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of course seconds later I found it, I hadn't set "Kind of project" correctly. 

I'm trying to set up a new page with a P5JS game.

I made a zip file which has an index.html in the root, (<1 MB, all paths relative, short filenames, etc...).

WhenI upload the file, no embed options appear on the edit page, or I'm looking in the wrong place.

What am I doing wrong?

Worked on my M1 through the Desktop App, it takes care of some signing issues.

potato went in house

never came out, was stuck at 4/10 forever :(

what can you do to prevent your soil from becoming weeds randomly when something is growing in it? 

took me a while to figure out how but I got it now :) press the $ button!

is there any way to influence the weed => coin drop rate? Like do bigger weeds drop more coins? Or is it just random?

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We've hooked up Bulter to our Jenkins server, and it pushes an automated build into our private (password protected) itch page for playtesting and QA.

Currently, builds are about 1GB, and it looks like patches are calculated locally and often less than 1% of that actually gets transmitted. On average it's probably 10 to 20 times a day during office hours. 

I think the likely answer is that this is so little on the scale of the entire domain, that it doesn't matter. Still I want to make sure we're staying with in terms of use, and general acceptable policies, but I couldn't find any hard numbers on that. 

Are there any limits (reasonable, ethical, legal) I should be aware of?

I think I figured it out. wasn't super obvious I could buy the humble beginnings multiple times but I'm very smart so I figured it out on my own and don't need any help thank you fun game

how do I grow a berry bush?

thank you for alerting, I logged in as glitchnap and commented as well

I love doing business

NUTS community · Posted in Furst!

thanks Ivan, you're always first in my heart

thank you for reporting!

I'm looking into fixing it now.

the voice of Nina is Almut Schwacke, who also composed the music and did the sound design of the game. A lot of people make the BMO comparison and it doesn't bother us really, but it's not the same person and the similarities are a coincidence (as far as I know BMO does not have a German accent?).

sick wil try

beep boop still crashes the same way on v1.5 - played again just now.

macbook doesn't have individual left/right mouse buttons fyi so I had to quit playing - great game tho

super fun but keeps crashing on the level with the 2 goblin kings (finished it twice) and it doesn't unlock the next one. 

ik ben gered!

it's a good game ruben

it's kind of the survival/basebuilding game I've been wanting to make just for myself for a long time, and now I don't have to :)

also really feels like the first 10 mins of an age of empires game which is the best part

Made a fully closed off base, with a maze-like entrance, and the pathfinding seemed to really not like that. Ended up freezing and losing my save :(

Only complaining cause I really like it and want to play more <3 

there's a bug (or cheat) where the well irrigates a farm even when it's not done building. I did have a mining camp, but it had 0/15 stone and still irrigated a nearby farm.

love the game but I very often get stuck in the death-loop when 2 or 3 skeletons have just entered my encampment and repeat-slaughter my villagers which then causes them to starve. 

please add a pause button (or tell me what it is)

can I put the mining camp anywhere?

do I need a well to replenish farms? or are they single use

the macos build has some strange mouse behaviour that makes the game unplayable to me. It's looks fine, but when I move the mouse it shakes the whole screen.

I mean unplayable due to framerate

it's unplayable on my 2017 macbook pro with Radeon graphics card , presumably because it runs at native resolution. Having a way to set resolution would be nice because I'd really love to try it :)

and when I download it I get this 

the macos version isn't tagged as macos so it doesn't work in the itch app


sweet, I found it now!

how do I get knights? I built a castle, but knight doesn't show up as a duty

what's the command for jumping when you're holding onto a ledge? Dragging + lmb doesn't work (only rotates the camera) (on macos)

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I can help you debug if you want <3