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I tested it a little more, it happens in some games but not all of then, really don't know why

I played again to be sure, and I use X to focus, but it not I noticed that this only happens if I'm also shooting, so when I shoot while focus I can't go up and down

I don't know why, but I couldn't move up and down while focusing, making the second boss super hard. Also, the last 2 bosses didn't attack.
I liked the story, it was dumb in a funny way

Just wish that Reimu walk a little fast,  and that the dash don't make her turn left, I basically walk with dash all the time, other than that, it is a really cute and fun game.

I don't really get it, but the music and art is super cute

buy a second head
the candy RNG time for me to be hit 2 times in a row without time to jump
big brain moves, buy 6 heads
get hit 6 times in a row
I'm really good at this game
also, I think that if you spam eat button and die, you lose more than one life

Love the music by the way

I burned and frozen my ice cubes 10/10 

This game is hard, I could only beat wave 6, took me a while to understand what cooking bonus things do, but when I get it, I finally beat wave 4, also, a pause button would be good, to much pressure.

Onions are good, I like to cut, put salt and cook. I think this is one of the best dishes, not sure if it is worth overcook it, looks like it have less range and more damage, but took so long, but it also depends on fairy position I guess?

Spicy food is not really good, only make that the enemies run towards the building quick, but looks like it at least have a really good damage.  Maybe make it do less damage, but more burn damage over time and don't make enemies run? I'm still not sure of all the bonuses cooking do, so maybe it was the way I cooked.

Also, I have some problems that I want to move a fairy and accidentally pick up her food (took me a while to notice that I need to move they clicking in the arrows bellow than), and that I want pick the food that dropped bellow the fairy and could only pick her ammo, and I got desperate and messed everything.

I love how the music changes when the invasion starts, also, I liked the game play loop so far, I got myself thinking about how to cook things that drops while dealing with the invasion, and recharging the fairy's ammo, it is a nice multitask, and because there is a lot of time before another invasion, it is not that stressful, I only wish I could let Cirno freezing things while I'm doing other things. By the way, I think having the valor of the dishes bellows than would be a great way to make it easy for the player to decide what to do with every dish and to easy know what they do with a glance, like a small number in grey for damage, one in blue for frost damage, etc, just a way to help with the quick decisions that a lot of times the game demand.

I tried again, both in my old save file and in a new one, it seems I can't even enter my house again after returning the book, I don't know if I'm missing something or it is really I overlook of your part.
about the translation, no problems, It's cool that you even finish the biggest part of it in time, for what I notice, what is not translated is more of the lines of "I shoulnd't go there yet"
if it is really a bug, I would happily play a post-jam build, because I'm really curious about the story.

took me some try's to beat it, but I did it at the end, the game crashes at random sometimes, (happens to me 2 times)
but overall, it is a really cute small game, I'm not really used to play at the keyboard, so it takes me a while to get use
I think If the bullet cancel don't actually use all of your extra graze, it would be better

I get to what I think be the first boss and this happens.


globals.lua:49: attempt to index local 'a' (a nil value)


globals.lua:49: in function 'getAngle'
enemies.lua:754: in function 'arrows'
enemies.lua:789: in function 'spawnArrows'
enemies.lua:793: in function <enemies.lua:705>
enemies.lua:1082: in function 'updateFunc'
stage.lua:89: in function 'updateEnemy'
stage.lua:186: in function 'update'
main.lua:55: in function 'update'
[C]: in function 'xpcall'

don't know if it is a bug, or I'm stupid, but I can't get past the part before I get flanders to sleep at my house and go deliver a book at the library, everywhere I try to go say something in Chinese that I can't read. I will try it again later before rating, because I don't fell like I play sufficient to rate it.
but I'm really curious about the story, and I like the original artwork for it overall.
if you can give me a tip of how to pass this part I will be glad :D

I like the concept, remember me of kid icarus for 3DS (that I love)
My biggest problem with the game is the level design and the fact that I basically lose all control of mokou if I jump or get hit, and there is a lot of enemy's that just fire nonstop, so I needed to stay behind the bridge and shoot until all of then die.
if some kind of evade, more control about mokou actions, this can be a really nice game.

unfortunately there is nothing past the ping pong section, we plan to do a build before jam with the complete game and story, if you are interested in playing it :D

I like the story, super cute, the gameplay have an interesting idea, got stuck in one puzzle and needed to jump it, I'm glad that you give this options.

Fun little silly game, took me some tries to beat it, the end was fun

Really cool concept, I laugh at Cirno dancing, and the music is pretty cool.
But the gameplay is a hard to control, and I don't think (or at last I didn't find) the game have an objective yet, I needed to kill myself to buy other characters, I don't even know if there is a difference between them other than the cute models.
play around with the physics and see the enemies bug and spin around was entertained

I really like the game, would play a full version, really like Satori and Sanae in the story.
The art style is super cute, especially tengu wolf (well, I love Momiji, so maybe I'm bias)
The usage of the theme is really good.
just need a better title :D