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[Sound Designer] [Beginner] Looking to join a game jam project.

A topic by YourTransistor created Jun 28, 2017 Views: 263 Replies: 6
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I'm a beginner sound designer looking to build experience by joining a team to make a game for fun like in a game jam. 

I'm also new to game jams and haven't found any clear cut guide on how to get started. I don't have a portfolio yet but here are some links to sci-fi weapon sound design I have done.

Used: subtractive synthesis and sampling.



Hi Kyle I have many ideas about starting concepts, game mechanics, game systems, etc

Cool! What's your main skill? Dev, art, etc?

My main skill is game mechanics, game systems, I created an own RPG gamesystem using percentiles %. I also I'm a good plotter for story scripts. My mother language is spanish then I can't write final screen text. But I can think in characters, plot bows, lore concepts... etc


So would you say you are a developer?


Our current dev just dropped out. If you are interested in developing and designing our game you can join the discord channel and introduce yourself -