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Created a new topic Rym 9000 Quick Look

Loved the game! Picked it up on Steam.

Posted in RHEUM comments

Love this game! So happy I stumbled on it via Twitter/GM48.

Really digging this game. It's stranger than strange but you can tell it has heart. 

Holy hell. I want more. Seriously. I love bullet hells or shmups in general and this game is everything I wan. Can't wait for updates. 

Posted in Rifter comments

This game is rad. I am in love. I wishlisted on Steam and will be day 1 purchaser.

I had a lot of fun. Such a simple concept but fun to share the link out to friends to see how they do.

Well, this was an experience that's for sure. Impressive for 72 hours.

Highly recommend. Insanely fun and all I want is more.

Had a lot of fun with this game. Love how you slowly get worse at locomotion and the sound changes. Such a simple concept turned into a brilliant little game.

Loved it. Such a great look and feel.

Created a new topic Quick Look

Unlike typical 'Quick Looks' I had to split this up into parts and I'll kinda leak them out of the next week or so, hopefully getting people to go hands on themselves.

You have a winner here. This game is probably within my top 5 anticipated games. I want more... so much more. Love it.

Healthy Breakfast is a weird game. One that I absolutely enjoy playing. I thought it was extremely well done.  Good job dev and looking forward to future games.

Posted in Ignite comments

Very impressed. Even not liking the mechanic the game is built around it hit me in the end. Love it. 

Created a new topic We sat down to play Witchball

After a bit of confusion we began to finally "get it" and have to say you've created a great co-op versus game that I could see us returning to over and over again. Highly recommend. This game has style for days.

So much fun. Had a group of us record a playthrough prior to the podcast.

Thanks! Was very difficult to think of how to phrase everything without spoiling, very impressed! Saw IGN did a nice little shoutout to you on their Snapchat if you haven't seen! Might not be up now but was up last night

Created a new topic Where The Goats Are Review

Enjoyed your game a lot!

Posted in Seed comments

For your first foray into games, I am pleasantly surprised. You nailed the found footage aesthetic down to a science! My initial reaction to the ending has swung since I've finished and I agree  your decision on how to end the game. 

I look forward to your future work. - Jordan