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figured it was worth asking about and the reasoning makes sense. though in the scripting manual it also says that things like Rot, Offset and Pivot are also listed as get only:

PVector3 Scale { get; }
PVector3 Rot { get; }
PVector3 Offset { get; }
PVector3 Pivot { get; } // the pivot of scale and rotation operation

even though you can have a script modify those temporarily. are those only modifiable because those aren't recalculating all the data per frame, just that one attribute?

duly noted. got it put down in a seperate file along with relevant sections of the ram map (i gathered the Y position in NES memory in itself would also be useful so i noted that with the how far player is above ground level address) and your advice. for the moment i'll be looking at other projects scripting wise though.

looking through the scripting manual, it seems that you can't change the geo shape of an object from a script, only read what type it is. am i misreading things or are you planning to add that as a feature?

what would the best way of doing something with the whole "location on the vertical of the screen is reflective of left to right"? I assume that it'd first be a check for if the character is going up or down on the Y axis then use that to change the Z offset on the fly sort of deal thus far.

but if i have the ground at a 90 degree x rotation, that doesn't fix the fact the character goes down on the screen. so unless i do on the fly Y offset correction too, it'll look weird. with the ground at 45 degrees my initial idea would work but not look as good. thoughts on it?

PSM unity on vita doesn't work past a certain firmware so you'd be on your own putting unity onto the vita itself (you need 3.60 for the main exploit on vita anyway - henkaku/taihenkaku and no-one's found a way of getting PSM unity stuff working again on it yet)

i found tridef 3d ignition works with it when in dx9 mode (dx11 mode it crashes). doesn't suit FPV function though.

sorry, amended

if you look at the video, the stair sprites don't separate from the wall tiles properly. wanted to know if that was a side effect of the way things are grouped together or something that can be mitigated. the lack of proper splitting of some elements with the delete command happens far worse in River city Ransom with the walls and the segmentation but this is an easily accessible example.

reposted and updated with links to examples on both RCR and Bionic Commando

River City Ransom Example

Bionic Commando Example

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So, in my frustration at river city ransom and bugs bunny's crazy castle having major issues with the sprites i decided to go back to try DDII again. first 3 stages are mostly done (with weird oddities that keep popping up, like the garbage at the bottom of the screen buffer)



the closest i've got is to be able to set text/gui stuff on the front layer, then setup the depth and zscale so the gui elements in question slightly "pop" over the rest of everything else. and while yes, that does mean that the GUI stuff is still inside level blocks, it's not being obscured. look at my megaman 2 or shatterhand 3dn's as an example (try metal man's stage for my mm2 3dn). not the best examples but it's the closest solution i have at this juncture.

Having followed the whole "Delete to change the sprites" thing, sometimes it just doesn't want to work.


Halp? Am Using 1.1b1.

whose did you tweak btw? just so i can figure out if it's mine that has been tweaked before working on it again (been doing bits on other things so i haven't been doing much modification to any given 3d nes game)

If you can, track down a version of antimicro. it's like Xpadder and joy2key but free, open source and has a decent UI (which is where j2k lacks). bit hard to track down so i have the version i use uploaded.

Link to x64 version of antimicro 2.21

that's not what ruiner means. when you press P1 start, it also activates player 2. as if both player controllers are bound to one controller. I have this issue with rampage so i know what ruiner means.

My own Shatterhand 3dn.

Progress: first level completely done and most of the icy forest (or as far as i got before game over again).

Video of it in action
3DN file
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List of finished 3dn:

- https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7NdOESpLXrNUWJWMVJ2SnpNWlk by AstroTibs



I know one was included in the incomplete presets but I started one from scratch and got more done.

Mostly done:

title screen, stage select, some boss screens, metal man

can't say what else but here's the link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B10xhyqtpi_IOVhj...