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Powercity 9000: City building simulation game

A topic by Jelle created Oct 14, 2017 Views: 175
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Download on here!

What is Powercity 9000?

Powercity 9000 is a casual simcity like game, where you can build your city freely. The game aims to be a good city building simulator, but also a fun little game.

Feedback, chat and news

You can join the chat about Powercity 9000 on Discord. You can talk about bugs, problems, future updates, modding... here, so be sure to join it if you want!

You can also leave feedback in the comments. All feedback is welcome!

Latest version

Alpha v1.3.2

Current features


  • Creative mode, where you can build your city without limits.
  • Population counter, so you can see how many people live in your city.
  • Sound effects
  • Cool isometric pixelart style & nice GUI
  • You can mod the game, so you can add buildings/objects/change textures.

Full version

  • More objects
  • Bug fixes
  • New main menu graphics
  • More modding features (ex: object placement restriction)
  • More coming each new update!

Planned features (Full version)

  • Survival mode where you must survive by managing resources and keeping the population happy.
  • Many more buildings/objects/tiles/...
  • Good music and better sound effects
  • Different language support and custom language modding
  • More!



Is it free?
You can play alpha v1.3.1 and all the versions before that for free. You can buy the game and support the devs. Buying the game gives you access to all the current versions, including future ones! 

Can I contact you for problems, questions, ...?
You can contact us on twittertwitterindiedb or email (