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Thanks for replying! I did not know about the puzzle room glitch. I'll have this fixed soon.

I've actually heard of the other glitch before with the keyboard freezing up - this one is indeed much harder to pin down as I've never encountered it myself. I'll be sure to keep an eye out if anyone reports a specific area this glitch happens in so I can fix it.

On obtaining the Grandmaster recipe, you'll need the previous three recipes found around the world. One is in a Temple in the air overworld, one in the Labyrinth under the sea, and the last is in a cave network underground - each one's location is marked on the maps in the miniguide. I went ahead and updated the miniguide with this information as well.

One last question if you don't mind, concerning the miniguide: do you feel like there's any additional maps I should add to it? I had a lot of requests for this on Knight Bewitched, so I'd like the guide to be as fleshed out as possible before its release on Aldorlea.

There are two puzzle rooms in the Black Tower.  The southern room is the one with the glitch.  I don't think it affected the story or gameplay in any way.  Maybe there was a nice prize if solved, but it certainly wasn't anything vital as is the case with the north room.  Before I found the miniguide, there were areas I crudely mapped out by hand (land, air, sea) and was thrilled to see those maps in the mini-guide.  The only other place I felt the need to fully map was the forest temple in the Depths.  All that teleporting around.  :)  That would be a nice addition.  

It's the chemist recipe I seem to have missed.   I'll be sure to find it on my next go-around.

Yep, you're right. I checked both puzzle rooms and realized one wasn't set up quite right, so this'll be fixed soon. The reward is a relic that grants lots of powerful skills, but certainly isn't needed to complete the game.

I'll make sure to upload a map of the forest temple when the game is released on Aldorlea. Thanks again for the feedback LadyJJ, and have a great day!