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Aah, I can see another fellow dice hater here. I do like blue dice though. :) Thanks for the comment!

Thanks! Your game looks pretty good as well. I´m gonna try it when I get a chance.

Wow! Thank you for such a nice compliment!

ooh, really nice score. I can´t even get that high haha. Thank you!

Thanks! Also thank you for playing all of these games live. You´re really putting a smile on so many people´s faces.

Thank you! 



Thank you, that´s super cool to hear. Nice score!

Thanks! There is actually a difficulty curve (more enemies spawn the higher your score is) but I agree that I could do a lot more with it. I wanted more types of enemies but I kind of ran out of time.

Thank you! Your game is a pretty cool take on the concept as well. Also very brave of you to use 3d haha, I wouldn´t even dare in a 48 hour jam.


Thank you! Yeah the random number thing was something I was considering. In the end I thougt it was way more fun to give the player control over his number.

Thanks, I wanted to do like a red effect on the borders when you take damage but I didn´t really have time. Should I ever update the game that´s the first thing I will add.

Thank you!

Thanks! Multikill was kind of a glitch at first. But I thought it was super cool and fit the concept.

Thank you!

Wow! Really polished game. I accidentally discovered the interactable objects and they are the coolest part of the game for me. All of the animations are super nice and killing enemies feels really good. REALLY nice game, great job!

Really nice game, especially for being made in only a day. I like how you can use the collisions between the dice in your advantage. The coolest part for me is being able to kill with the king when he's moving. This also poses a bit of a balance issue though, as the game becomes pretty easy if you just spam dice at the king. Maybe different types of enemies can fix this. You could easily release this as a cool mobile game if you polish it up a bit. Nice work!

Although this type of game is quite common in the jam, I actually really like this one. It's really original that the number on the dice actually matters which makes it some kind of candy crush game. The music is really nice and the game feels really polished and smooth. The ice cubes are a nice spin on the concept. Also big plus for being able to rotate the camera. Nice game!

I think the gameplay itself is kind of boring, but the whole concept of tinkering with your ods is really cool in my opinion. I think it would work well if the fights itself were more sped up and maybe even automated, and if you flesh out the whole assigning values system. There's definetely a lot of potential in this concept. Nice job! Yeah babyyyyy

Concept is cool. At first I thought the jump height was just random but it actually scales up the more you run which is way cooler. Even though the game was a bit janky and needs some polishing I still think it was good. I would get rid of those blue doors though, the only hold the player back and don't really add anything. Overall though good job!

Cool game! The concept is very nice and I like that you can place the blocks anywhere in the scene. Maybe for future versions I would make the game go faster by making the dice roll in the background or something. Love the polished feel!

Luckily, I was able to steal my moms credit card for this.

Game is pretty cool. Killing enemies here feels so good with that trail and those particles. I would just also make it so that you see some kind of damage ui when you hit (especially for those special abilities). Like just a little number that pops up. Overall though, very cool!

Even though the game is unfinished, this could be a great casual game if you make the point system balanced. Here's a few ideas:

- Maybe you could make the level vertical so you can spread the enemies out way more (spending points could make the level longer so it becomes harder)

- Maybe you could make it so that the player can also earn points during the game instead of having a fixed amount.

- Currently there's not really a reason to not spend all of your points (but there could be a ton of ways to fix this)

Again, cool project and good job!

I've seen this kind of puzzle game a lot already, but I really like the spin you put on it with this game.  I think this kind of story/puzzle game could really work if you find a more interesting puzzle mechanic to tie to it. Cool project!

I think the game is pretty fun to play. It's cool that the terrain is random. Killing enemies feels really good with those animations.

If I would work more on this, I would just give the player a little bit more time and a health bar or something (so that you can't get screwed by the timer but the game is still difficult).

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Cool concept, I think it just needs some more polish on the collision detection. I like the use of the different seasons to change the map, that's a neat idea.  I like the artstyle a lot, reminds me of animal crossing.

The world generation is really cool. The bombs feel satisfying to use. The arrows do get a bit stuck on the terrain sometimes.

Cool puzzle game, nice take on the rollig cube concept. The difficulty curve is really steep though.

Nice game, really well polished. I do feel like the game would be more fun if you removed the clicking on the die to roll it and just roll automatically.  The different types of enemies were really cool.

Fun game! Would maybe have been nicer if the progression was a bit faster but overall really cool.

Hi everyone

Devil's advocate is a short chatting simulator about causing as much chaos as possible between your contacts. You have to complete every task given by the devil himself in order to lower your heaven rating and get into hell.

This game was made for Brackeys game jam 2021.2, but was unfortunately not submitted in time. I would love it if you could give it a try anyways! It's only about 20 minutes long. I just started making games, so any feedback will be much appreciated.

Play the game here

Thanks for your feedback! We'll try not to overscope next time :).