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Yeah, I understand you pain about that. This is the problem with Babylon (and with Three.JS too tbh) models loading follows strict rules. Tbh, I'm not sure how helping you for this specific issue as I'm not a 3D modeler, my best suggestion would be to examine working models (like Duck one) and trying making your or trying to get some help from BabylonJS community. 

However, thank you so much for your kind words about the plugin, that's much appreciated! 

Hello there, thank you for testing the plugin! BabylonJS can really be a pain in loading models, have you tried to see if the defaults models text in the examples works (the Duck and the Beretta M9). Moreover, are you using the version of BabylonJS used for developing the plugins (v4.0.3) or do you have updated it?

Great Visuals and atmosphere! Hoping to see more about this game ♥️

Yes, it is! I hope to release it when I'll complete the v1.0.1 version of the software. Thank you for your interest!

It would be possible to develop an app that Decrypt data with the LZSTRING library.

Hello there! 

Thank you very for your feedback. It's possible to do this. Right now I'm really busy, but I'm planning to do some updates at the end of this month. I will take in account your suggestion for sure.

Hello there!

Thank you for reporting! When I'll have time, I'll update a new version of the plugin :)

Glad to hear that, man!

Stay tuned for the new amazing plugins we're planning to release!

Thank you very much for the feedback!!


Thank you for the feedback! This issue has been reported by other customers, too! A new version of the plugin is already in development and relesead very soon. I will explain in detail why the transition seems slow and how it works the new parameter that I'm going to add <3

Hello! Thanks for the feedback!

And sure, it will be released a new version of the plugin containing a new parameter for handling the delays with shatter movements, too. This way, the transition can be faster :3

Thank you for your patience!

Hello there! Thank you for your feedback! 

Sure, It's possible to add something like you explained. I haven't thought about it due this game was an experiment for a game jam and I didn't have too much for optimizing it for other platforms. If in the future I'll have some time to come back on the code of the game, I will take in account your suggestion for sure.

Thank you! 

It's not a problem! 

Thank you so much for the support!

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There is an syntax error inside the script call. You have missed the double dots (:) after the variable declaration. Moreover, you have called the variable "option" but you have assigned to the method "options". So, it should work good if you correct the code this way: 

var options = {

placeholder: 'What is your name?',

max_characters: 10,

variable : 11



You have assigned variable 11, but you're calling in the variable "name" the variable of ID 5. The correct format would be : 

var name = $gameVariables.value(11)

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Hello there!

Thank you for reporting! Can you show me the settings you use for calling the window?

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Hello there! 

So, Yeah, gamepad control It's actually possible. Specifically, on the case on "event" inputs - that are mapped on the default "Ok" RMMV - it's pretty easy if you use plugins' like "GamepadConfig.js". 

On the other hand, if you're talking about model rotation and such, this would be a little different. As default, the Babylon's view is attached to mouse control (from BabylonJS API). You have two approaches : 

1. Use the default Rpg Maker MV input's class combining them with Babylon JS camera's control.

2. Using the "Gamepad Manager" API from Babylon JS.

However, if the gamepad's feature is a requested feature, when I'll have some time I'll try to do a plugin update supporting it!

Thank you very much!

Thank you so much for adding the game to the compilation!! :D

Thank you for your feedback, I'm really happy to know that you had fun playing the game! 

Thank you for the support!


Glad to hear that you enjoyed playing this <3

It's easy to get Ebi run away the first times, but when you catch here is really satisying!

Thank you for the support!

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Hello! Thank you for interest.

Babylon JS 3D engine potentially works on Android, too. However, this plugin is developed mainly for a Desktop use. So, I'm not really sure about the behavior on mobile's platform. 

Thank you!!

Yeah, Resident Evil and many other games where you find object and examine that. Glad that you like it!