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Not only was this so wonderfully done but the fact you played into the complexities of AI following their loops, leading you to believe they are unaware of how terrible Boner actually was but then... were they aware? SO well done. Loved it.

Not sure I "beat" your current build, but had a lot of fun messing around in attempt to reach the end. Very unsettling but the horror aesthetic is on point. Great Naruto run as well.

Hyperhop felt very polished, albeit the aiming felt odd at times but was able to "figure it out" for this video, I struggled with a quick playthrough prior to this video.

Thought the sound design was rad, each planet having similar but fresh feeling mechanics was a lot of fun and I really hope this concept can be built upon. It felt very unique and you can tell a lot of care went into the development.

Was saddened to see it ultimately end but I really, really enjoyed the setting and atmosphere. Having the character be a reverse silhouette amongst a dark world is truly unique and added to the experience. Wishlisted on Steam, I cannot WAIT for a final product.

First off, you all did such a fantastic job! I thought it was hilarious and although I do wish more items would appear, what did appear was great! Would have loved to have a little more time with my "creation" -- if this does become a full product would love to see a short little visual novel scenario playout for their dates or what not, even if it's like 10-15. Or just to see them in the world.

But again, really polished and a lot of fun. I had a little slowdown but I contribute that to the Itchio HTML5 player.

OH MY GOD YOU'RE WORKING ON HAVEN!? I absolutely fell in love with that game during the Steam Game Festival event that the demo was posted, also did a video on that back when.

Art, soundtrack and gameplay all felt very polished and on point. Kept my interest and left me wanting more. Super rad. 

Really thought this experience from start to finish was super rad. I was (and continue to be) confused as to what was giving me hp back -- I thought maybe it was resetting my life if I lost all hearts, but that doesn't appear to be the case when you fight the last boss.

Pixel art, soundtrack and controls all felt phenomenal. Really enjoyed this experience the whole way through. You should be super proud!

A grounded and emotional trip down memory lane, if you've found your way here to try out any game from this jam I highly recommend giving this a go. Tugs at nostalgia without being overbearing.  Writing is top notch.

I loved this experience through and through. Some of my favorite games not only present a great storyline but also make me reflect on my own feelings, which this game actually did as well.

The writing was so relatable and grounded, something that is so hard to pull of right and you sure as hell did. This is top notch quality even her responses/inner dialogue felt so true. 

I unintentionally have also been a fan of your work in prior releases, NFSWare was a rad game.

Will absolutely be following your work in the future. Thanks for this, was a great distraction from the world of today. <3

Haha no idea! I didn't run anything outside the executable plus OBS. I actually didn't even notice and I played them back to back. Wild!

Randomly saw this and played through both chapters. The great thing about Chapter 2 is how it really did build onto the world and lore from the first one, it was a delight to see how the town had changed from August up to spring (I forget the exact date).

Loved meeting new characters and going down side streets I couldn't get to prior, while visiting familiar locations and trying to poke around and see what changed. A bunch of brilliant little editions like having the roof over the resting spot outside of Buttons house.

I thought the writing was very smart, especially when I saw the rocks and assumed I could pick them up but was doing it prior to having the knowledge of why I should pick it up. The text was something along the lines of "I don't have time to be picking up stones right now" and that's such a great touch and shows how much attention to detail you've included.

The soundtrack was great, the character writing was great (everyone feels very unique and has their own personality) and the gameplay was a lot of fun. I wanted to get the flavor text on every single thing I could interact with. Following you guys to see whatever you do in the future. You've gained a fan in me though.

An adorable and wholesome micro-adventure through a quaint little town full of unique animals.

Played through this (also the sequel) and absolutely adore the little universe you made. I'll go deeper into my thoughts on the sequel page, but chapter 1 itself really stands on it's own and was a great introduction to the world and characters. <3

Not only is this a must play -- and a must experience from this jam, it's one of Colorfiction's best work up there with 0°N 0°W.

You've. Done. It. Again. I continue to love everything you do. Haunting, beautiful and surreal. I am so thankful you craft beautiful worlds I can stumble blindly through.

I hope I didn't miss an ultimate end. I stumbled to endless static and fell of the world. I saw some talk about a car but the experience I had is the one I want to remember. Thank you dude, loved it.

I read through your short, decently written Siren Head dating sim. I very much enjoyed this experience and the enjoyment absolutely rose above typical meme game levels. Good job dev.

This game was SUCH a blast. I had a lot of fun banging my head (or I guess in this case Grandma) against the wall to create a plan of attack. It took quite some time of trying to troubleshoot how I was going to get over these items and the physics both felt great and when the break the feel even greater.

I accidentally beat it in the best way possible. Love, love, love Granny Unleashed.

