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When Rogue Legacy had a son with Super Meat Boy. Very well designed, not so adherent to the theme (one dinastic line, yeah, a bit of a stretch for this theme though), even less original.

(is there a reference to Jackfilms? I mean, John Douglass...)

This must be a finalist. Again, when it ended, i wanted more. Well-designed, loved the stealth mechanics, loved the one bullet thing, loved the story. You go man!

i heard people complaining about getting lost, but that is a thing i loved. I mean you're in a desert right? it's normal to get lost. I only gave 4 stars on Adherence because yeah it's only one desert but it's a bit of a stretch. Dunno, not conviced about it. The game is great though.

Hell yeah. This should be a finalist. When I finished it, i wanted to play more. I would buy a full game.

The only teeny tiny thing that it's a bit annoying it's that the character moves slowly at times, but I think it was made on purpose to push the player at using the shard. Maybe in the full game you could add power-ups that make the player faster, in the style of Hollow Knight. Great, great idea.

Surely adherent to the theme,  nice hand-drawn characters, very original names, although it misses  the depth of a real rpg, you come back to the same city and you fight monsters and that's it.  It's a well-made game indubitably, but I couldn't really play it for more than 10/15 minutes without getting bored.

Surely a nice try, maybe a bit of polish around graphics (comic sans much?) and music (i just killed a blue circle, why do i still feel the void inside me? oh yeah, it's the sound of silence) would have made it feel better, although it's true that it's the mechanics that matter. The theme it's... okay; i mean it's one dot with one life. I didn't feel the winter though, sounds to me just an excuse to make a cultural reference, it's nice, but I think it's accessory to the game. After all I had fun, but you could've submitted it as a browser game and it would have been better for both you and your players.

first thing: why is this game not a browser game? it's a waste of your resources and ours. Secondly: I played for twenty minutes without ever seeing an enemy, it's nice that you have to control everything with 3 components (which by the way are hard to move around, often it will place it on the floor and not in the socket), but it isnt nice that you dont know what you're doing. It would have been a lot more fun if there weren't boundaries and the ship was a lot smaller, giving the possibility to see enemies (which should fire on sight, not from the other side of the map). The had drawn graphics were cute, not very "spacey" though. Concluding, please don't name a zip file "windows" and a gamefile "game", it sounds a lot like a virus.

Not very adherent to the theme, i mean, one what? one crocs? a bit poor i'd say. The design is flawed, it was nice to make it pixelated but those attempts at 3D (like the floor) were really uncalled for and frankly a minus for the gameplay. The controls are terrible, if you jump badly you start spinning and no I/O button can fix that, you should weight the croc better, like a toast that falls most of the times on the jam side. The jump feels mechanical, some sprite or animation would make it feel better, hell you made a game with crocs, you could animate it a bit. Also the frontal collisions with the furniture will end the game and that's a flaw in my opinion. last thing, I don't understand why you didnt develop it like a browser game, i mean it's only originality it's the crocs, why bother developing it in unity?

I really liked the game mechanics, even the limitations are well thought, although the game sounds like hundreds of mobile games (that's why I gave 4 stars on originality), and i found the battery recharge mechanic very unclear, therefore a detriment for the design, as it was the monotony of the game. My advice to fix these two problems (if you intend to) it's 1- to color things that recharge the battery the same as the battery icon, also some kind of "recharging" effect around those element would help 2- to generate casually the enviroment, after a couple of games you can already forsee many things, and to me it would be much more important to master the mechanic than to master the "map" 3- its a one button game, why did you put in the tutorial?