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Ah I replied to your comment on the game page, but just to say thank you again here, and also for crossposting, that was very kind of you! ❤

Thank you for this very kind comment – apologies for the delay in replying, I’m not very well just now and it’s really put the brakes on my online (and VN playing) time!

Anyway – I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed the game, and I’m delighted to think that the ‘endings’ mechanic might have given you inspiration for future projects! I wanted an endings screen that could function as a sort of ‘informational flowchart’ but that which would also look pretty and encourage completion, so when I got the idea for the necklace I was quite excited about it (and then Ingthing brought it to life more beautifully than I could have hoped)!

And thank you also for shouting out the team, I was so lucky to be joined by such generous and talented people, and everyone worked really hard.

I’m still really looking forward to checking out your game once I’m better, and congrats again on your Phantasia update!

Thank you so much for this – and ah I know the feeling when you’ve got a long list of games to play, it’s exciting but wow VN devs have been busy this year! 😅 I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed it – I was really lucky to work with a group of such talented people and it’s so nice when people take the time to leave feedback about all the different aspects!

And with the plot, I was really fortunate to work alongside Rascal Devworks planning this out, her ideas were absolutely invaluable and if you had fun with the story I’d definitely recommend checking out her games (once you get through the jam stuff)!

Hope you enjoyed the jam, and looking forward to checking out your submission hopefully very soon ❤

Ahh thank you for your lovely comment, and for checking out so many aspects of the routes – that was very kind of you! I wish we’d had the chance to add more variation to some of those options (there was meant to be a lot more variation, initially!) but I’m glad you still enjoyed it!

With the script, it’s true that we made it quite stylised and left quite a bit of the backstory up to interpretation, so I’m sorry if it was a bit impenetrable at times – I might try and write up a little ‘what on earth happened?’ spoiler guide later, to help with that!

But thank you very much for the feedback, and for shouting out the art and music, I will pass along your comments to the team!

Thank you so much for this amazing video and for commenting as well! Your playthrough was a joy to watch, and I loved hearing your thoughts and reactions. You picked up on lots of little details, and your observations were so interesting, I had a lot of fun revisiting the story through fresh eyes!

Apologies though that accessing the epilogues wasn’t v clear, I’ve been meaning to make a guide post about that, so I’ll try and do that soon. I should do likewise with the mask on/off differences, as there actually was something different to see in the garden, and a small difference in the parlour (just dialogue though!) so I will write up a little list for anyone who wants to be completist about it.

Talking of which, we are honoured that you took the time to collect all of the endings and epilogues for your video, that was very generous of you! Thank you also for your kind words about all the team members’ work, everyone worked very hard and we’re so glad you enjoyed it. Looking forward to checking out your game soon!

Ah I’m sorry I don’t know how I missed this comment?!! Thank you so much, I had a lot of fun writing them and your description makes me so happy as that’s exactly what I was going for!!

Thank you for persisting to find that last ending, I worry a bit that it’s so ‘minimal’ but when/if I return to expand this hopefully I can flesh everything out a bit more. But I see you did the jam too so you know that wordcount restriction can be tough! I still haven’t played through all the o2a2s yet but I’ll look forward to checking yours out soon! ❤

Thank you so much for this incredibly sweet comment – and ah don’t worry about timing, I have SO MANY spook games I’m excited about which I still haven’t manage to play yet, October has just disappeared!

Anyway, I’m really glad you enjoyed it – I was lucky to have Rascal as co-writer who added so much richness to the world (and the beautiful journals/memories for the lore) and I was really fortunate to work with so many talented artists and designers as well.

I'm happy you liked the endings necklace, when I got the idea I was quite excited about it but it was almost cut it for scope until Ingthing volunteered to do the art for it (as well as the GUI)!! I was so grateful for that, and really all of the team were very generous with their time, so being able to share comments like these really makes my day! ❤

(As for a personal timeloop... alas I’ve no way to erase a memory but the game is set up to loop infinite times, so feel free to replay as much as you like 😂)

Hi Lazy Tiger, thank you very much for this! I’ve replied the game-page version of this comment but wanted to thank you here too, and for crossposting. I still get a bit confused where best to post so that was a good solution you came up with, maybe I should start doing likewise.

