience and really figuring out what to do with the iconography and the hangman style word puzzle. The ending didn't land perfectly, but was still jarring enough to be effective and the credits roll was so awesome. 

The Night Fisherman brought me to your studio, and was wondering how well the follow-up would be, and again, phenomenal. So well written and very, very touch choices. The whole aesthetic is great and cannot wait for more. Will absolutely contribute to your patreon in the next few days. Your experiences are unlike anything I else I play and I love it.

I absolutely adored this experience. I lost both of my parents within 3 months of each other shortly after turning 30. In a weird way, this really reflects on things I wish I could have communicated more with them and made me remember similar conversations and in general just remember my parents. Thank you for this, will absolutely grab the full release. 

Such a rad experience, the atmosphere and aesthetic were strong. Especially love the buildup and seeing the before and after nap segment.

Really, really enjoyed this experience. Was a lot of fun trying to step through the actions, almost like a puzzle game. The whole aesthetic was phenomenal. 

Loved it. The slow build up of creepy was very effective and the writing felt very much based in reality which added to the tension. 

I loved it! Great slow build up that slowly makes you feel more and more uncomfortable.

This. was. phenomenal. I absolutely loved every second of it. I had some issues with learning the controls but near the end I really felt like I had them figured out. Such a phenomenal game. I want more. So rad.