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Yes, it's much better now. I was actually able to play all the levels this time.

Nice job fixing it! :)

Really cool and unique concept. I feel like there are only a few games in this jam that really went all in on the limitation, and this is one of them.

From the title and screenshots I was expecting it to be a space invaders type of game, but if anything it feels like a reverse space invaders with some tower defense elements. I was pleasantly surprised by how interesting it was. My only gripe is that the attack tile feels too expensive to shoot for how difficult it can be to aim.

The graphical presentation is nice and cohesive, and the sound design also fit well. It all comes together and feels really polished for a jam game.

Nice work!

It was challenging to balance the meter for the darkness mechanic. Ideally I wanted most players to experience the effect during their first couple of playthroughs, but at the same time I wanted it to be possible to keep it filled up if you kept on top of feather collecting.

That vertical piece is definitely a run killer. I think the best strategy is to get to the middle bellow both ledges on the ground and fly straight up, but it's usually what gets me in the end as well. :P

I'm glad I read your comment about how to get the ending. Once I understood that that I was unlocking and refilling hearts it helped me grasp the gameplay loop better.

I think this game is really special. It's incredibly cute and charming despite the dark subject matter. My favorite part was changing outfits; I especially like the little ribbon on the halo in one of them. The attention to detail with little touches like that are great.

The fact that getting into a routine of doing chores and keeping busy was key to feeling better rings true. I felt happy to see them recover bit by bit over the days. It was worth it to go back and see it through to the end.

This is the kind thing I've been looking for with the limitation this time.

It was fun to try different combinations of orbs and locations to see what happened. Though I must admit I had to read the "spoilers" tips to figure out the last bits I needed to actually win. :P

Great job on this one!

The character designs are great and full of personality. It made me keep going just to see who the next person through the gates would be.

The game concept was interesting but it took me a while to wrap my head around it at first. Even after I basically understood how it worked I didn't get a good feel for how well I was doing or the consequences of putting a person on a specific angel.

Though I think part of the problem might be trying to wrap my head around all the mechanics when I'm just quickly jumping between different games. It gave me a similar feeling to trying to play a tabletop board game with a group who's never played it before.

I can tell a lot of effort went into the project. And overall it's a neat game.

Beautiful game. I really like what you did with the art direction, and small touches like the flip when changing direction and different pose for jumping. Impressive you were able to pack in this much high quality art in the limited time.

The gameplay was pretty simple, but the presentation made me happy to just exist in the world. Great job!

I tried out the windows version and it was a bit better, but it still seemed to miss jump inputs pretty frequently. It was at least playable enough to make it a few levels in. I liked the feeling of momentum and the cloud explosions gave nice feedback on the movement. It's a shame that the jumping bug detracts from the experience.

The darkness gets us all eventually. ;)

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it.

This is a great game!

Really cool creative use of the limitation and very well executed. Nice cohesive presentation with the graphics and sound. This is one of the best games of the jam.

The game seems to swallow inputs a lot. Like the jumping only works on specific frames. It's a shame because it looks like a good game. I like the graphics and animation, and there seems to be some depth in there with momentum and wall jumping when the jump occasionally triggers.

Unfortunately the jumping bug makes it practically unplayable. Let me know if you're able to fix it and I would love to give it another try. I'm playing the WebGL version if that helps.

Pretty straight forward game. Could use some more variety on the enemy spawning and patterns, and some way of telling how far you made it each try.

The game first caught my eye because it looked like we had a similar idea with an auto scrolling dark wall enveloping heaven. But the gameplay focus turned out to be pretty different.

I like the way this plays, but I would prefer it if the dashing was in the direction you were moving instead of mouse direction so you didn't have to aim away from the enemies.

Nice work on the effects on the player and enemies. They give the game an unique vibe compared to the other games I've seen in the jam.

Interesting game concept, but I felt like the menu focused gameplay kept it from reaching its full potential. Like it has the setup of a hectic "spinning plates" type of action game with the different meters to manage in multiple locations, but the challenge is lost when you can just assess the situation at your leisure.

I really like the art though. Had a nice cozy feel to it.

I really like the art and character design. The game controls pretty well, but I had a hard time killing the enemies without also getting hit, especially when they started multiplying.

There's the start of an interesting game in here I think. It controls pretty well, and the weapons are fun to use. But as it is it feels a bit empty and aimless. Reading your description sounds like you are already aware of thing you can improve for next time. I'm sure you'll make some cool stuff in the future. :)

Great creative implementation of the limitation and very nice graphical presentation. The enemy patterns where interesting with good variety. I would have liked to see some more enemy types and maybe power-ups, but I understand that time was limited.