Btw, I’m really looking forward to playing your submission – I’ve only scratched the surface of the Spooktober games and I feel like a kid in a candystore sometimes, not knowing where to turn next, but I’ve got yours downloaded and ready to go!!!🎉

Thank you so much! That's definitely the vibe we were going for, so I'm really pleased it worked for you!! ❤

Thank you for this incredibly detailed comment, and sorry for the slow reply. I’m so happy you enjoyed the game, and really I owe a huge thanks to our playtesters who gave feedback on the loop mechanic pacing, it definitely wouldn’t have gone as smoothly without them!

Thank you also for shouting out all the different elements, I was incredibly lucky to have so many talented team members for all of those things, and everyone worked very hard!

And yes I was really thrilled with all the VA’s performances, it was my first time adding voice acting and when the lines started coming through I was blown away! The mirror line you picked out is one of my faves, the VA was Katabelle Ansari and she committed to this unconventional part 100%!

As for the character art - it seems to vary from person to person which style they’re more drawn to, and this falls at my door for recruiting two quite different styles within one project! I’m really happy with how both turned out, and the reception they each got, but style matching is something for me to pay closer attention to in future game.

I hope you enjoy the other epilogues if you do go back to them - I consider them all ‘True Endings’ but if you end up with a favourite feel free to let us know! 🤍

YOOO if you read the above comment tomorrow and wonder why I didn't mention your amazing FIRST PLACE AWARD it's because I was sneaking in some last minute commenting before the awards happened and I didn't know it yet!!! (I'm now extra glad I managed to do so before it gets lost in the flood of attention hehe!!!!)
Anyway, a massive congratulations, it is so well deserved and I'm so happy that you'll get more eyes on your game from it! Hurray!!! 🎉

I absolutely loved this game, the writing was absolutely gorgeous and I really liked the way that you uncover more about the story / history / characters with the different playthroughs.

The atmosphere and descriptions were incredibly evocative, and I loved the art too - the mermaid is somehow both so cute and so creepy at the same time, really wonderful character design. Loved one of the CGs in particular but won't say for spoilers!!

An absolute jewel of a game. 💚

I was super intrigued by this after seeing your art style, and wow it did not disappoint! The whole game is a visual treat and incredibly polished, and more than that, very VERY fun as well!

I loved the main character and his wilful disregard for private property, loved the super mysterious premise, LOVED where you went with it, and ahh the place you ‘end up’ was just PERFECTLY done, and the visuals and writing there gave me a proper chill.

The puzzles were super impressive – one of them I did find quite frustrating, but I believe you’ve updated it since I played it (I am very behind with my commenting) so I’ll look forward to checking that out when I replay (as so far I only got the 1 ending!)

I admit that the game did leave me wanting more, but only because I was hooked in so much - and I equally respect the mysterious note you left it on! A really fantastic submission.

I LOVED the atmosphere of this, the writing is so so good (not a surprise there, of course!) and the visuals, sound and interface really add another layer of unsettling-ness to the whole experience.

I had a lot of theories about what might be going on, and I was entirely wrong about all of them, but I had a lot of fun guessing!

(Also, I happened to play this while I was a bit unwell which gave a whole extra layer to ‘being’ this character, if you play it with a headache/feeling sick this is an extra trippy experience 😅)

A very ominous / emotional / worrisome / hopeful / fascinating game.

This game was an amazing experience, I loved the story book feel, and the writing was absolutely gorgeous. The artwork and the user interface were also beautiful and fitted the theme of the story perfectly.
I'm a bit behind on my commenting so I'll be back to leave a more detailed comment later, but just wanted to say at least something in case I'm further delayed! Also, really looking forward to the next part!!

