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I'll probably not update this prototype. But I might use some of the army mechanics in a future game, if I can find a way to make it run at a low framerate with even more units.

Thanks, I think it is. But I hope your comment does not spoil it for others now ^^

Hey. Thanks for giving it a seconds chance! Unity games tend to be laggy in the browser, especially with post processing.

Hey thanks for your feedback. Although the triangle is not fully symmetrical on all sides (the back side has a small dent), I can see that the controlls can be frustrating. It would have maybe been better I A and D would just be right and left on the map and the triangle rotates automatically.

Thank you for your feedback.

Whoops, forgot to do that. It's there now.

Ok, you can now use the arrow keys to shoot in HexaGlitcher.

I agree that aiming with arrow keys or something like this would make it easier to play without mouse. I'll look into it and maybe add both control methods in the newer game "HexaGlitcher". 

I'm glad you liked my game, even though I don't understand a single word in your video. ^^

Sadly I had to make the source code private because my game was/is getting uploaded on many websites without any permission.

If you play the game on full screen, it should be possible to see cars on the top right. 

I already tried to deactivate the spawning of policecars, while a train is on the map. But policecars can spawn before the trains spawn. But I think I have a solution for this problem and I will update the game soon.