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Hey, looks like this is your first gamejam. Congrats on submitting in time and finishing a project! The devlog seems pretty detailed, which is cool, and it looks like you learnt a lot of stuff, which is even cooler. 

Here's some of my feedback on the game just from an "average gamer" standpoint:

  • Having to click on the ui in the top right is really annoying. I wish I could just press the number keys or something.
  • The most optimal way to play is just spamming the clouds. I think that, from a game design standpoint, something needs to be done to prevent that (the only thing preventing it right now is the fact that I constantly need to reselect it in the ui).
  • The different types of enemies are really cool, I especially love the motorcycle guy because he sort of changes up the way to play (plants are more effective against him).
  • Killing enemies felt pretty nice (I like the way they fall apart)

Here's some feedback from a dev standpoint:

  • It takes a certain amount of balls to go for a grid based game with placable tiles on your first game jam game, and I respect that.
  • I can't stress enough how cool it is that you learnt so many things, keep doing this and you will def improve.
  • A bit more technical: some of your pixel art doesn't quite line up right. Pixel art is quite tricky in that the resolution is set once the art is created, and you can't rescale it. So for the next project, make sure to find a suitable resulotion for the art and then create it all in the correct scale from the start. (Actually, our game is guilty of it too a little bit). I think line art is actually easier for beginners then pixel art, so I would definetely give that a try as well.

I know there's a lot of "negative sounding feedback" here, but I hope it can help for the next projects. I can't stress enough how cool it is that you've completed a project and submitted on time and even created a cool devlog. A lot of people don't get to that point. Overall, great job and keep it going!

Cool, thanks! My friend Gust had never made a game before but I was really impressed with both his art and music skills and how he immedeately grasped certain concepts that are unique to doing game art. He was also really open to feedback and applied it well. Couldn't have wished for a better teammate tbh.

Thank you! We never had much trouble with the mouse movement during development, but after playtesting with other people we noticed that some of them really struggled. I think the collisions on the clicking should be a little bit more leanient. Will definitely update after the jam ends :)

Wow, thank you for the nice feedback! What you point out is indeed correct, I think the hitboxes on the flying butterflies in the dungeon are too small. This is especially noticable for the green and red ones. I will definitely increase their size once voting has ended.

Really cool game! I had fun playing it. Here is some of my feedback:

  • The assigning of roles felt a bit disconnected from the dialogue gameplay. It felt like there was a purrfect or an optimal way to play (just picking the cat with the highest skill for each task). Maybe ceryail choices could influence skill per day etc. (Ofc. I understand it´s a limited scope)
  • I really liked the different dialogue choices and how the cats reacted to them. I also liked that it influenced the mood of the cats so they had some gameplay significance.
  • The different personalities and relation ships :) between the cats were really fun!
  • The fact that you could name your own cat was a nice touch. 

Cool little game! Many chickens have fallen. I think this could be one of the greatest mobile timewasters ever.

Hey, the jam looks really cool! I will definetely take a look at it and submit the game. Thank you for checking it out.

This game was really nice. I love how you tell a very real story through a fictional world. The characters are written nicely and the gameplay is integrated into the story. The art is really good. I loved the boss fight at the end. Well done!

Hey, I really liked this game! It was short but sweet. Your teacher must be amazing haha. The voice lines were great, and the gameplay was actually pretty fun.

I really liked the dual purpose mechanic of the club throwing. Using it to kill enemies but then also using it to interact with the level is really clever design. I think an improvement to it could be that you can also debug with it, so everything is done with the club.

I liked the old school feel of the game, and the visuals were pretty coherent. I also loved the crunch machine at the end.

The mech part was a bit weird to me because it didn't really have a big challenge to it yet I still kept taking damage. I think what you could've done there is just make the enemies appear from the front or something to make it more skill based and to stop the player from taking random damage. Still though, it's really impressive that you managed to get basically an entirely different game into the main game, and it worked well as a refreshing variation.

Overall, really well done!

Hey, thanks for playing the game!

This story is actually really well translated into a game. The general art style of the game really fits the story. I love the fact that you actually got your dad to narrate the game, it ads such a personal touch to it. The little interactive segments in between the dialogue add some fun gameplay to it. 

