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I read through your vn. Felt it was made respectfully. It made me very uncomfortable at times but the redemption arc was powerful. Really hope you do some more projects like this. 

Hey! Got around to checking out Deadly Disco and was pleasantly surprised. Fun little game!

It starts at 5:00. Gotta say the physics are fun and the overall loop of playing golf feels satisfying. I think I ran into a bug or two but will be keeping tabs on this project. 

A+ . No idea what the context of this is but I am thankful he is my killer fish for the evening. Your game starts at 3:59!

Hey! I checked out your game and I gotta say... way better than Colonoscopy 1.0! :D Starts at 1:10

Hey! I played this! Right at the start of this compilation video! Clever little experience!

Took the time to check it out and was blown away by the polish! Presentation, soundtrack, gameplay -- all perfect. So rad!

Had a lot of fun with Maxwell and his friend. :D

Got around to checking out your game and it's very unique mechanically!

Once I found the best balance between time after baton pass and a failed state, it became so much more fun. Really creative and I can honestly say I've never played anything like it.

Hey! I checked your game out and was pleasantly surprised! Such a simple concept but really addicting gameplay loop! Idk if i'll ever get 20/20 though haha. 

Hands down the best game I've played on Playdate. I love Survivor style games and this def scratches that itch but also includes some unique mechanics that make it feel like it's own thing. 

Would love leaderboard support if any future updates happen. Looking forward to maxing out stats and then transitioning to a pure DPS chase to see how far I can go down. I've only hit level 15 at this point but with more playtime and maxed stats I'm sure I can push it further.

Greated soundtrack, great art and so worth the price tag. I love it!

Gave it a go and it sure is rad! Love the flavor text and the design of the ghosts. The audio is phenomenal as well!
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Obviously the gameplay is simple, but it is fun and a unique mechanic. I can't think of any other game that asks you to pour and have diminishing head (lol).

The art though, the art is phenomenal. Overall I'm thankful  you made this and was a really fun experience!

OH AND THE SOUND TOO. Loved the ambience!

So much fun. Made my way up the mountain in one sitting and loved the gameplay loop of theorizing a path and testing it instantly. 

Very thankful the for near instantaneous respawns and the magic you created in the physics/movement on the Playdate. Easily the best feeling platformer I have played yet. 

Did a few runs of your game and I am pleasantly surprised. Very solid concept and so much fun to play.

Even though on my first go I didn't place first overall, it was a lot of fun going through all the mini games. I really sucked at the one you shoot buckets. :P

Adorable! And fun to play through. Loved my little derpy chair but thankfully returned to make a good one haha.

I know you already found the video but I just wanted to say thank you for making this. Love these games that remind me of Bitsy games and look forward to your future games.

Okay... the whole aesthetic of this game is PHENOMENAL. Had a lot of fun trying to balance the tappers. Absolutely one of my favorite little experiences on PD.

Overall I thought the art and overall gameplay are phenomenal but the mechanic of the monkey didn't feel all that punishing. Still very solid and had a lot of fun playing through the game! 

I really loved this! The art is perfect and the polish is perfect. Prob my favorite of your OneBit games to date. Can't wait to keep working my way through all your creations.

I never played the OG Berzerk so I had no idea what I was doing besides trying to escape in escape mode, but I got to say the level of polish is amazing across all of your "One Bit" games. Love them!

at 6:02...

I WANTED to like this game and mechanically it is very solid and fun but the time increases make the game extend forever. Would love more harsh difficulty!

at 3:36...

I spent around an hour messing around with your game after this recording and I have to say... for something that is a simple concept it's so polished and so solid! I love it!

I'm not musically inclined BUT I thought this drum set was really well done. Will be picking up your Ocarina shortly!

Just realized the new content! AHHH I'm not done with Hell yet but had fun in the Jungle <3

So far so good! Can easily relaunch the app when I have saved data and I didn't have to lose my caught monsters! :P Thank you thank you thank you

Hands down the best shmup on Playdate. I clearly have a lot of work to do to actually get good at the game but the art, animation and performance is eons above any other attempt to make a shmup.

I truly am impressed by this release! Will definitely see if I can fully complete the escape. :D
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Hey, just bought Shining Gadget and have a small problem. Any time I have save data it crashes on me when trying to reopen the game. Anyone else running into this issue? I don't want to lose my ghosts :(

Note: this happened with both builds of the game.

Very simple but stands out amongst the various snake-like games on Playdate. Prob my favorite of them besides Snak. 

Really enjoyed this and I keep on returning to the game. One thing that I (stupidly) didn't know at the beginning was that you could rotate those pieces.

TBH it might be a good additional mode to add in: no turning and maybe 1.5x move time? 

Regardless this is one of the top tier Playdate games i've played!
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I really enjoyed playing through this little "sokoban" :)

I could never pass hour 6 but I will keep trying! Love this concept and have loved all of your games!

Had a blast playing through all the levels. Really love the art -- Bobby looks so rad. Those final levels are BRUTAL -- but I made my way through it all!

I appreciated it for what it was, no complaints from me!

10/10 GOTY

I absolutely LOVED this concept and despite the crashes, I had a lot of fun leading to actually being abducted by aliens. The art is great, the soundtrack is bumping and the humor is spot on! 

Surreal, beautiful and weird. I'm very thankful you've made such an odd and original concept. You did such a great job!

I love it! One of the best arcade side load games I have played to date. Love the modes, the challenge missions, everything. So, so rad!