Hello Carrot I’m so sorry for the slow comment, I wanted to take the time to write you something properly detailed but my brain has not yet managed. So for now, here are the bullet points I wrote right after playing -

This was so much fun and so INCREDIBLY polished!

Fantastic action sequences!

Brilliant banter!

Great pacing in the tense moments!

Love the 4th wall asides!

So many clever uses of visuals (especially liked how you did the, hmm, self depreciating spirals??) Also really liked how you did the ‘passage of time’.

Laughed so much at the giant eye and the javascript riddles!!

Enjoyed the rabbit soldier confetti!!

Wonderful writing and so many great turns of phrase

Esp loved the sprite expressions!

Iggy is a such a sweetheart and should be protected at all costs!

And although I’m afraid I’m too fraidy about the trigger warnings in your main game, I’m so happy I got the chance to meet the characters in a slightly less ominous context, they were all wonderful and this game was such a delight!

I absolutely loved this – an intriguing story, gorgeous artwork and very clever cinematography!

The text and the images worked together so well, and the action sequences were fantastic!!  The characters fitted into the background art very nicely, and the panning was very clever - in fact the whole game had a very cinematic feel.

I also really liked all the character designs, especially the armour which was beautifully detailed. Oh and I thought the roses background was very clever as it changed as the game progressed!!

It's exciting to hear you’re intending to expand this a bit, but it’s still a jewel in its current form - I enjoyed it very much indeed. 🌹

Thank you so much, the team worked very hard and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m so glad you enjoyed it, the team worked really hard to put it together!
And ahh V’s original character was just a one-note villain before Rascal and I had our character discussions, so you really have her to thank for that! Happy to hear that those snap-happy tendencies didn’t overrule her other charms!! 😂
And that's kind of you to look at my older stuff but just a head's up it's still pretty in progress, hoping to get back to it after the next update on this project though!

Aw thank you so much for this! ❤ In this project of course, I did have a co-writer so I can’t take all the character credit - and do make sure to check our Rascal Devwork's stuff too if you haven’t already!!

Sorry for the slow reply, I was really overwhelmed by this comment! 😭 Thank you so much for your incredibly kind words, and the team shout out, they were honestly so wonderful and I will make sure they all see what you said!
I am excited to make some devlogs but it might be a little slow as I’ve injured my hand and can’t type easily just now, but fingers crossed it wont be too long. Thank you again for all the support!! ❤

Ah I'm sorry, I replied to your gamepage comment and not this one - thank you v much for the feedback! That was a suggestion from an early playtester and although at first I’d wanted to keep the loop the same, our planned word count doubled and it quickly became obvious I needed to work out a quicker mechanic!! I’m glad it worked for you! Also btw, I have now played your game and LOVED it, I need to leave you a proper comment but just to say it was absolutely gorgeous!! ❤

Oh wow thank you so much for this – I admit I do like stories where you have to fill in the gaps a bit yourself, so I’m really happy this worked for you, as I’m never sure how much is too little/too much info!!
I’m glad you enjoyed the art, and thank you for specifically mentioning the backgrounds – the artists had a big job, especially as in a lot of scenes we don’t have any characters present, so I was really grateful for their hard work!!
And btw, I’ve now played your game and it was absolutely WONDERFUL! Once I’ve caught up on replies here I need to leave you a proper comment, but just to say it was super immersive and I’m really looking forward to more!

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Hi SeaLiteral, I just left a comment on your main page about the things I really liked, but I had a couple of thoughts so I thought I'd put them over here.

In my playthrough, if I don’t trust Clara, then go to the park and see her, then we go to the inn together, I get an error message saying

Line 255 if seen_bard:

Name error: Name seenbard is not defined

I'm not great with errors but possibly you’ve set up your variables using “define” rather than “default”? I think maybe putting default seen_bard = True (before the start label) might fix this.