What is here is fun and polished. The best game I've seen so far in the jam.

Super fun little game!

Controls well, and easy to understand. Good job on the level design too, I thought the parts where you needed to "rot away" the roof above you were a clever use of the mechanic. The graphics are simple but appealing with a lot of personality packed into just a few pixels. Great work.

Cool look!

I had trouble staying on the track a lot, but that might be because I'm not used to controlling a game like this with wasd. Still pretty cool to see a game of this genre in one of these jams.

There are a few tips in the instructions.

Holding the jump button down instead of tapping can help, and remember that you only have air control when flapping your wings. Whenever you first leap off the ground the direction you hold will influence the direction of flight faster than changing direction in the air. In some cases it's better to fly straight upwards instead of holding right to get more height.

Hope this helps if you care to try again. ;)

Thanks for playing! Yeah, I only streamed on Saturday since it was a quick one this time. I might participate in the next one too if the theme and limitation are interesting.

Felt like playing Metal Gear Solid. The enemy behavior and responses all worked great and the occlusion on the vision cones were neat and easy to read.

Nice work!

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And that concludes my final rating stream.

Feel free to still check out my game if you haven't. I will still play yours and leave a comment, but I won't have time to give any more ratings before they close and I may not live stream any more games on twitch.

Here are the games covered on the last stream in order:

  • Spookfestation
  • Serious Ivan
  • The Trail
  • Soul Spirit
  • SoulStick
  • Ghost Game
  • No-Gun Shotgun
  • Spooky Shotgun Wedding Specialties Inc.
  •  Haunted Shotgun

This is a really good game. The levels were well designed and just hard enough. The behavior on the shotgun was well implemented, really felt like it was alive and out to get you.

This is one of the best games I've played in the jam. Well done!

This game is so cute, I love it!

I had a great time matching up the ghosts. The game got hectic but not unmanageable. Would have liked an end state or levels, but I understand the time limitation.

Really eye-catching visuals. The gameplay loop of running around, moving, and activating turrets didn't quite click for me. Maybe introducing more turrets and turret types early on could make things more interesting? I just placed it right next to the terminal every time.

Checked this out on a tip. This is actually pretty cool. I like the vibe of the low-res presentation and static.

Really nice coherent design. The gameplay was a bit confusing to get a hang off for me, but it felt really satisfying whenever I was able to pull off a combo and leap high into the air.

Very cool art style and fun to play. Good game.

This is very cool, and different. The art style and atmosphere are also really good. Reminded me of Pyre a bit.

Great job on this one!

Controls took some getting used to. The knockback felt a bit strange on the trampolines sometimes, and spikes seemed to hurt even when they were down.

Despite the issues I think it was a pretty solid game. But the last level repeats right? I'm not missing something I need to do to clear it, am I?

Would have liked more feedback when taking damage. Found myself not realizing I was getting hit when I died. The different bullet effects were neat, but I wanted to choose when to use different effects somehow rather than leaving it up to chance.

There's something here for sure. I had a good time playing.

Another day, and another stream of rating games.

Here are the games covered in today's livestream in order:

  • Splatter Blaster
  • Who Shot Gun
  • Ornare Oculos
  • Ghost In The Graveyard (With A Shotgun)
  • Phantom Limb
  • Possesssion Session
  • Inspectrals
  • him
  • Don't look down!
  • Ghost Towns

This is very different from the other games I've played. I guess it's less of a game than a writing aid as you wrote. I really liked the design of the environments. Would have been cool to see some graphics for the exploration parts as well, but I guess that would inform to much about what to write.

Very cool.

Took some time to get used to, but became really satisfying when I got the hang of it. I was even able to outrun the block generation at the top of the screen. :D

Eventually the chip damage from bats took me out though.

Very frustrating but I guess that's the point. :P

Reminds of games like Jump King or qwop where the move mechanic is intentionally made super difficult. I wasn't able to make it very far, but part of me wants to come back for further punishment.

I managed to get the windows build working by copying the name of the exe file to the package file. I noticed the package file was missing part of the file name so they didn't match.

There isn't much of a game here as I'm sure you know, but the animations on the ghost are really good. Keep working on making games and I'm sure you'll create some cool stuff in the future.

I was surprised how good this game looked when I fired it up. Cool puzzle mechanic, and the difficulty was just right for a game jam game. I really liked it, nice work!

First round I couldn't find the ghosts, but after that I saw where they spawn. Seems like you get a lot more ghost dust than you actually need for the ammo. Since they all moved together and got stuck on things it was pretty easy.

I think mixing up they're behavior and where they spawn could make things more interesting. Maybe adding upgrades or other things to spend ghost powder on.