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The sale is ending tomorrow! Better hurry and get it while you still can! Also, this will be counting towards getting your name in my game! Check out this link for more info: and buy the game here!

Better act fast! ONLY 6 SLOTS LEFT!


I will add YOUR names to my game in the form of graffiti around the in-game skate park!

The first 10 people who buy my game will have their names put in the game for display, guaranteed! If you want to enter, then please read the rules and instructions:


1. Buy the game here for any price: Skate Dude by Joeysquatch12 (

2. Comment the following on this post:

a. Your name, and 

b. your account email.

If you want to, you can make your own custom graffiti and put a screenshot of it in the comment, but it’s completely optional.

3. Wait for your prize! I will need time to update the game. I need to add your names, save the game, package it and upload it!


1. Be patient. As I said above, I will need to update the game, as well as wait for people to fill the slots. If it takes too long, I will update the game while waiting for more people to enter.

2. Bookmark and subscribe to this post. It will help you locate it faster and stay up to date.


4. No spamming me, giving me inappropriate names, or lying.

5. Donations do count for entering, but they won't matter. I will only put your name in the game, even if you pay extra. (I would still appreciate it though!)



I hope to see your names submitted soon!


Oh I thought pico8 was a joke that they made up! Thanks for the reply.

This is awesome! I found out it’s extremely satisfying when you slowly lower the bat on a vase.

Did you make this in unity? If so how did you achieve the pixelation effect on the graphics, while still keeping it 3d?

You can even try it now:


SAME! So far it looks like this:

And the floor, walls and ceilings (Not the brick wall though) use a your pack! I just used an image pixelator to lower the resolution. Thank you!

Dude I'm making a Doom (Ms DOS) styled game in unity. I will for sure see if these fit, I have been looking for something like this! Thanks!

Up up down down left right left right b a start. In the old NES shooter contra entering that on the start screen would give you thirty extra lives.

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This is taking too long.

So far, only three people have bought my game. Because of this, I am updating it soon to put their graffiti in it. However, if you also want your name in it, then you need to go here: GET YOUR NAME IN MY GAME! - Release Announcements - And I for sure will be putting your name in your game, it just needs to happen before the slots are taken!

Skate Dude by Joeysquatch12 (


NOTICE: You may have to press F11 (Or FN+F11 on laptops) to enter Fullscreen without aspect ratios.

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When I first made Skate Dude, I'm not gonna lie: It was TRASH.

I used a paint tool to make sloppy, hand-drawn sprites. I only put three tricks in the game. IT HAD NO DANG ANIMATION! Skate Dude was the first game I had ever made, and nobody ever took notice of it. Then I looked back at it, and thought, "This game needs a total redo!" After that, it improved. Bigtime. I added more tricks, completely remade the graphics, and made interactable objects. It wasn't just a picture of a skatepark with a little stick figure slowly moving around, occasionally doing one of the few tricks possible. I turned it into a game. 

Not only did I keep the three tricks, but I added more. Now you have the ability to handplant on a quarter pipe, bluntslide on a rail, and BACKFLIP off of a ramp! Recently (Remember the game is still new!) I added an ollie animation. An entire ollie. And I'm a single working, and quite new, developer! That made the game waaaaay smoother. I do need to animate the other tricks, but until then, the ollie makes a bigger improvement than you would think. 

If you want to see more in the game, please please PLEASE consider buying it! It supports and motivates me to keep working, the next seven of you who buy it (I already had a few friends buy it) will get their names put in the skatepark. Check this out for more info: GET YOUR NAME IN MY GAME! - Release Announcements - and get the game here: Skate Dude by Joeysquatch12 ( See you later Skaters!


Ok I looked at it and it’s free, I will definitely look at it. Thanks!

Is it free?

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I just downloaded unity, and I have a big problem: I don’t know what to use to model characters.  I tried tinkercad because it’s so easy, and I tried sketchup but it’s really tricky. What do you think is a really easy and good 3d modeler? Thanks!

This actually looks really cool! I can’t download it (It’s my problem not yours, don’t worry.)  But man I love goldeneye!

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This is a pretty cool idea! The colors and atmosphere remind me of the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater warehouse level.

Ok thanks!

I’m just actually gonna leave it.  Also check this out: If you buy the game, you will  be one of ten people to have there names in it! And this is not a raffle, you WILL actually get your name in it as long as you are one of the first 10 people to buy it. Make your move quick though, as there are 7 slots left! Check the link for more information.

Oh ok  that makes sense. I still think I’m gonna darken it a little, but try turning down your brightness.

That’s strange

No problem! Thank you for pointing that out!

Ok I fixed it. Does it hurt your eyes anymore?

I’m so sorry it hurt your eyes! I’ll fix it. Thanks for the advice!

Oh I'm sorry it hurt your eyes! Thanks anyway! I'll change it later.

Ok, then what is a good way to get my game found and clicked on more? I have like 14 views.

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But above answered this question, you don’t need to.

Commenting on other projects about my game and providing links to it.

I don’t mean to bug you with questions, but what about ads on projects and games?

Ok thank you! I was thinking about going on popular projects and advertising my project with links.

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So according to the rules, you are not allowed to promote yourself too much. As a new publisher I would like to advertise my projects in other projects. So how much advertising and promotion is allowed? And do you guys have any specific rules on advertising? I didn’t see any. Thanks in advance! Speaking of which: If you like skateboarding games, check this out!

(1 edit) Wanna get your name in this game? Check out this post to make it happen!

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Ok, I fixed it!

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Skate Dude, a small skateboarding game previously on Scratch, has now been released on! Buy the game here:

And be sure to upvote this post if you like the game!