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Great game, love the art. I think this time is a bit more difficult than the previous stage? It was quite hard for me this time around, but overall nice job, the game has a simple enough concept where you could easily expand and make it a bigger game!

Nice game, got me engaged for quite a while

My 2cents would be the movement: I was always trying to not move because at minimum to be out of range of the enemy I would have to spend 1 to rotate, 1 to move and 1 more to turn the turret into the enemy's direction. So I would just wait for the enemy to be in range and while waiting I would be healing. When the enemy was in range the only movement card I would use was the move forward to get in range. I didn't finish the game so I don't know if these cards might have been useful on later levels.

Besides from that it really got me hooked, I like these kind of games where you need to strategize to win :)

Nice game, I enjoyed it!

I think this could benefit from having hotkeys like pressing q,w, or e for damaging or any other interaction, it gets hectic clicking away to move and go back in range to click to damage

I also liked the story, good job

Nice entry! I like the concept is simple and easy to grasp.

The things I didn't like are ship controls feel sluggish/slow and the enemy bullets are also too slow, which could be personal preference

I think you are really close to release, by just adding juice I can visualize a really great game!

I think I have the same opinion as most people here, I went to play without reading anything and was lost and even thought that the game had a bug.

After reading a bit I switched to my controller and headphones (they are on mono) and I was still lost, I managed to score 100 once by kinda predicting that an enemy would spawn in a position close to me vertically, (I was assuming the Ikaruga like layout)

There are a bunch of assumptions I'm making like ship's velocity, enemy's velocity, enemy spawn position, ship's spawn position, do my projectiles or the enemy ones follow a target, or do they follow a direction? how long is my fire rate? does the ship has acceleration or not? these things I can't tell just by audio cues as I don't have a reference to draw front and visualize it

I think you got a great unique concept that if polished can be an amazing game, but right now it does require more design iterations to improve accessibility

This also reminded me of a talk I saw long ago about audio design in Overwatch, in case you haven't seen it: 

Thanks! really insightful feedback. Right now my focus is on ambiance and feel, honestly, I think that part is not my forte but again thanks your comment gave me a bit more motivation :)

Thanks!, the animal part is something to add a bit of spice to the building part but is not implemented yet. The ideation phase is here:

Concept looks visually amazing

Thanks for playing, after a level ends you can click restart and set a random or fixed "seed" which is a number (on the top left corner) that will make the tiles get removed in a random order given by that number.

Also, the game is kinda wonky, it was quickly made for a game jam so things might feel unpolished and incoherent.

Its a "hidden achievement", every level that it's finished without any clouds on screen grants a star

Look at the first screenshot, make a slight adjustment :)

Thanks for playing it!

Thank you :)

Subatomic wire is a path builder puzzle game where you are task with creating stable atoms by attracting electrons and protons to your nucleus. Play it here:

Yes, you are right, probably other areas could be different dreams but that would change the main theme. Thanks for playing!

Looking for a challenging and short puzzle game?

candy waterfall level

Run and jump over the clouds, avoid nightmares and eat lollipops before it's time to wake up!

Nice game, I wish the rocks would just roll down and killed enemies and not fade away in a few seconds.

Nice entry, I like the idea but I don't know if could work on mobile as it is because you use the mouse cursor to aim, for mobile you could do a hold and drag but them it would feel more like a catapult instead of quick Flingy :D

I like it, its very challenging to avoid bats while climbing, I wish it had more leniency to drop onto a platform and give them a whack!

Great entry! I only wish the text had a different color from the matched boxes, its hard to see the scoring.

Nice entry, I would like to be able to dodge instead of being locked to a position, at first I thought the controls were bugged out!

Nice entry, I like the idea, I think the bullets are too small, also usually when shooting towards an enemy thats near a button makes me press it (kinda frustating when its the pause)

Great game, with a little more balancing on the scoring and some polish would make a great mobile time waster :D

The quack sound is adorable!

The idea is great, I think it may be buggy? it said I could replenish rations by going to the kitchen but nothing happened. If it were more polished I could se myself losing hours micromanaging and exploring everything.

I love the presentation and the humour!

Very creative interpretation of the theme, good job!

Nice entry!, I like the juice on the knife attack

Elegant idea, hope this gets featured!. At first I don't know why thought the cat could catch the duck :D

I like the idea and the artstyle, I wish when the player moves to the border with no arrow, it would still move off the maze and be able to come around.

I like the artstyle, but the text is a little hard to read.

The artstyle looks adorable!, I wanted to pickup that cheese puffs at the end!

Loved the AI voice acting, one thing that bugged me was that the flappy bird and stack minigames have different keys, when the stack game appeared and space didn't work I thought I've broken the game D:

Nice game, I like it!, I wish I could see a preview of the level before starting.

Loved the idea, I wish the movement was a bit faster

Very original idea, I like it!

Nice game, I got stuck when the turret was introduced I could rotate it but it wouldn't shoot.

Thanks, I just found out what is causing it, avoid using the mouse on the menu

Thanks for playing, I missed the stream, but watched the replay. It made me realize a bug using mouse on the menu and the feedback was amazing! the floatiness of the player was 'intentional' I just prioritized something else. Again thank you!

Nice job, the artstyle is amazing, I wish the fish was easier to maneuver