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My main skill is game mechanics, game systems, I created an own RPG gamesystem using percentiles %. I also I'm a good plotter for story scripts. My mother language is spanish then I can't write final screen text. But I can think in characters, plot bows, lore concepts... etc

text based, not ASCII art. With MySQL you can have a register of players in same location, then they can interact, whisper, talk, shout, duel, pickpocket, trade, follow, examine, shot, push, hug, smile, kiss, giveaway, mentor, 

I have on mind a game. I only need the help of a web programmer PHP + HTML5 and maybe CSS.

A text only rogelike, Easy to get an Alpha. Much work to get a Beta. After that therefore we support the game will be an "always in progress"

I have so much working capability. I need to work in a team.

Hi Kyle I have many ideas about starting concepts, game mechanics, game systems, etc

I can translate from english to spanish and catalán.

I have many ideas about game rules and stats.

Escribo un excelente español, sé redactar.

I'm a good plotter. I used to read thousands of books...

Hola mi nombre es jose, si necesitais ideas yo tengo muchas muy buenas