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some glitches

A topic by JJXB created Jul 08, 2018 Views: 96 Replies: 1
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3DNesVR v2.1

Have been trying to work on some other projects but in my testing 3 games experience missing shapes:

Rad Racer 2 - FCEUX 3DNes

Startropics (Dungeons) - FCEUX 3DNes

Startropics 2 (Dungeons) - FCEUX 3DNes

all 3 sets of screens taken in the same scenarios. so it appears your 3D shape algorithm is breaking somehow on these 3 games or that the algo isn't even getting the shapes from the emu portion of the code?

and another thing on startropics 1 and 2 is that the save feature ingame is broken so it says it is saving but it does not save at all.

That's the fault of the emulation part of 3DNes. Unfortunately there are still certain games that 3dnes fails to emulate.