Came here for Jack King-Spooner, but both of you did such a great job. Absolutely has the aesthetic of a Jack King-Spooner game but the writing I thought was very well done. Surreal and obscure but was also held my attention the whole time. Really loved that "gotcha" moment near the end. Loved it.

I honestly didn't know what to expect going into this -- but you did a phenomenal job. I saw your trailer beforehand that kind of downplayed how fun of a game this is -- it's super, super rad. I honestly had a blast going through this and was sad to see the end. I really, really want more.

seriously love all of your work and this aesthetic with the song really speaks to me during this weird time of my life and quarantine. not only was I super blessed to get another peek into your creative genius, you introduced me to phoebe bridgers music and i'm a huge fun. thank you for this. <3

Oh. My. God. I am so thankful I stumbled across this. I laughed so hard, the writing is on point. Such a strange concept and you've pulled it off beautifully. Cannot wait to meet more characters and lore of this odd universe.

Adorable through and through, a really great small story with a rad aesthetic and a very grounded wholesome experience I am very thankful came at a time I need it most. Thank yo ufor this and is a must play! 

From the art design of every character, to the little attention to detail littered throughout the small world, I absolutely loved this game through and through. It's adorable, fun and when the puzzle solving elements begin snowballing it was a treat to see the story unravel.

Easily one of the best games I have played on Itch so far this year. I absolutely adored the experience and played through numerous times to get as close to a perfect run as possible.

I especially loved the ending and didn't see it coming at all -- but worked with the themes spoken throughout the gameplay. Such an abstract universe you let me take a quick stroll (or roll) through.

I loved it. So much fun drawing pictures for socks. Very clever design and I actually like that you had a limited color pallet. This was such a fun experience in such horrid times.

Absolutely loved this short experience. Art, music and aesthetic were super rad. The writing was great, the characters of both Pudding and Baphomat were a lot of fun. I'm thankful I managed to make a friend. 

Really enjoyed the experience I had playing through three songs. Traversing the world feels fun and fluid, I wish I had a little more control (like a jump) or even small little pickups to accumulate a score, even without leaderboards it'd make it feel a little more gamey but overall a very solid foundation and would love to see this game expanded upon!

I didn't know what Chumbo.Zone was but now it's the only place I want to be.

But on a serious note, I absolutely love the concept of a "never paying off" game and you nailed this. That finale song is perfect as well. I love it. Great experience, seriously!

After playing through Rot I went directly into your new game and from the start I really didn't know how it would wrap in the events of Rot, but when it did it was a very smart moment. I do think the horror plays out well and I love how the underlying story, which I think is very powerful, exists regardless of what we're playing which really blows my mind. I thought the final moments and the overall messaging was powerful, I did speak to what I thought this whole piece was about at the end of the video. I can relate to a lot the player character experiences both in Rot and the sequel.

Both games true pieces of art and it's moments like this that make me dig through Itchio to find the devs that are really pushing the limits of storytelling or gameplay and I feel like you do both. Seriously, love it.

Played through this prior to the sequel (just to get the whole story) and the dialogue written throughout, a back and forth between lovers felt very powerful and I saw a lot of a younger version of myself, admittedly not a proud portion, in the player character. Really happy I took the time to see this whole story through.

Omg, I absolutely loved this. So well done!
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Sat down for ~4 hours to work through this, ultimately had to use the tip to finally complete it but managed most of the puzzles without my mind breaking (that being said when I edited the video it was about 2 hours I had to cut of me poking around every corner).

I’m happy I played through it and I think I get the overall story now, especially after the (for a lack of a better term) “reveal” but I can’t help think some was lost in translation.

This is my first game by you and all I can say is wow. From the side scrolling segments to the more open, so much style and substance.

Def looking forwards to playing your older games.

Originally noticed you as a dev of the Mortuary Assistant, which I thought was extremely well done and this demo really blew me away. I expected it to be quality (like MA) but this feels great to play and the puzzles were difficult but not too difficult. A very solid vertical slice, can't wait for the full game to see what the overall story is.

Really well done, especially near the end when you let tension slowly build up and the release is so, so worth it. Really loved it and fantastic premise.

This was the game (and shelf) I didn't know I needed but one I hope I deserve. Such a wholesome little experience. I loved it.

Wow. Just wow. Absolutely adored this experience. I saw good things about it prior to this but this just drips with heart. Loved every character, loved the humor, just... damn. So rad.

Super rad. You absolutely nailed the aesthetic. The movement feels great and the shots feel like they really do impact. Very polished. Loved having to search around for the red coins -- some were very well hidden. Would love to see what you could accomplish if Nintendo threw that money at you. Love, love, love this so much.

Honestly, I really had a fun time with this experience. I thought it was far better than you're giving yourself credit for. I'm with you ride or die until we catch the ice age baby. <3