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Hi !
This game was cool ! But I found him a little difficult. It's still fun though ! 
It's a funny idea to had a video into the game like oldschool aventure game !
Great job !

Hi !
This game is really cute and have great effects. I find it really slow when the character is turning right or left. 
The main problem that made the game unplayable is the UI which isn't well calibrate.
The music is simple but efficiant !
Great job !

Hi !
Your game was really beautiful. The gameplay is great and interresting !
I find the music a little simple like I was missing something but I changed my mind when I went next to the birds and little notes were there ! 
Great job !

The concept itself is great, it let the player ajust his own speed (I taken all the red one for some speed bonus).

Need some work but there's something ! 

"Bing -  Boog  - Bzz" 

That resume well my experience !

The game is awesome (and maybe too hard for me) and the music is really good.

In overall it's quite a good concept is really great ! 

Well i'm impressed ! 

The idea was simple and i think it's a really cool game with a really nice atmosphere ! 

The thing that i got some difficulty to hit the enemies, sometime i feel that the attack button got a lack of reactivity.

But overall it was really cool idea that you must develop in the future ! 

Wow, that was something.

The art and animation was great, i think you done something quite innovating.

The game was quite fun ! 

The thing is that it was way too easy after few level and it was at this moment i stop playing it.

The background don't really fit  with the pixel art art direction.

But the music was pretty cool !

Some suggestions:

  • Add some difficulty with more ennemies in a close map, it will be more intense and funny.
  • Add some feedback when something happen like level up, item pickup

Hello ! 

I think that the game got potential and need some polish but for what i played now it was pretty good.

The gameplay was pretty good and need a little improvement with some music synch.

Overwall  the art and music was great !

Keep going guys you gone something that can be develop ! 

Thank you for your comment !

Because of the lack of time i didn't have implemented the other song's subtitles.

Thank you for your comment and feedback ! 

You think that the challenge isn't necessary into this kind of game, i'm quite interested about it:

My feeling during the design process of the mechanics was that it was necessary to put challenge because the player's progression was bland and pointless.

So what's your point of view about challenge in narrative game ?

Thank you for your comment and for the suggestions !

Yes the game is quite incomplete at this state in term of game mechanics but we wanted to put emphasis on the music.

But in the future we want to fill PICO with more mechanics and songs. 

Okay ... 10/10 game, i really love it ! You can be proud of your game ;D

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Really good game, you don't need great graphics to do something powerful.

Well done guys !