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Heya! I bought your plugin and absolutely love it. It's a great change from the default battle transition.

I was wondering if you'd be willing to implement an option (hopefully compatible with VisuStella's Options Core) to revert to the default transition. I ask because, while it's a beautiful transition, it causes a *lot* of lag on lower-end PCs. 

I'm aware there's a script call to disable the transition for the current map, but having a simple option that disables the transition until it's re-enabled would be much simpler for users than implementing a setup to call the script every time the user enters a new map.


Hello there! 

Thank you very for your feedback. It's possible to do this. Right now I'm really busy, but I'm planning to do some updates at the end of this month. I will take in account your suggestion for sure.


Awesome! There's no rush. I'll keep an eye out for an update!