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Just wanted to say thank you for this experience, it's nice to see horror that falls more on psychological and unique experience. Very impressed.

My impressions as I play. I really love it! Grats developers!

I know I'm late to the party, but I thoroughly enjoyed my first playthrough!

I played through and I loved it for how surreal and strange it is. Felt body horror to a certain extent but not too far. Thank you for making this.

I thoroughly enjoyed this and it embedded a constant fear I have especially visiting antique stores. 

Now this is my kind of horror/humor. Good job dev, loved what I played and still plan to seeing it through!

I had a lot of fun going through Grimder. Was fun and actually found myself having to really think of a few options! Great job dev!

A lot harder than I originally thought, but was glad to actually go hands on! 

Played your game and just want to say WOW. You nailed an aesthetic, it's horrifying, it's so good! Can't wait to see more!

Just wanted to show this with you dev and say how great I think your game is. Looking to see future updates!

I thoroughly enjoyed this game. I thought it was very clever and look forward to looking through the rest of your catalog! 

Haha fun, little game. The jank just adds to the experience.

Had such a great time playing! Happy this exists! 

Took the time to play. I enjoyed it so much! Hope you do find the motivation to continue!

Dere Evil .Exe is the followup to Dere .Exe, a game I randomly stumbled upon back in February of this year.

Dere Evil .Exe extends the universe, raises the bar and makes me excited for what the future of the Dere series can go -- whether a return to visual novels, more of these action platformers or a whole new direction.

The original Dere .Exe really impacted me (and many others) in a way I wouldn't have expected. AppSir is an underapreciated developer and one I want to support in every possible way. I've purchased Dere Evil .Exe across all platforms, because I believe in them that much. Do yourself a favor and play this game.

I'll post my playthrough below if you get stuck or find it too hard, but seriously -- drop the $1 on this gem and support a great studio.

I loved it. Was confused as to what I was playing at the start, but the closing moments hit me hard. Hahaha.

I like it a lot! I really hope you have plans to turn this into a much more in-depth game in the future -- I'll pick it up for sure!

Easily the game I didn't know I wanted but I absolutely need. Can't wait for full version, this game is rad.

Probably the strangest game I've ever played -- but it was still fun for what it was. Looking forward to future dev.

Love the original concept. Few games make me rage. This one did in all the best ways.

What a clever premise! Very original and a lot of fun. The stranger it got, the better it got. Would absolutely recommend to a friend!

Love the concept of this game and it's fitting for the current climate (at least within the US). Can't wait to see more stuff you put out.

So much fun. Difficult but not mean in it's unfairness. Love physics based games. Looking forward to what this game becomes!

So much fun! Thanks for reaching out to us.

Great job guys. Had a lot fun running through a few times but captured one of my earlier attempts. Sorry about the cameo by my 2 year old daughter at the end haha. I just rolled with it.

Had a lot of fun. As a parent with a 2 year old and a newborn, I can relate.

I think the game overall is good, it's just not my game due to frustration. Obviously if you're a fan of Getting Over It style games then this will be right up your ally.

Loved the game! Picked it up on Steam.

Love this game! So happy I stumbled on it via Twitter/GM48.

Really digging this game. It's stranger than strange but you can tell it has heart. 

Holy hell. I want more. Seriously. I love bullet hells or shmups in general and this game is everything I wan. Can't wait for updates. 

This game is rad. I am in love. I wishlisted on Steam and will be day 1 purchaser.

I had a lot of fun. Such a simple concept but fun to share the link out to friends to see how they do.

Well, this was an experience that's for sure. Impressive for 72 hours.

Highly recommend. Insanely fun and all I want is more.

Had a lot of fun with this game. Love how you slowly get worse at locomotion and the sound changes. Such a simple concept turned into a brilliant little game.

Loved it. Such a great look and feel.

Broken Reality community · Created a new topic Quick Look

Unlike typical 'Quick Looks' I had to split this up into parts and I'll kinda leak them out of the next week or so, hopefully getting people to go hands on themselves.

You have a winner here. This game is probably within my top 5 anticipated games. I want more... so much more. Love it.

Healthy Breakfast is a weird game. One that I absolutely enjoy playing. I thought it was extremely well done.  Good job dev and looking forward to future games.

Very impressed. Even not liking the mechanic the game is built around it hit me in the end. Love it.