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VR Support?

A topic by ryannelson created May 08, 2018 Views: 437 Replies: 7
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I wasn't able to get any of the example scenes to render properly on the Vive, both with the default Unity camera with OpenVR enabled (single and multipass rendering) and with the SteamVR CameraRig prefab. Is there anything special I should be trying? Thanks!


Ah, looks like a minor change before release messed up my VR support! I'm looking right away--there's no fundamental reason it shouldn't work, as long as you keep very realistic expectations about performance. I'll post here when I upload an update!

An update--looks like Oculus support is good, but SteamVR needs a little more love. Will keep you posted.

Deleted post


I bought the package to test it out  (sorry, at the minimum as my paypal is drained atm).

I also would like VR support, but I'm using Microsoft MR (OpenVR compatible).



I'm also here for VR support. I'll keep an eye on this thread!

Will it support single-pass when SteamVR is working?

Here for the VR ;) using openVR and HTC VIVE. Looking forward to seeing whats possible.

Also hoping to use with Steam VR & Vive.

Just uploaded a new version which should address the stereo rendering problems. Let me know how it goes!