For the narration though, I would actually do it in way smaller blocks of text instead of really big blocks (since I don't know the language and I couldn't really follow the narration). I understand it's a game jam though so what you did was a perfectly viable option. 

Good game. Well done!

By the way, the title is great too. One of the first games I clicked on just because of the title. It really captured my attention.

I really liked the way this game looks. I think this could be a really cool way to tell a story. I don't fully know what your original plan was for the story and I'm kind of intrigued from the vibe alone (which is a really good thing :) ). 

It looks really promising, it's a shame you weren't able to finish it the way you wanted. I would really consider finishing this after the jam.  Good job!

Hey, thanks for playing the game! I'm all for getting more people to play the game, so a translation would be super cool. I'm only a student though, so I don't really have a big budget for it. 

Thanks for the nice comment, and thank you for playing.

Thanks for playing! 

It indeed wasn't always easy to make, especially when working on the ending. It does feel super rewarding though to have it finally out there for people to play.  

Thank you, Thomas! 

Wow! Thanks for taking the time to write this amazing feedback on the game. I'm glad you liked it.

Great! I loved that you grow up during the poem without ever explicitly telling it. Fantastic writing! 

I really liked this game and the use of the theme in it. The concept can definetely be expanded upon with some polish and extra levels. I liked the resource gathering during the level, it gave me a reason to explore, although I did feel like 3 minutes was a bit short and I never actyually got to the coolest upgrades.

I liked that every room of the stage was designed differently and had a unique problem to solve to get the resources.

The boss itself is really cool, and I like that it uses the attacks that you learn during the stage (like the shockwave and slime enemies). The music during the fight is also very nice. 

Also, I feel like the game is rather hard and unforgiving, especially because you respawn all the way back at the beginning of a stage. I think hearts should be able to be crafted with a seperate resource, because every time I healed, I didn't have enough resources to upgrade the gun.

All in all, I think you can see this game as a big win, very cool!

Aah, I can see another fellow dice hater here. I do like blue dice though. :) Thanks for the comment!

Thanks! Your game looks pretty good as well. I´m gonna try it when I get a chance.

Wow! Thank you for such a nice compliment!

ooh, really nice score. I can´t even get that high haha. Thank you!

Thanks! Also thank you for playing all of these games live. You´re really putting a smile on so many people´s faces.

Thank you! 



Thank you, that´s super cool to hear. Nice score!

Thanks! There is actually a difficulty curve (more enemies spawn the higher your score is) but I agree that I could do a lot more with it. I wanted more types of enemies but I kind of ran out of time.

Thank you! Your game is a pretty cool take on the concept as well. Also very brave of you to use 3d haha, I wouldn´t even dare in a 48 hour jam.


Thank you! Yeah the random number thing was something I was considering. In the end I thougt it was way more fun to give the player control over his number.

Thanks, I wanted to do like a red effect on the borders when you take damage but I didn´t really have time. Should I ever update the game that´s the first thing I will add.

Thank you!

Thanks! Multikill was kind of a glitch at first. But I thought it was super cool and fit the concept.

Thank you!

Wow! Really polished game. I accidentally discovered the interactable objects and they are the coolest part of the game for me. All of the animations are super nice and killing enemies feels really good. REALLY nice game, great job!

Really nice game, especially for being made in only a day. I like how you can use the collisions between the dice in your advantage. The coolest part for me is being able to kill with the king when he's moving. This also poses a bit of a balance issue though, as the game becomes pretty easy if you just spam dice at the king. Maybe different types of enemies can fix this. You could easily release this as a cool mobile game if you polish it up a bit. Nice work!

Although this type of game is quite common in the jam, I actually really like this one. It's really original that the number on the dice actually matters which makes it some kind of candy crush game. The music is really nice and the game feels really polished and smooth. The ice cubes are a nice spin on the concept. Also big plus for being able to rotate the camera. Nice game!

I think the gameplay itself is kind of boring, but the whole concept of tinkering with your ods is really cool in my opinion. I think it would work well if the fights itself were more sped up and maybe even automated, and if you flesh out the whole assigning values system. There's definetely a lot of potential in this concept. Nice job! Yeah babyyyyy