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Kevin Thompson

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Great game! Challenging and fun. I only found two of the artifacts but I'm tempted to go back and try again to find everything and improve my C rank. The pipe mechanic was fun and it felt great to spot the secret paths once I knew what I was looking for.

I was just looking through some of your past work after admiring your progress on Slipways. I'd seen some of your other pico-8 projects but hadn't come across this. Amazing demake! I didn't see this on the BBS though. Is there a p8 cartridge somewhere, or maybe a way to convert the JS version to p8?

Just played through all 12 levels and it was a lot of fun! I could see this being a really great mobile game. I came in a bit over par but I want to go through again and get a better score.

If I had to make one suggestion, because there were a couple levels where you couldn't see what was off screen, it might be nice for each level to start zoomed out so you get an overview, or have a way to move the camera around and preview the level. 

I think your levels were designed in a way that seeing everything wasn't required,  but if the levels started to get longer it could be a nice feature.

Great work!

Thanks for the feedback. We had hoped to end with a boss fight but it ended up getting cut due to time.  Learning every week though.