Also, at the inn with Clara, it might be worth to put a visual effect or line of text saying “I slip into a dream” before the dream sequence, as when I first reached that scene, it appears quite suddenly and I thought the game had accidentally jumped back to an earlier point.

Another suggestion is - it sounds like you had a disappointing experience with your proofreader, and likewise with the card game mechanic, but a new player wouldn't know about these issues, so I think it might serve the game better not to mention them at all. With the card game specifically, you could just add a line of text describing winning the game, and it wouldn't interrupt the flow of the story.

For proofreading, I didn’t spot any issues except this sentence - “I hear he blows the candle, it goes dark” which should be “ I hear him blow out the candle”, but its still understandable!

For the art, I really liked your pencil drawing - and I wonder if it might have been fun to make all the art 'traditional style', to fit in with the storybookish feel? If you bump up the contrast on some drawing like the sheep one, you could maybe create some quite nice visuals without having to go the photo editing route either. I hope you don't mind these suggestions, and if you've already fixed anything in your new update, apologies for being slow with the comment.

PS - forgot to say in main comment, but I love the title you chose for this game! A very dreamy and evocative sounding name!

I really liked the atmosphere and the worldbuilding in this game! So many interesting details of this land and characters, and the main characters all felt very sympathetic (except the antagonist of course)!

I admit I’d have liked a little bit more to the script so we could learn more about the background and situation with the dragon tamer, and Al’s abilities, but I release jam projects do have their limitations, or maybe you wanted to keep it more mysterious.

Probably my favourite scenes were with the bard - his song was delightful, and then when he tries to give Al a poem, and Al says “no, I don’t need this” – that made me laugh so much. Absolutely devastating response. It's a bit of a shame you don’t get to meet him if you trust Clara, which is tricky as she is very trust-able – perhaps if you do update the game later, you could weave their stories together a little.

Talking of Clara, her VA was wonderful, she did a great job conveying the character, and it was tough to leave her behind to get those bard scenes! You also did a good job filling in the Fleming part yourself, though maybe for a future update it could be nice if both of his scenes had VA, for consistency.

I had a couple of other logistics suggestions I’ll pop in the jam comments, but I see you've made an update since I played this, so maybe some won’t still be relevant.

PS – loved the little glowsheep game icon! That was a really nice touch and made me smile to see.

Hello Mistling!!! Thank you so much for checking it out – it is a bit darker than my other fare, but for spooktober I wanted to try mix things up a bit! 🕸 Hope you enjoy the rest of the spooky offerings, and an early happy halloween to you! ❤

Ah I’m thrilled to hear that the universe (or itch!) randomly introduced you to this game, thank you so much for taking a chance on it! I like to replay different options in VNs anyway, so I thought the format would lend itself to one of my fave narrative devices (the timeloop!) and I’m glad it worked for you.

And oh wow that is the highest praise I can think of for the art, thank you so much! Please do check out the artists' links if you’d like, and two of them make games with their art here on Itch if you're interested, at and

For my part, yes I do have some ideas in the works, so thank you for the support and feel free to follow me here or on twitter for any updates! ❤ Likewise feel free to check out the rest of Spooktober jam, there is an amazing selection of 160 VNs and all for free this month!

Thank you so much for your kind words, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

I’m also always interested to hear what order people play the endings in, so thank you for sharing your first run through! All are valid!! I sometimes worry that the ‘by the book’ play through is a bit dry for a first go round though, so I’m glad you continued on to check out the other routes!

Thank you for playing, and looking forward to checking out your game very soon! ❤

Thank you for this lovely comment! I’m happy to hear you had fun, and I’m honoured that you went through it in just one sitting!

I’m really glad you liked the art and design, I was v fortunate with my teammates and everyone put a lot of work in! And yes, Saint’s clothing designs are always wonderful, and Ing did a great job with the GUI and endings screen! (I ought to share my initial necklace sketch for a devlog sometime as she took something super basic and made it so beautiful!!)

