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Great Concept and game play, i love it :D

Thank You so much for the feedback :D i will continue working on it, just in case you are willing to look fordward for it :)

Yeah, the sword its suposed to break on the second use, thank you so much for playing, im glad you enjoy it 😌 i will think about the rest time betwen the trap activation 🤔😉

Thanks for the feetback, actually this Is a toned down versión, i had a problem with the traps in wich they actívate and never deactivates, thank God managed to fixed it.. about the shield, i felt that to when testing the final build 🤔 i will think on what to do with it 🤔

Thanks for taking the time and playing my game 🤓 it means a lot 🤟

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BTP again with a wonderfull game!! Cheers bro, love your youtube content and your games!! i didnt know that you were participating :0  this is my first jam, it will be awesome if you play my game, is awfull but is there :D any way, keep up the good work!! ;D

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its hard  XD   and    i love it, i will expect this quality on a eshop game, well done!!

I love the style, and the spear that can be used as a platform was very clever, well done  ;D

i just love it, a little bit buggy. mainly on walljumps but the presentation in general is amazing

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i had never played a game so meta XD, good job