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NP and sorry about that! It looks like you got it figured out since I uploaded the game folders incorrectly, but it's all fixed up as of this morning.

Let me know if anything else comes up!

Heya! I went ahead and updated the game on Steam with a shortcut that will allow you to bypass the wisps. I made a Steam post with a screenshot here.

Heya! Quick question: Does your plugin work with MZ's alternate tileset sizes (16x16, 24x24 and 32x32)?

Thank you!

The "back" button also doubles as the menu button. It won't function until after the game's intro (the graveyard) is finished .

If it doesn't work after that, let me know and I'll take a look!

It is not "just a matter of uploading the APK file". It is also the matter of the vast majority of Android devices blocking apps that aren't downloaded directly from the Play Store, and the user having to go into their settings to allow installing apps from unknown sources, which is a safety measure Android phones have in place to prevent installing harmful apps. I'm aware my apps aren't harmful, but also that some users might not appreciate having to open their phone up to potential harm to install my app from the Internet when they can just purchase it from the Google Play Store, hence why I don't normally upload APKs.

"whatever, i guess i might just end up not playing the others. " Ok. Take care 😁

My apologies, I just got an APK file set up for Absinthia. That said, I'm not too familiar with distributing Android installers outside of the Google Play Store, so you might have to mess with your phone's settings for it to let you install it.

Hey there! Absinthia and Knight Bewitched: Enhanced Edition are on Google Play Store's Open Testing, and all of my other games are available on the Google Play Store as well.

Here's a link to Absinthia on Google Play. I think I've ironed out all the major bugs, so if all goes well I'll officially release it next week.

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So I know it's been awhile, but I thought I'd let you know I'm working on an Enhanced Edition of Knight Bewitched:

I wanted to let you specifically know that, at this very moment, I'm working on the new Morgoth's Cave. I have a work-in-progress screenshot attached.

The two biggest changes--besides the dungeon having a new aesthetic and being more designed like a "traditional" dungeon (it has enemies and a boss now, too), is that A) the puzzles are optional but have cool rewards, and B) the "maze" room is being scrapped alongside the bridge-moving room.

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Yeah, the graphics/audio are from the 3DS RPG Maker, same as the first Knight Bewitched. Hopefully I can crowdfund my next project and use original assets instead!

Edit: I should add that the art illustrations (ie the cover art and the hot springs scene in the screenshots) are original illustrations that I commissioned from an artist. The characters used in the illustrations are, of course, based off of characters from the 3DS RPG Maker.

My apologies Lytel, I've been taking a short break and haven't been as active lately.

I'd put the length anywhere from 12-20 hours depending on if you're a completionist or not. The highest time I've heard so far is 24 hours from a person who 100% finished the game, but I could see someone rushing through it in 8-10 easily if they wanted to.

On the battle system, Celestial Hearts uses a side-view ATB system (somewhat similar to the older Final Fantasy games, where each character takes their turn immediately after their ATB gauge fills up). It's definitely more engaging than Knight Bewitched' battle system was, but it is still an RPG Maker battle system.

I went ahead and uploaded a demo - you can try the game for free and purchase it later if you like it!

Thanks for pointing it out, it's fixed now!

Haha, yeah. Almost all of the graphics and most of the audio came from Itch user Oceansdream, so I wouldn't be surprised if the same audio was found in other games too!

That's a good question! My answer is that Strasza was referring to her allies (Stray, Ruth, Gwen, and so on), while Gwen was referring to the guards.

Yeah! That's Palmy. He goes where he pleases.

Your save files are wherever you previously unzipped the original game files. They're in "Astraea/www/save/". You'll want to copy and paste them to your new install path in the "www/save" folder.

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Actually it's better that you post here because I actually get notified. I very rarely (if not ever) check game discussions, but if I get emails, comments on Itch, or comments on Steam announcements, I get notified and (usually) respond pretty quick!

Edit: Okay, I've updated the game files in Itch. I replaced it with an installer instead of a ZIP (so if you download it, make sure you set it to install in the same file path your game's installed in so you don't have to move around your save files). 

Thanks for the bug reports! Yep, the bookshelf thing is something I fixed in the Steam version but forgot to release an update for on Itch. I've read through everything you mentioned and will try to get an update released fixing that and the typos when I have a chance.

On targeting allies with healing spells: I'm not sure why this would happen, but I would make sure your mouse cursor isn't hovered over anyone, which'll make you unable to select anyone else with the keyboard.

Awesome! There's no rush. I'll keep an eye out for an update!

Heya! I bought your plugin and absolutely love it. It's a great change from the default battle transition.

I was wondering if you'd be willing to implement an option (hopefully compatible with VisuStella's Options Core) to revert to the default transition. I ask because, while it's a beautiful transition, it causes a *lot* of lag on lower-end PCs. 

I'm aware there's a script call to disable the transition for the current map, but having a simple option that disables the transition until it's re-enabled would be much simpler for users than implementing a setup to call the script every time the user enters a new map.