And ah, Edwin’s operatic track is my absolute favourite, I had a lot of fun discussing the sound of the game with him, and I’m looking forward to making an update with a music player so people can return to listen to any tracks they want!

I was in two minds about adding voice work as I’ve never done that before – but I’m so happy I did as I think the VA s did wonderful work, I’m v grateful to them, and to Rascal for her assistance.

I love a good adventure game feel, so I'm glad you enjoyed the POV in this one - and the pans were all Fen's expertise, you should have seen me trying to fight with the maths on those. 😅

Oh! About the diary stuff – this totally slipped my mind til now but the idea of collecting diary snippets was partly inspired by collecting the ficlets in your game ‘Find my Mind’ (though I didn't get round to making ours ones re-readable)!!! I need to add your name as an inspiration source in the credits, I am terribly sorry for this oversight and will add it to the next update!!🙏

Ah, apologies that this wasn't clear! You need to play through to Main Ending 10 again, after which, if you have epilogues available, they will be offered to you! Also feel free to use the Skip (fastforward) function when replaying to reach 10, though without taking diversions it should hopefully be a fairly quick route!

Thank you also for your kind comment, and please let me know if this works okay! ❤

AHH sci fi hauntings in space - I was looking forward to this so much and I absolutely loved it!

Loved the premise, the punchy beginning, the supercool UI, loved the ART (those crisp bgs, the gorgeous characters, their designs, their adorable expressions, their beautiful EYES)!?!

And aside from their look, the characters themselves were so much fun – I love smart girls who toast to physics – and their relationship dynamics felt nicely established coming into the story, with strong foundations ready to grow!

I also really need to mention the incredible visual effects you employed, which created so many standout moments in the story, such as:


The mirror moment, especially the first blink!

The awesome spacewalk effect!

The floating in space moment!

Not to mention the infinite (black hole) girl - that effect was really breathtaking!!

The ending was really satisfying too – it felt hopeful and curious without 100% explaining away all the mystery, a very nice balance.

Talking of endings - I saw that you've also added some CGs - and although my playthrough was v satisfying without them, it's an extra treat to know they'll be there for the future. 

And last but not least - absolutely incredible that you did this in a month as a SOLO DEV, I shake your hand in awe!

I’m commenting a couple of days after playing as I wanted to recover a bit first, but ahh this game was such a beautiful journey. The story, the atmosphere, art, the expressions, the music, the effects – it really sweeps you away into the strange and magical ‘out of time’ world that these two characters find themselves in (and perhaps, create for each other)!!

I’m often a bit cautious about sad-sounding stories, but there is there is also so much here that is hopeful and life affirming – so if anyone is in two minds about that aspect, I would really recommend giving it a try.

I also loved how the effects you used were so integral to the story – like the photograph (so clever!) being the catalyst for their meeting, or the transparency/visibility of Nathan varying based on his openness or state of mind – even things like with the falling leaves not just being beautiful but also giving that sense of a time of transition and letting go.

And the choices screen was so well executed too – so pretty and well designed, but having the MCs expressions change based in response to the potential choices was just the icing on the cake! I actually hesitated on a few choices just going back and forth just admiring the mechanics of it!

Talking of expressions – the sprite artist did such a beautiful job with these characters – there is so much personality in their dialogue, so it was great to see that echoed in the visuals alongside. Obviously, the whole game/UI/backgrounds looked beautiful, but that’s a detail that particularly stayed with me.

Oh! Also top marks for the character who only turned up in sound only, they were SO well chosen and I love him!

There’s probably other aspects I’ve forgotten to mention, but I better leave this here for now. Congratulations to all the team on this beautiful work. ❤

Thank you so much for this incredibly kind and thoughtful comment – I’m so happy that you enjoyed the game! I think all of the team members did a great job, so I really appreciate you taking the time to comment on each of these different aspects.

