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Perfect. I always wanted to play a game about filing taxes :D

Baba also isn't like Turnip Boy.

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I don't think this game works on Windows. You made it using Unity on the Mac right? Would it be possible to make a Unity WebGL build?

This game has really good graphics. I enjoy how there is so much happening in the game with all the other ships in the environment doing their own thing. I feel like some other ships should be shooting at the player though, or I'm not sure what the reason would be to shoot at them.

Why is the flashlight so low? The only things I can see are the floor and lower walls.

Thanks for the feedback. Sound is usually the hardest part of game creation for me because it is the one thing I don't know how to make myself, so I end up trying to find sound/music assets that are either creative commons or public domain. I will try to look for more calm music that still matches the factory/industrial setting of the game.

Good luck. Let me know if you solve it.

I enjoy how there's a post-it note on the refrigerator that says to buy garlic. I guess that didn't work out so well for Lydia though.

Nice use of sound with the music getting louder when the enemy gets closer, but I'm kind of confused if there's an objective to this game outside of just avoiding that one enemy that is chasing you in circles.

The game is very short, but what you have so far is pretty interesting. My main suggestion is to fix the walls cause the texture is flashing in and out. I assume this is caused by multiple walls being perfectly overlapped over each other, so you might be able to fix it by slightly adjusting one of the overlapping walls to be very slightly in front of the other (small enough to look like they are overlapping without actually overlapping).

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Cool game. I especially like the game's sprite art and the effect of the whole game occurring through a camera. My only suggestion would be to add some UI elements to know about the player's health and ammo.

Good graphics and sound, but this game gave me motion sickness. I think it's caused by a low frame rate when the player is moving. Also, just a theory, but is the dog dead, and the player is just remembering him?

Don't look behind the holiday store's cash register (⊙_⊙)

Great mystery gameplay and graphics.  I especially like the sense of immersion in the game with the flickering lights, detailed sound effects, and even the camera bobbing up and down as the player is walking. I agree with the previous comment about skippable (or fast-forward-able) audio improving the gameplay. Also with as much immersion as this game has, have you considered releasing a VR version?

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yeah, I didn't really have deja vu in my mind when I made the game, but I figured that it might work cause whoever plays my original Puzzling Magnetism game would get a sense of deja vu when playing this remake. Also the 4th and 5th levels in the original level pack are nearly identical to the 4th level of the recharged level pack except for a few added elements for increased difficulty, so I figured that might also give a sense of deja vu.

I like this game. I feel like the art and music has a good appeal to them and the gameplay is also pretty fun. My main suggestion is to have things like the controls or dialogue happen before the gameplay instead of during because it's hard to multitask with this game. Also I feel like a multiplayer mode would be the perfect addition to this game.

Very fun gameplay, and the similar levels nicely matches the deja vu theme. The only suggestion I could think of is to add in some sound.

I feel like the music could probably be improved by having it continue after the player dies instead of restarting the music.

This game reminds me of Bad Piggies.

Out of curiosity, is there a reason that the mouse has to be over the warrior to heal them? I just found myself leaving my mouse in place over the character the entire game, which makes me question why the mouse position is even considered in the first place.

lol. I know I'm doing something right if my levels are making people go insane, but they are all solvable. I guess the only way to prove it is by giving the solution, but I don't know if I should do that... I'm curious if anybody else is able to solve the fifth level without me giving them the solution.

lol, I can assure you that it's possible. It's the last level, so I decided to make it a little bit more challenging. You might have to avoid some of the patterns that you got comfortable with in the previous level, and think extra carefully about how you would get the red and blue crates past each other.

You have to try harder. You can solve it!

first reply!!

Thanks for the feedback! I'll look into what might cause the aiming to be difficult. I'm glad that you said that the game is easy to learn but difficult to master. That's exactly what I was hoping for, so the game would have good replayability.

Pretty cool game. I especially like how the levels are randomly generated and the use of stat increasing powerups. If there is an audio bug in the web version, I didn't notice it. However, I did notice a bug where the play game button doesn't work after viewing the instructions.

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you liked the game. I actually made the archery mode first and only decided later to add in a dart mode by using the same scripts with a different scoring function.

ok, I understand. I'll try increasing the target sizes.

Fun game with a funny concept and good music. My main suggestion is to increase the size of the player when they're in the screen full of houses and to remove the white background around the player.

Fun game with good graphics and aesthetic. Along with sound effects for hitting fish and obstacles and a rotating background, I would also recommend some background music that could be played along with the underwater sound effect.

Hmmm. How many times has this happened to you?

This game seems kind of buggy.

Fun game. My one suggestion is to add a game over screen when the player loses.

Fun game with really good music. I think the graphics could be a bit better, but my main concern is that the player can clip through the generators to move through the walls. I was able to beat the game without disabling all the generators.

Overall nice game. Along with adding in sound effects, I'd also recommend changing up the title screen. It doesn't feel like the graphics in the title screen matches the main game.

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Fun and challenging game. I noticed that there's a highscore display and a countdown timer, but I'd also recommend including a display for the current score while playing the game. If the player replays the game, they can't see their current score.

Fun game with nice graphics and good music. My one suggestion is that you could mention that the "ability that will allow you to navigate the entire map" is a double jump ability. That wasn't exactly clear when I first played.

I was looking forward to trying this game after seeing the image of it that you posted on discord, but the server is down for this game :(

Thanks for the feedback! Can you elaborate on the scoring for targets part? Is the issue with the archery targets, the dartboards, or both?