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the macos build has some strange mouse behaviour that makes the game unplayable to me. It's looks fine, but when I move the mouse it shakes the whole screen.

I mean unplayable due to framerate

it's unplayable on my 2017 macbook pro with Radeon graphics card , presumably because it runs at native resolution. Having a way to set resolution would be nice because I'd really love to try it :)

and when I download it I get this 

the macos version isn't tagged as macos so it doesn't work in the itch app


sweet, I found it now!

how do I get knights? I built a castle, but knight doesn't show up as a duty

what's the command for jumping when you're holding onto a ledge? Dragging + lmb doesn't work (only rotates the camera) (on macos)

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I can help you debug if you want <3

The MacOS version has similar problems, it's just red in those 3 corners for me :(

A 5 minute story adventure game about a sheep lost in the highlands.

it's tagged for Linux, and I can't get it to work

yeah it works now, and I finished it in one sitting :)

though for some reason I have to launch Unity OSX games multiple times before they work (having the same problem with a game called Second Earth). but after 2 tries it worked fine!

Thanks! I was very interested in this game as I'm exploring perspective/camera mechanics in my game NUTS myself. Very inspiring. 

ps: Tell Paolo I said hi ;)

(It's also only 22 bytes so I think the archive is corrupt)

Hi, I can't get the Mac version to unpack, could you try re-uploading?

what is skill used for?

what does it mean if a weapon puts a C or D next to one of your stats?

I love it! 

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Thank you! The squirrel picks one of 10 paths to take, so there's some replay value, but yeah, I'm working on it :)

Hey, I'm sorry about this but I don't run Linux anywhere so I can't debug this :(

I had one person running Ubuntu confirm that it works and I left it there. Sorry about that and I hope to get it fixed in the future. I made some new builds and maybe they work?

yeah I will add some basic UI for sensitivity and quitting soon, thank you for playing :)

working on it! thanks for playing :)

Hey all, I just realized that I had comments turned off by accident, meaning I missed a chance to get feedback from a large amount of players and supporters  :(. If you see this and played the game, please leave a message. It means a lot! And donate if you can, as it is helping me to justify spending more time on this :)

I intend to completely ignore deadlines and keep working on this, hope that's cool. If you people prefer me to stop posting just let me know ;)

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I finally cracked the Soft Landscapes color code.

It was tricky to combine paralax, color blending, gradual color change, deterministic randomness... but I did it this morning.

Since the change is gradual, I make a quick hack that can skip 100 levels at a time, this is the result of that

next step I want to add some fog. I did this small experiment last night when I had completely given up on color (couldn't get them to work)

Fog and maybe an overall very light gradient, as well as prevention from too dark colors, are next up.

The water will either be it's own version of this algorithm, or a continuation.. I'm not sure yet


I live in Iceland, and am learning Icelandic, and 'Ama' is Icelandic for Grandmother, so I got a bit confused :).

Excited about this :)

Haven't really decided. will rewrite the current system. I think I might make a 'wavy bottom floor' so that it doesn't always just look like a rectangular field

the fish is still placeholder. The fisher is a free 3d animated model that I found somewhere, with a free fishing animation, and I hope to find a free (or cheap) 3D fish that I can use in the same way.

I have a list of easter eggs in my mind, like level 3254 there would be 20 fishes (but as soon as you get one you advance), and in another level the fish could swing around violently...

Been working on the background generation. It's impossible to get the exact "Soft landscapes" effect with paralax, but I think I can come close.

It will take several passes/reworks to get the feel that I want, but here's how it looks after the first try.

The mountains are deterministic, meaning that I can go from level 1 to 100, take a screenshot, kill the app/stop playing and it will load up level 100 looking the same (not based on any save data other than the number 100). That took a while to wrap my head around (especially with paralax, guuuuh) but it's in now.

Current issue is that the random functions aren't cross platform deterministic. Trying to find a way around that.

cool simple concept, can see this being fun with proper level design :)

I'm looking for a name btw...

yeah, this game for me is all about nailing that sweetspot of 'a game I can play while watching TV without getting too distracted', and at the same time not just re-making Desert Golfing.

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I'm making a mobile game as a tribute to Desert Golfing (mobile game) and Soft Landscapes (Twitter art bot).
Desert Golfing:
Soft Landscapes:

I created this sketch on Oct. 17

I started working on it on Oct. 19, and wanted to test out rope physics and buoyancy. Was super happy with the results, and have been obsessing over the wave generator since. It's an interesting problem, especially since I need to be able to deterministically load any level, but I don't want it to be repetitive.

I really want to do something small, but very polished.

Here's what it looks like after a week of after-hours-ing:

Big todos:

- soft landscape background
- similar but less invasive water background
- UI (pretty minimal but still)
- persistence (should also be easy)
- polish effects: boat rocking during transition, waves behind boat, ...
- sound & music

Some ideas I have:

- everything besides the core game should be somewhat hidden
- 2 player mode (2 boats opposite, left/right hand of screen controls player, there's 1 fish...)
- Secret fishes/jellyfishes/objects that are collectible and will show as little icons in the border, but can also be missed and will never return ;)
- Game Center/high scores at 1000 (like desert golfing)