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No problem ;)

Are there any features that you would like to see in future updates?

Thanks. More updates & mobile app coming soon!
I'm very happy with your feedback!

Do you get an error message/log? 

PM me on twitter (@JelleVandesijpe) if you can. I'll be happy to help you :)

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Hmm..  weird.
Do you get an error log or something when you start the game? I'll try to help you and fix the problem.
EDIT: Did you try the installer? I included an installer for when the game doesn't work.


Thanks for posting this here! As I've said before: nice video!

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Xhite, do you still have the crash? If yes, contact me on twitter and I'll send you an installer & see if that works.

EDIT: You can download the latest version (alpha v1.3.1) for an installer.

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Hey Xhite

I don't have github, and my game doesn't create reports, so I don't know how you got the report....
Do you have twitter? You can PM me, because it's easier to talk about it there.

It's a very weird problem that you have, and I just checked alpha v1.2.1 again and it seems fine. Do you know what created the report? Can you send me a link to the github post?

EDIT 2 (EDIT 1 deleted): I found your github post, I found out that the itch.io app created the report, and I can see weird errors in the report. I tried the game on the itch.io app and it works fine. I'll try to solve your problem. I think it has to do something with XNA.

Sorry for your problem! Follow these steps for a possible fix:

- Look if your antivirus is not blocking the game/ deleting files.

- Redownload the game

- Are you on windows?

- Reply to this comment or PM me on twitter.

I'm happy to help! Let's hope that it's not a big problem...

I don't know about the alpha v1 problem. That's an old version and it can contain some crashing bugs/problems.


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That's a future idea for a feature that I'm already working on :)

The next version will have people with a walking animation/cycle.

Glad you like it and thanks for the feedback!

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