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Play Nes In Virtual Reality · By geod

Side Pocket

A topic by JJXB created Jun 17, 2018 Views: 167 Replies: 2
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Figured i'd throw my skills at something else that might be interesting with the scripting work i do. how's about turning a flat snooker game into a fully 3D one? if anyone wants to muck around any further then it's up to them but hey, nice to be able to use it on something more sedate. I did also do a chessmaster 3dn at one point but i'm gonna redo it.

Also: Check the scripts for improvement on how i positioned the Y/Z field.

3dn file

I wonder if a fixed rotated view is a good choice because users are always capable to rotate the field themselves.

i would be interested in the idea of script-controllable camera movements but partially because i'm curious how the whole sort of flashy "auto-rotating" camera thing that i'd try to script would work out for this.