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Very simple but stands out amongst the various snake-like games on Playdate. Prob my favorite of them besides Snak. 

Very blessed game. I was very hopeful we'd get weird games like this to sideload onto Playdate and this is right up there alongside the game called Horse haha. Love it!

Really enjoyed this and I keep on returning to the game. One thing that I (stupidly) didn't know at the beginning was that you could rotate those pieces.

TBH it might be a good additional mode to add in: no turning and maybe 1.5x move time? 

Regardless this is one of the top tier Playdate games i've played!
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I really enjoyed playing through this little "sokoban" :)

I could never pass hour 6 but I will keep trying! Love this concept and have loved all of your games!

Had a blast playing through all the levels. Really love the art -- Bobby looks so rad. Those final levels are BRUTAL -- but I made my way through it all!

I appreciated it for what it was, no complaints from me!

10/10 GOTY

I absolutely LOVED this concept and despite the crashes, I had a lot of fun leading to actually being abducted by aliens. The art is great, the soundtrack is bumping and the humor is spot on! 

Surreal, beautiful and weird. I'm very thankful you've made such an odd and original concept. You did such a great job!

I love it! One of the best arcade side load games I have played to date. Love the modes, the challenge missions, everything. So, so rad! 

Thought you did a great job recreating a Game&Watch style game. Had fun even though it wasn't too much of a challenge to ultimately juggle the people. Still had fun playing!

I've found myself somewhat obsessed with the liminal space/hyper objects and this really nails an aesthetic without over doing it. Which in my opinion is hard to do.

I think that's why you have had the success you have had in a sea full of liminal space/backroom games. It has heart and feels not forced.

I'd love to see this expanded upon it feels the closest to LSD Dream Emulator in a game format that I've seen to date. Thank you so much for taking the time to create this.

Of course right after I recorded this you added content haha. But even before the new level layouts I had a lot of fun clearing out fire. Wish it had a proper ending ... and if there is one now please let me know! I'd love to do an addendum video.

Feel silly that I sat so long on trying this game. This really felt great to play! Wish it would have a little more to the reeling portion (like tension or what not) but for a playable early Playdate game this was rad! 

I'll have to revisit it that way!

oh my god I feel so dumb haha! will do!

It's the hardest thing to making entertaining but I thought it was so well done as far as the UI and what not! Good job!

Hey! I really had fun playing through the backrooms! You did a great job and can't wait to check out the rest of your games!

(at 9:22)

Probably not fun to watch someone play Memory but I had fun playing it - and also learning about Redwood in the process.

(at 4:14)

Really loved this as a concept -- although based on the screenshot above, was I supposed to get more enemies/background types? It is very satisfying making the long "kobe" shots and overall I thought the tank shooting felt good.

(at 1:07)

Thought Coin Germs was a lot of fun! Would love a more refined version of this or an expansion on this idea.

(At 0:00)

I'd guess this was just an attempt to make *something* on Playdate but I gotta say the cat animation was pretty great!

This was very satisfying to play! It took me quite a few attempts to have as clean of a run as I have captured but that was the fun in it! Was really shocked when I found out how to make the bomb. 

No idea what a BBC Micro, Beebug or what game this is but found it quite satisfying building the stairs. Thanks for letting me experience something I likely couldn't otherwise.

Really enjoyed this despite the fps dips. Loved the art, aesthetic and just overall look and feel of this. If I emulate it does it run at a high fps?

Got it working! That was honestly a whole lot of fun! Not mediocre at all. 

Hey! I played when it was at 20% complete and I gotta say: your game sure have heart. Sadly the Playdate update that prob fixed the capture sound issues came out just after I recorded but I'll revisit when more games are added/the game is 100%.

For some reason, out of all the pong clones, this one kinda resonated with me the most. Rad!

This... sure was a journey lol. That secret video was phenomenal. Sorry I was originally playing an old version but I thought it was kind of cool to have the realization and show the changes from the old version.

I actually had a lot of fun playing this!

This game is so rad! My only gripe is having to reload only when your magazine is empty but I can understand if it's a core gameplay mechanic for difficulty. 

My highest score is 5977 but I'll keep trying to up that value!

Really addicting gameplay and I love how the "zap" actually feels. The physics also feel responsive -- I was able to make some impressive turns in my short journey. 

Really enjoying the games you have made up to this point!

Really loved this! I too hate being alone at home haha!

Despite the flaws I ran into while playing the game, I thought it was a lot of fun! Would love to see this expanded on!

Bummer you didn't make the deadline

Simple, moving and impactful.  I'm thankful for your creation!

Really fun score chaser! It gets so difficult when you see 4 security guards at once. Really solid PlayJam entry!

I really like the foundation of this game as it is and hope you do plan on expanding. I was sad I couldn't do any more scavenging after that first day. Really solid and love the idea/concept! 

Made my way through Tochi II (huge Tochi fan) and I gotta say Tochi II is rad. Built on what made Tochi so much fun and I'm excited to learn more about this world. Need a Tochi III.

Absolutely love this game! I def picked up on some of that meta horror vibes when I was starting it up and was thankful I could figure out what to do (or in this case what not to do). 

The process up to level 20 is a slog but after hitting it, I'd say it's all worth the wait. Even if I had to do it twice (the horse got me the first battle).

It makes me sad a lot of people won't give this game the light of day but it's so. so good. Brilliant even.

Really loved the concept of this and had a good chuckle when I read how we're stealing it (with a plunger)! Getting those items through the hole was a hard task but I had fun attempting it!