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This was a great concept but I struggled to get the controls down initially. I couldn't get my controller to work with the web build and it took a minute for me to get a handle on the WASD movement for a platformer. I eventually did get the hang of it it but could only stay on the uneven bars long enough to get the portal open once. It was tough!

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Keyboard play is real tough. I found that gamepad didn’t work if another webgl game was open and holding on to the gamepad.

WebGL build has input lag that made the timing to grab bars too hard. In these final hours, I just put in a workaround to try harder to find a bar to grab that makes it more playable. Still harder than I’d like : (

Thanks for playing! Glad you made it into the void.

Edit: I just realized what you meant about WASD. I’ll be sure to support arrow keys next time!