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Hi, do you have twitter/discord/... where we can discuss this further?

Hey Guys.
I think I'll change the comment section to a discussion board, in a few days...

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Download on Itch.io here!

What is Powercity 9000?

Powercity 9000 is a casual simcity like game, where you can build your city freely. The game aims to be a good city building simulator, but also a fun little game.

Feedback, chat and news

You can join the chat about Powercity 9000 on Discord. You can talk about bugs, problems, future updates, modding... here, so be sure to join it if you want!

You can also leave feedback in the comments. All feedback is welcome!

Latest version

Alpha v1.3.2

Current features


  • Creative mode, where you can build your city without limits.
  • Population counter, so you can see how many people live in your city.
  • Sound effects
  • Cool isometric pixelart style & nice GUI
  • You can mod the game, so you can add buildings/objects/change textures.

Full version

  • More objects
  • Bug fixes
  • New main menu graphics
  • More modding features (ex: object placement restriction)
  • More coming each new update!

Planned features (Full version)

  • Survival mode where you must survive by managing resources and keeping the population happy.
  • Many more buildings/objects/tiles/...
  • Good music and better sound effects
  • Different language support and custom language modding
  • More!



Is it free?
You can play alpha v1.3.1 and all the versions before that for free. You can buy the game and support the devs. Buying the game gives you access to all the current versions, including future ones! 

Can I contact you for problems, questions, ...?
You can contact us on twittertwitterindiedb or email (jatgamess@gmail.com)

No problem ;)

Are there any features that you would like to see in future updates?

Thanks. More updates & mobile app coming soon!
I'm very happy with your feedback!

Do you get an error message/log? 

PM me on twitter (@JelleVandesijpe) if you can. I'll be happy to help you :)

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Hmm..  weird.
Do you get an error log or something when you start the game? I'll try to help you and fix the problem.
EDIT: Did you try the installer? I included an installer for when the game doesn't work.


Thanks for posting this here! As I've said before: nice video!

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Xhite, do you still have the crash? If yes, contact me on twitter and I'll send you an installer & see if that works.

EDIT: You can download the latest version (alpha v1.3.1) for an installer.

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Hey Xhite

I don't have github, and my game doesn't create reports, so I don't know how you got the report....
Do you have twitter? You can PM me, because it's easier to talk about it there.

It's a very weird problem that you have, and I just checked alpha v1.2.1 again and it seems fine. Do you know what created the report? Can you send me a link to the github post?

EDIT 2 (EDIT 1 deleted): I found your github post, I found out that the itch.io app created the report, and I can see weird errors in the report. I tried the game on the itch.io app and it works fine. I'll try to solve your problem. I think it has to do something with XNA.

Sorry for your problem! Follow these steps for a possible fix:

- Look if your antivirus is not blocking the game/ deleting files.

- Redownload the game

- Are you on windows?

- Reply to this comment or PM me on twitter.

I'm happy to help! Let's hope that it's not a big problem...

I don't know about the alpha v1 problem. That's an old version and it can contain some crashing bugs/problems.


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That's a future idea for a feature that I'm already working on :)

The next version will have people with a walking animation/cycle.

Glad you like it and thanks for the feedback!

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Did you find a bug?

Post it below, and I'll add it to my bugs list.

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Post them below!