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Tetrastar - The Fighter

A topic by JJXB created Jul 09, 2018 Views: 195 Replies: 3
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3Dn file

JP exclusive into the screen shooter (reminiscent of space harrier). I think i've done as much as i really can to give it the 3D effect without driving myself mad. tl;dr of how i got the sprites to have distance? shape2D.Size.y was useful :P


- From 1:40 i notice that that "ground" is not flat (correct me if i'm wrong). If you set all ground shapes to a separated layer with Aligned Front then it will be come flat without the need of individual pattern customizing .

i didn't put an excessive amount of time into the specific customization of some of the ground because i was more trying to get the actual layered effect on the objects working due to that being the hardest part. so only so much ground is done. but with my scripts in place for both a scrolling ground plane where appropriate and the objects, tweaking things is now down to tiles, patterns and tagging things right unless small issues pop up with the scripts themselves.

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I knew your style and that's exactly what i mean. By using script, you can assign the "ground" shape to a specific layer with "Aligned Front" so the "ground" will become flat :).