In a sense, yeah. Celestial Hearts takes place a century after Knight Bewitched 2. Finding Light and Knight Eternal technically take place sooner, but on an alternate timeline.

Thanks for the reports! Yeah, equipped spell orb don't appear properly in shops. It's an unfortunate bug that I was never able to find a fix for, but thankfully it's just a visual bug.

TP stands for "tech points", which you build up during combat to use techniques, while SP is "skill points" for use in the skill trees. Hopefully I didn't mix them up!

I haven't checked the dialogue in awhile, but I'm sure you're right about the typo with Ned. If I ever release another update I'll be sure to take a look at it!

No problem! I've  acknowledged at this point that my map/level design for Knight Bewitched was subpar, especially later in the game when I got a bit over-reliant on puzzles.

Fixing the maps up sooner than later could help boost sales for Knight Bewitched 2, so that's a good point. I'm satisfied with how it's selling at the moment (it's already almost outsold my previous big release, Knight Eternal, which came out almost a year ago), and since I'm still wrapped up in developing my next project, any major update to Knight Bewitched is unlikely until next year at the earliest.

If this is helpful at all, I've previously posted some puzzle solutions for Morgoth's Cave in the game's official thread on Aldorlea.  I have a solution to one of the block puzzles uploaded here and a solution to the bridge puzzle here.

On Knight Bewitched 2's hotsprings art, I'm surprised you feel that way about it, but I think I understand now that the artwork could give a false impression. I certainly didn't intend that since KB2 doesn't have any romance or sexual content. It was mostly intended to be fan service :)

If too many people are also feeling an odd impression from that art, I may end up removing it from the screenshot reel (it'll remain in-game, though).

Heya! Yeah, I don't follow Steam discussions unless I get notified somehow (like I did here!)

So the TL;DR answer is this: Maybe,  but if I do, it won't be for awhile yet, early-mid 2021 at the earliest.

I'm currently working on my 8th game, Celestial Hearts, which will have a story and setting much like Knight Bewitched's. I'm planning on running a small Kickstarter in late October to help crowdfund art illustrations and bonus content for it. 

If the Kickstarter is successful, I'm highly considering running another one to make a "Knight Bewitched Definitive Edition", which would have the same story but with added art illustrations, a complete revamp of most of the game's maps (including Morgoth's Cave for sure), and some added content to flesh out more relationships, Mac/Linux versions and -possibly, but unlikely- a Switch port.

I've often thought about updating the game anyway, but I've found that prior updates just haven't been financially lucrative (despite Stream having a system for helping promote game updates), and that my time is better spent making new games over updating older ones.

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What happens when you try to run the .exe file?

Edit: If you get a message saying "Windows protected your PC", you'll have to click "more info" and then click "Run anyway".  This is an extra layer of protection from Windows 10 that I can't do anything about (AFAIK). It's safe, but feel free to run it through a virus scanner if you'd like.

I imagine they'd fit in really well with a Nostalgia Sideview Battlers pack!

Bought this the moment I saw someone mention it on Twitter. I don't have a use for it right now, but I could see it fitting in with a game using the RPG2K3 graphics. 

I have two games released with your Nostalgia set, so I'm really excited to see you're still going at it!

Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it :)

Yep, you're right. I checked both puzzle rooms and realized one wasn't set up quite right, so this'll be fixed soon. The reward is a relic that grants lots of powerful skills, but certainly isn't needed to complete the game.

I'll make sure to upload a map of the forest temple when the game is released on Aldorlea. Thanks again for the feedback LadyJJ, and have a great day!

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Thanks for replying! I did not know about the puzzle room glitch. I'll have this fixed soon.

I've actually heard of the other glitch before with the keyboard freezing up - this one is indeed much harder to pin down as I've never encountered it myself. I'll be sure to keep an eye out if anyone reports a specific area this glitch happens in so I can fix it.

On obtaining the Grandmaster recipe, you'll need the previous three recipes found around the world. One is in a Temple in the air overworld, one in the Labyrinth under the sea, and the last is in a cave network underground - each one's location is marked on the maps in the miniguide. I went ahead and updated the miniguide with this information as well.

One last question if you don't mind, concerning the miniguide: do you feel like there's any additional maps I should add to it? I had a lot of requests for this on Knight Bewitched, so I'd like the guide to be as fleshed out as possible before its release on Aldorlea.

Thanks for playing LadyJJ! If you get a minute, could you run through the glitches you found to me? I'm aware of a few minor ones involving the shops and the guards in Arcadia, but it's always nice to know of any extras I can fix especially before the game is released on Aldorlea.

I'll be sure to put up some extra links to the miniguide - it's actually included in the game's files but I probably didn't make that clear in the installation. Anyway, the fourth and last game in the series, Astraea, should be released by the end of the year (might see about having it released on Aldorlea before other platforms this time), so keep an eye out!