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You nailed the aesthetic. Even though it abruptly ends, the design and atmosphere are so solid. Hope we see the expanded version in the future.

Forgot to share when I recorded it, but this game really did resonate with me. I loved the atmosphere and pacing, hope we someday get to see more but will follow for future projects.

I. Absolutely. Loved. This.

So much fun. I loved the writing, I loved the whol aesthetic and humor. Seriously, you should be super proud of this. I want more! I'll be keeping tabs on future projects from  you.

Haha, as in it made fun of me. I chose my real life answers mostly was like "you can do better". Was just a joke.

Wow. Blown away by this game. I loved the aesthetic but it wasn't until I went hands on with that I found out how horrifying it can actually be. I absolutely love it!

A great experience and pulled off flawlessly, even with its silly concepts.  I really dug it. So rad.

I thoroughly enjoyed this experience. To take such a silly concept and then make me actually feel tension shows you pulled off the concept perfectly. Looking forward to more from all those in your team.

Wow, you nailed the feeling of having a creepy moment in public. I did struggle to ultimately figure out where to click for the items, but I truthfully loved the atmosphere and aesthetic. Would love to rate your game on, it might be disabled?

Thoroughly enjoyed my experience. I always enjoy horror games, specifically micro horror games and this one delivered by not being about jump scares and more about the environment and really is a great, slow burn horror game. Love it.

Very much enjoyed my experience, super bummed out at the end though. I need more. You really nailed the feeling of attempting to control a horde. So rad.

I don't think any ending in life is "good" :D

This game has such a phenomenal art style and brilliantly touches on all the events we experience through life, some obvious -- some absolutely not obvious. I had a lot of fun playing as to what my "real life" is and ouch, got blasted at the end. ;D Jokes aside, very happy I took the time to play. <3

Thoroughly enjoyed this experience. Was very interested as to what an anti-thriller would be and you absolutely delivered on that premise. Love the aesthetic, the feel. Great job on the radio tunes and overall such a solid experience. Loved it.

I really liked this experience, the theme didn't become clear to me until afterwards -- except, the numbered code, is that referencing the creepy messages broadcast in Russia?

Overall, I left a few comments at the end of the video. I really loved the aesthetic and the building tension and overall vibe of the game. I'm thankful this exists and look forward to future titles from your studio!

Surreal. Unsettling. Beautiful. Perfect. I really enjoyed this experience. Very thankful you have made this. <3

Went hands on with your game, absolutely loved it. So rad. Looking forward to future games/concepts you come up with. 

Another phenomenal microhorror game from Corpsepile. Really enjoyed the aesthetic and was honestly shocked at that ending. Loved it, one of my favorite Itchio devs.

Really had a blast playing this, was awesome to see you condense down a Tomagotchi's life into a nice single sitting playthrough game.

I took the time to check out your game, and besides the questions I had attempting to differentiate the difference between a goose and a duck and a poltgereist and entity, I was blind sided by the ending. It was beautiful. Had a lot of fun!

Blown away. I cannot wait until this releases. Love the sens of humour, love the art. Misfortune almost instantly becomes a lovable character. You went from not even on my radar to my most anticipated game in the future. So rad. <3

All sound like solid fixes. I couldn't figure out what kept the chain going, this now makes a lot more sense. I'll be keeping an eye out for that update!

Very thankful I came across this game. While I haven't finished it, I do like it up and down -- from premise to the core loop. I feel like it has a great sense of humour while retaining the seriousness and anxiety inducing moment to moment gameplay. Looking forward to what this projects becomes. Grats dev, rad game overall.

Went hands on with ZOE and really enjoyed what is available in the demo. It took a few runs to really get a grasp on the mechanics, but I thought the aesthetic and core loop of the game are really well done. Grats dev, look forward to future releases/updates.

Thoroughly enjoyed my playthrough, felt it was very original and built tension in all the best ways. I was slightly confused at the start as to what was deemed "evidince" but once I figured it out, the rest felt more natural. I did struggle at the end. Overall, a very positive experience from a horror game that stands out from the (very oversaturated) crowd of itchio! Grats!

Went hands on with HLM, and VERY impressed. Will be following this project and messing around with some of the different gametypes. Super rad. 

Wow, this game is wonderful. I love this slow buildup and payoff. It's horryifing and really makes you feel uncomfortable the further you delve into it. One of the best VN's I've played in a long time. You should be super proud dev!

I'm very thankful you made this game, even though it's short, it really "hits home". I had those same fears, and I kinda talk in the video about how I'd be tasked to do something by my parents and I would RUN AS FAST AS I COULD and always pretend something was chasing me. You really uncovered a part of me I kinda forgot along the way. Thank you.

I really loved this game! It felt like a more... fair QWOP? Thank you for making this, look forward to future updates.

Played it. Loved it. I laught, I cried, Jan was a babe.

Honestly, I don't have any major criticisms at the moment as I know it's early. I'll keep tabs and keeping looking at each build though! 

I took some time to give it  a shot.  I do think this a competant fighter and as others have said, if you chose to go obscure with characters and just keep going weird and offensive I think it'll continue to be hilarious to play with friends. 

I don't have too much to add as far as compliments/critiques that I see others talk about, I just thought it was a cute game with some funny mechanics and had a blast trying to just make it through the second day. It's hard!

Will keep tabs on future releases!

Wow. Went hands on with this and was thoroughly impressed! Can't wait for the finished product! So much style.

Was anticipating this game greatly, and took a look at it. It has exceeded my expectations. I did hold off on doing a longer video or going for more playthroughs as we are so close to the EA release which I plan on delving into it deep! Love it. Everyone should try this.

Also sorry about my nerdy laugh at some points, I got a little giddy with this game.

Took the time to play it, have been following Scrap Story's development for some time now. I don't have much to add from what I saw others talking about before, all valid complaints you've already commented on. 

That being said: SCRAP STORY IS RAD! It's lived up to the internal hype I've slowly been perculating within me, I love it. Seriously. Whole demo I played with a smile. <3 Looking forward to more updates (and the finished game) in the future. Can't believe this is the first game you've made.

Very powerful message. Loved the politcal commentary and really feel for those who face difficult decisions and aren't able to make their own decisions safely or within reach of the general population. Seriously, loved this game so much -- from aesthetics to message.


Wow, I really was impressed. Love this game. Felt very much like the Witness and I kept wanting to move forward to explore this island. I'll be watching development and I am super excited for a complete game. So rad. 

I can only speak on my behalf, but usually it's easier to give criticism/compliments over video. That being said, I know i post videos that lean informative to the developer as opposed to screaming in my mic and showing clips of 90's Nickelodeon shows.