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Yes, finished it. This game is funny and awesome, amazing that you made this in such a short time! The controls can be a bit annoying sometimes though because the character is not always centered and because it is easy to click outside of the game window.

Great game concept! Good choice to extend this into a full game! I'm curious to see how you are going to design the game to make it more challenging and complex, just more types of enemies and bigger maps or maybe also more units or units upgrades. Might also be cool to have extra energy card usage as a boon.

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Your game is fairly well balanced. In general the last race should always be a bit more difficult. The swap card is very powerful, I couldn't exploit that card in the last race haha, so I went to back to eating more skittles so I could win.

Hi, no sorry, I created the assets in this resolution, so there is no way to generate them at higher resolution without redoing everything ☹️

The extreme track is soo hard, even when I pickup the skittles I cannot go fast because I will just fall of the tracks. Too bad there is no soundtrack, I like the chiptune sounds. Nice game.

Your game has the best chiptune music by far! I really like the vibe of it. Nice game concept, good and fun interpretation of skittles. Game is a bit short, I would have played more levels if there were more.

You are right, that ghost is really hard, didn't manage to beat it, if the ghost wouldn't stop after finishing it, it probably would have passed me a round. Nice 3D skills and I like the wobblehead animation of the racer.

Love the graphics of this game, the characters, the animations and the environment look really good. The controls are nice too, couldn't find anyone to play with unfortunately.

Damn, I'm really bad in this game or the AI is really good. Couldn't beat it by far, I only got to third place because one of the AI opponents got stuck in a corner. Nice racing track and I like your pixelart!

Nice game! The sensitivity of the steering wheel is a bit high though, this makes the kart a bit hard to control. I like the music a lot.

I really like your game! I think it is very creative, both the racing part and the training part. Your implementation of skittles is really funny, and overall your game is really fun and enjoyable. I beat the game, the last race was tough though.

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Very nice and innovative game. Nice use of dual purpose design, very innovative way of moving. Definitely a good fit for the theme! The lance mechanic has been well developed for such a short time. The game is very hard. Some additional tips:

  • A bit more effort could be invested in the tiles and in the background which are black and gray, Even if they where another color it would have may a huge difference for the feel of the game.
  • I didn't know you could zoom out (Q), zoom in (E) and jump (space) at the beginning of the game. A small message at the start of the game would be nice.
  • I played all 8 levels (this took some time). At times it was very frustrating that the levels are so long. If you die near the end of the level you have to start over again. It would have been better if you would have made shorter levels.
  • It would be nice if the game went full screen for people who are playing with a mouse. Sometimes the mouse isn't inside the game border and the lance doesn't move.

This game is awesome, keep up the good work! I would love to see controller support added to the game and a local coop option.

Thanks! I added a treasure chest to the item pack. I will maybe make a seperate pack for player or monster drawings.

Thanks for the feedback! The item pack can be used on the condition that credits are provided.

Thanks for the positive feedback! I am still available to draw additional items on request which fit the theme of the item pack.