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We are a team of 8 and our original developer unfortunately had to drop out and now we are in need of someone to replace him. We have most of the basic concept hammered out for the title yet still need designing for puzzles and writing for story.

This is for Pixel Horror Jam 2017 which runs from July 1st to October 31st.

You can join our discord channel to find out more -

Our current dev just dropped out. If you are interested in developing and designing our game you can join the discord channel and introduce yourself -

So would you say you are a developer?

Cool! What's your main skill? Dev, art, etc?

Yes we are looking for an artist. Discord channel is here -
We are brainstorming concepts right now.


 I'm a non-pro sound designer looking to get experience and projects for my portfolio. I would love to join up if that's okay with you.

Here are some examples of what I can do:

Sci-fi weapon sfx. The sounds are mostly made using subtractive synthesis with layered audio. I can make make sounds straight synth if needed.

This would be my first game jam.


Gotcha. I'd prefer to work on a team so I can focus on sound effects and not music. Thanks!


I'm a beginner sound designer looking to build experience by joining a team to make a game for fun like in a game jam. 

I'm also new to game jams and haven't found any clear cut guide on how to get started. I don't have a portfolio yet but here are some links to sci-fi weapon sound design I have done.

Used: subtractive synthesis and sampling.



By sound track do you mean exactly? Is that just music or does it include sound effects?


I'm a newbie sound designer looking to get started on making some games. I have zero under my belt so far. 

I registered and signed up for this jam, but how exactly do I go about getting on a team?