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Well done! The game is really fun and you  even made different ground types. 

The only problem I had, is that sometimes it would take a really long time for the dice to stop bouncing. 

Fun game and well implemented mechanic. But if you roll a "one" during the middle of the action, you basically have no chance and die instantly.

This game looks and plays great. Really interesting take on the theme. My only complaint would be, that once you know the chips, it's quite easy to win against the computer. Well done!

Really fun game and the visuals are cute and simple. A replay button would've been nice, because having to refresh the page is a bit odd. Also the controls feel a bit weird, but I don't really know how you could improve that. Anyways, great entry!

Thanks! I'm glad you had fun.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for playing!

What was your exploit, if I might ask?

How did you manage to make all the art for this in such a short time :O Crazy, amazing work!

For some reason all the enemies disappeared after some while. I think they got killed by the spikes and then there was nothing really left to do. Still I liked the little roll animations you gave them. Also I like the fact that the game plays on a poker table, because we did the same thing! Nice entry.

Great visuals. The jumping is a bit tricky though, a preview of where the "dice" will jump, could've been helpful. For example by showing a trajectory. Also you can basically skip everything by jumping in the air, which was probably not intentional. Still a great little game!

For me this was the best game I've played in this jam so far. I really enjoyed it. Also the little dice in the top right was a great help.

Some things that could be improved in a post jam version though:

  • I think one time the rotator got bugged and I had to restart the level.
  • Add an option to go back to the menu and maybe skip a level that way.
  • Don't clear the level after a collision.

Great work!

I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for playing!

Cool concept and the execution is good. But I felt like the puzzles were really hard.

(1 edit)

One idea how you could prevent something like that in future games (or maybe in a post jam version) is to make the first run not truly random or even give some buffs.

Accidentally presses spacebar ... hmm what's this, free upgrades!

Really cool game, it's something I've never seen before and quite creative. Also the visuals are really clean.

Really nice visuals. Interesting take on the theme, some kind tower defense. The execution is great! A keybind to roll the dice would've been nice, like "r" for example (I just read some of the other comments and other people have mentioned this already :) ).

After my first run I was like "hmm is this it?". I had some weird slow character that couldn't really shoot. But then when I played again for a few runs, they were all completely different. One time I had a really OP setup. Cool idea and the execution is really fun. The game has that "one more run" kind of feel.

The art looks really nice and I like the little animations the enemies and the player have. But I feel like the gameplay is a bit too slow, it takes quite some time to be able to buy something in the shop.

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing!

I'm glad you liked the game. I'll make sure to check out yours too.

I'm glad you liked the game. Adding a proper health system had to be cut due to the limited time sadly. Thanks for playing! 

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you liked the game.

Cool concept. It was nice that the game got harder as you went higher in the tower. But for me the game ended after 10 rooms or so and I don't think I got hit by an enemy. I really liked the way the dice were thrown physically, instead of just generating a random number.

I think once the jam is over you could extend on this game with character upgrades and certain dice combinations causing special events.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Cute little game that looks nice. Maybe the camera could've been zoomed out a bit more, because you can't really see what is in front of you, when going down.

Cookie  Dice Clicker
Neat little idea and the execution is clean.

Neat game idea. But the controls are honestly a bit confusing.

I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

I'll probably not update this prototype. But I might use some of the army mechanics in a future game, if I can find a way to make it run at a low framerate with even more units.

Thanks, I think it is. But I hope your comment does not spoil it for others now ^^

Hey. Thanks for giving it a seconds chance! Unity games tend to be laggy in the browser, especially with post processing.

Hey thanks for your feedback. Although the triangle is not fully symmetrical on all sides (the back side has a small dent), I can see that the controlls can be frustrating. It would have maybe been better I A and D would just be right and left on the map and the triangle rotates automatically.

Thank you for your feedback.

Whoops, forgot to do that. It's there now.

Ok, you can now use the arrow keys to shoot in HexaGlitcher.

I agree that aiming with arrow keys or something like this would make it easier to play without mouse. I'll look into it and maybe add both control methods in the newer game "HexaGlitcher". 

I'm glad you liked my game, even though I don't understand a single word in your video. ^^

Sadly I had to make the source code private because my game was/is getting uploaded on many websites without any permission.