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Karmic Punishment

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I had hoped to get it done in a month but at the speed I'm working it's probably more like two, haha.

Heyo! The final version will be free with the option to tip!

Sorry about that! I find that after typing in the name, swiping back a couple of times will close the keyboard. I plan to change the card system out so that the name entry is a separate screen on mobile in the future because of this issue.

Thanks for all the feedback! Yeah, I noticed the Ramsey animation issue, though I thought it only did that when Skipping. If it only happened then, I wasn't going to worry about it, but looks like I'll have to look more into that!

And yeah, the actions are randomized so sometimes he will choose the same one multiple times. But there is a single relationship effect that can happen in that fight. If Ramsey hates your character right away, something different happens on round 3 of the fight!

Thanks! Currently my plans for the full version is, not counting deaths, for there to be an Escape ending, a High Relationship ending, and a Bad ending for each route, so 6 total.

The Escapes would be found during the storyline while the other two are the two possible outcomes for making it to the end of the night without escaping.

Hell yeah, new Choice Beat.

 "I suspect a lot of our readers are developers." Called out! But it makes sense the people who put a lot of time into making something would be a big fan of that particular thing. 

Also just a note on the Bad Ends article since I found it interesting, I've always been surprised to see people take bad ends as a punishment in branching narratives! A lot of horror branching narratives have a sort of "collect-em-all" approach. Sometimes with a page somewhere in the game where you could look and make sure you've seen everything there is to see. But maybe I'm just in the minority here as a Bad End Enjoyer.

Hey there! The APK file is the Android release. It installs directly on your phone. 

Been meaning to get around to playing this demo and I'm glad I did! The game is really stylish and I really like the humor in the writing. The sound effects and little sprite movements add a lot to it. I'm curious about the direction the story's going to take with the rodent infestation so I'll be eagerly awaiting the rest of the game!

Hey there! There isn't a chapter 2. The update only added artwork for the endings that were already there. I do plan on working on an update that will add one more story route but for now it's not there.

Windows often claims files with unknown publishers to be unsafe. But any file I upload here on under my account is official and only contains the game! As long as you aren't downloading from some unknown site, it should be fine. 😄👍

Ahh sorry to hear that! And there is a Windows zip in the Download button! If you're running on a different system, I'm afraid I don't have a different way to play it. This one was made with TyranoBuilder, and unfortunately the Mac export feature was very faulty so I couldn't release that version.

Thanks! The other commenter is correct. It's made with Ren'py, the free visual novel engine.

Oh that's good to know! Thank you.😄  And don't worry! The backgrounds are unlocked from the start. They all only account for that square. The other squares are different when unlocked.

Huh that's odd. It should have counted it when you got each of the endings. You got 1a, 1b, 2a, and 2b?

Since the separate endings don't have their own CGs at the moment, getting every ending instead unlocks some behind the scenes / bonus art! So those last pieces are just that bonus content.

Yep! Once the gallery is full, you've seen every ending. 🥳

I'm happy that you liked it so much! As for Huxley, his arms only go up to the elbow. When drawing his head covering sprites, I pictured it as his sleeves flopping up over his head rather than him holding them there.

Hello! The PC version is for both Windows and Linux. Please let me know if you have any trouble!

Thanks! And ooh thanks for sharing the video too! I love seeing my stuff get analyzed haha.

Thanks! I plan to add an update to the game to include the content that I cut for the sake of my deadline. So there will be a bit more to it in the future!

And Huxley's hair is a a sort of blue-grey! Like Steel Blue.

Right now there are just 1a and 1b, and 2a and 2b. They're numbered this way because the only difference between them is at the end of the route. I do have plans for one more route in an update though!

There are! I have more to add to the game as an update and since I will need to rework the GUI for the game menus to be usable on a mobile device, I'll be waiting to upload an android version until the whole update is complete. So it will be a bit of a wait, but when it's done it will have everything I didn't get to add in the initial release.

Heya! Thanks for doing a playthrough of my game! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it and that the pace was alright ha. I know it can be a bit of a slow lead up. I'm glad to see my scenes still got a reaction though!

Ahhh thanks so much! I really appreciate the feedback and the playthrough! I love the voice you do for Dahlia haha. There's definitely a tragedy at play here though I do plan to make an update in the future to give one more route. For now though, it's a sad life for some sad toys.

I'm so glad you liked it! The a and b versions of the endings are only slightly different, given by the last choice. I'd like to give them their own CGs eventually to make it more worthwhile to get them both for each route but for now it's just a story ending difference heh.

And thanks!  I wanted Dahlia and Huxley to be very independent so you'd more influence the story than directly control them. I was a little unsure of making the player the owner at first since not everything they do or think is agreeable and I know sometimes people aren't a fan of playing as a character that goes against what they'd want to do themselves, so I'm pretty relieved about that haha.

Hey there! The PC version is meant to be compatible with Linux. Please let me know if you have any trouble with it. 😄

Thank you! And thanks for showing my game on your channel!

Thanks! And thanks for featuring my game on your channel!

Thank you~!

Dahlia has lived in the dollhouse for years with only the mute rabbit Wisker as her companion. The owner one day decides to present her with a new friend to keep her company; Huxley. a sad clown puppet. They become fast friends, but it soon becomes clear that playing favorites between them can only lead to trouble.

A 15k word branching story with two routes and several CGs to collect, Don't Toy With Me was originally meant to be a NaNoRenO project but wound up taking me two months to complete. Way too late for the game jam, but still a labor of love I wanted to see through to the end!  I plan to write up a devlog talking about the process and my mistakes as a solo VN dev soon. For now, I hope people enjoy the result!

(Also please mind the content warnings on the page! It is a horror game after all.)

Definitely looking forward to the next Arc! I'd been meaning to play this VN for a little while now and finally got around to it, and I'm really glad I did. The art is unique and lends a certain vibe to the whole thing the makes both the more comedic moments and horror moments really stand out. Maybe it's because of just how expressive it is. I'm also always appreciative of horror devs/writers who use content warnings and respect the players who make use of them. That said, the themes in this are Dark with a capital D so those warnings are definitely warranted!

Also, I love encountering ace characters in the wild and honestly Iggy makes me feel very seen. Being touch averse or uncomfortable with someone experiencing that sort of attraction to you is something I feel I rarely see depicted. (Sidenote, is Iggy designed with a white rabbit motif in mind? I'm curious!👀  )

Is there a recommended route order? I'm on my second route and I was surprised at just how far the story diverged. I played Carl -> Jenna (not through with hers yet). No spoilers please!

Thanks so much! I'm really happy you had fun haha.

Hey there! The last ending is a little specific to get. You have to flirt with Koolie and then be rude to him about his wife.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks so much! And I don't currently have more media of Koolie but you can keep an eye out for him on my art twitter since that's where I post the most stuff!

Saw this on a let's play channel and had to come check it out. This game has such a fun premise and I love how expressive your character models are. All of the girls have really clear personalities and it makes it all the more harrowing worrying about what will happen to them. I'll definitely be back to buy the full version when it's done!