Thank you also for sharing your experiences of the time loop mechanic - it’s really useful to know how it looks to someone with fresh eyes, and I’m glad it was easy to follow! And ah, I’m sorry that we didn’t have time to delve more into the characters stories, but you never know, perhaps one day we might expand the story or revisit this world in some shape or form!?

Feel free to follow here on Itch or on twitter at @cerisemakes for any updates, and thank you again for your support! ❤

(1 edit)

Oh wow! Thank you so so much for your incredibly generous and detailed comment! I’m a chatty writer and I suspect I won’t be able to reply to this with kind of conciseness, so I’ll reply to half now and the rest later 🌹

The UI – That was the wonderful Ingthing’s work and ah you describe it so beautifully, I’m really glad you liked it! We’d been looking at inspirations from Alphonse Mucha’s work, but the way she used that as a starting point for something so unique was amazing to see! She then adapted the it to make the ending screen as well, and put together the necklace - I was totally overwhelmed by her talent and generosity.

And the music – I’m so glad you mentioned this, as Edwin’s music is always incredible and I was so excited when he sent me his first version of the main theme ‘Witch’s Lament’! (In fact, ‘tragic beauty’ is a great descriptor for it!) He generously made several versions of it, and two other tracks as well - I'm intending to add a 'music player' screen to the next update, so people can easily identify and replay them!

He was also VERY patient when I sent him a list of abut 20 inspirations, and worked incredibly quickly! Interestingly none of those inspirations were things you mentioned, but I’m very intrigued to hear about them! (Ironically I’ve never played The Witch’s House, I only first heard of it when I was researching potential names for this game! 😂)

Oh and in my crediting rush I didn’t specify the songs that didn’t require credits, I should do that in the next update, but that track is from Dova and translates to Haunted Singing Blues - which Edwin transposed so it fitted the soundtrack better.

Okay yes I’ve written loads so I’ll reply to the rest later, but thank you again for all the beautiful things you said, and also I’m really looking forward to your game, already got it downloaded!! ❤

LOL that is very true!! (and, uh, in some cases, quite literally!!?) But hey, you saw the beautiful face Soluryn gave her – it’s only reasonable she’s a popular gal!😂

For real though - thank you for this incredibly thoughtful comment, I’m so happy you enjoyed it! We were very lucky to have so many talented artists on the team to get through all those assets, and although the timeloop and those choice threads were my nemesis for a bit, I’m glad they turned out okay in the end!

For the GUI - yes Ingthing did a wonderful job and so quickly, please be sure to check out her link above! And I think you're right that the CG artists S.W and Soluryn were a great fit - I’d approached them particularly as I thought they’d be perfect for this story, and their work turned out even better than I’d dreamed! Everyone did such lovely work and it makes me so happy to see it appreciated, so thank you very much for commenting. ❤

Oh my goodness I am overwhelmed by this comment! Thank you so much for your kind words, not to mention offering a last minute playtest to a stranger - your insights and encouraging words were truly invaluable. 🙇‍♀️ Also, it’s v kind of you to replay again so soon after testing – but I’m really happy you got to see the game with all the art, music and VA work in place, as everyone did work really hard! Thank you again, and I will love sharing your feedback with the team!!

Ahh, thank you so much, for playing and for the thoughtful comment! I think all the team members did a great job, and I’m glad to hear the timeloop worked out, it gave me some real headaches at some points… 😂
I just updated to add a couple of things, but I’m glad to hear the early version was a good experience, and I’m looking forward to playing yours too!

Thank you so much for this - the team put a lot of work into it so your comment is very appreciated! And please feel free to check out the artists' links on the game page to see more of their art! ❤

Oh wow, thank you so much for this – that’s so cool you got all the endings, and I’m sure you and she will have a beautiful evil future together! ❤ Not, of course, that you 'technically' have to choose - which is the real beauty of a time loop... 😉
Anyway, I'm really glad you enjoyed it, and I'll pass your comments along!

That's so kind of you, we really enjoyed putting it together!