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Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

very lovely space to inhabit thank you!

We don't currently have plans to update the toolkit for URP.

uh love the crunchy 1 bit aesthetic a lot!

We corresponded on email, and I created a fix for @ghostdad. Once we verify that things are working well the fix will make its way into a new release.

Hey Beau,

It currently does not support HDRP. I was waiting for HDRP to settle down and become stable. Do you think it'd be relatively easy to port? I'm curious :)

Something to consider for a future update. But currently the shader outputs to Unity’s versión of HLSL, which gets translated to GLSL depending on your platform!

In general I'm not sure I have enough information to help you find a perfect solution. Preserving "lipschitz continuity" is important and not all blends or modifiers do that perfectly--but that's what the "extra accuracy" knob is for. That doesn't help render closer to the camera?

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I'll be fixing any bugs and making sure that the project works with new versions of Unity! I love Hecomi's work, I think it's a great way to do raymarching in Unity easily too.

What's the actual error message?

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This script is an example of setting the color from code. Is this along this lines of what you're looking for?

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
using RaymarchingToolkit;
public class ColorInput : MonoBehaviour
    RaymarchObject obj;
    public string InputName;
    public Color ColorValue;
    void Start()
        obj = GetComponent<RaymarchObject>();
    void Update()
        var input = obj.GetMaterialInput(InputName);
        if (input != null) {
            input.color = ColorValue;

I cannot repro this, so I'm going to archive this thread for now.

What version of Unity does this happen in?

Do you mean a Unity surface shader? What are you trying to achieve? Not quite sure what you're after here, but definitely want to see if I can help!

For a better sense of what's available to you, definitely check out the files in Raymarching Toolkit/Assets/Shaders -- the .shader file there and the .cginc include files are what is used to generate the final shader.  If you have any ideas on how to make things you're trying to accomplish easier or more transparent, I'm all ears! :)

Yes! Repeating with a cell ID got cut before release, but I was definitely going to add it back in an update.

I'd love to see any code or snippets or general feedback on doing it in a way that's not too hacky!

Ah, that is super helpful, thanks for the details Andi—I'll have a fix uploaded within a day or two.

I hope it's clear, and that it helps, that at least all the .shader and .cginc files are readable! Meaning, the bits that actually go to the GPU and do the raymarching, you can read (and modify to your own purposes).

We're not planning on releasing the source at this time—but definitely want to make it extensible enough for lots of different use cases!

I just tried importing the .unitypackage in Unity 2018 and didn't get any errors. Also, there aren't any compute shaders in the Raymarching Toolkit. Can you post the error you're getting?

Just uploaded a new version which should address the stereo rendering problems. Let me know how it goes!

Released our Unity plugin for generating raymarching shader scenes live:

Raymarching Toolkit for Unity

An update--looks like Oculus support is good, but SteamVR needs a little more love. Will keep you posted.

Ah, looks like a minor change before release messed up my VR support! I'm looking right away--there's no fundamental reason it shouldn't work, as long as you keep very realistic expectations about performance. I'll post here when I upload an update!

thx for this lovely sad thing

this is really fun, thank you! love all the crunchy sound effects

urrghh the camera is not leading my turns though ;-(

pretty amazing, and obviously a loving tribute :)