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Hell yeah, new Choice Beat.

 "I suspect a lot of our readers are developers." Called out! But it makes sense the people who put a lot of time into making something would be a big fan of that particular thing. 

Also just a note on the Bad Ends article since I found it interesting, I've always been surprised to see people take bad ends as a punishment in branching narratives! A lot of horror branching narratives have a sort of "collect-em-all" approach. Sometimes with a page somewhere in the game where you could look and make sure you've seen everything there is to see. But maybe I'm just in the minority here as a Bad End Enjoyer.

Thanks for reading!

I agree with your sentiments! I think, in general, the worlds of VN and IF are full of as many devs as players. There is something about the medium that is really approachable, so people who play visual novels tend to think, "I could do this..." That's what I like about it!