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Here is some of my previous work, Ive released a mobile game, have professional experience coding in a team and use Git, Discord and Trello.
I'm looking for remote work and my rates are flexible for indies. Thank you for your consideration and have a great day. Discord: Jindatesha#1337

yeah sign me up as well

Not bad, world one's boss was pretty tough for 1 player i had to try like 8 times XD It was somewhat tough to know where I was to go, there wasnt a clear indication for patterns in the boss fight and the sound effects were a bit jarring esp the eyeballs death sound when you shoot multiple arrows that play the on death sound each. Music was fantastic

what kind of math games are we talking about? can you give us an idea of one.

I have 2 years+  professional experience working on paid projects. 
1 project ive worked on was my own: Blockouts, which could be found on googles app store for mobile
another is with T4T games working on their turn based RPG game ACRAS* (release: TBA)

Ive worked in group settings, making use of discord,trello and use github and git kraken (and others) for repositories/gui amongst the team.

After creating working prototypes of most game genre types (all  2D as GMS is primarily used for) with clean,commented and easy to read code; I feel confident that I could complete the coding requirements for whatever project you have in mind.  

 I look forward to working with you and/or your team!

Please feel free to contact me via discord,


looking good!  I like the concept...the alchemist needs his/her ingredients = )

Couple of things that if changed, i think would benefit the game:

have the items needed to collect count upwards rather than downwards (3/3  to me means ive got them all)

the plants shoot seemingly random, should be a pattern to help the player time their movements
the jumping doesnt feel like there is gravity but instead a linear movement up to a fixed point and then back down (feels very strange)

add sound and music (they make a huge difference and you dont have to go all out. try audacity and use sound effects from your mouth/or things around you  ie: breaking celery  makes a good bone breaking noise)

when you die...restart that mission instead of the whole game...i wouldnt of minded playing the whole thing but because of the seemingly random  shooting from the plants it got me

no screenshots or even thumbnail, and 414MB FILE! I personally didnt play this one sorry!

Iooks like an error in the screen shot, i dont see a ghost, all stock looking characters and I dont wanna download 121MB...for those reasons I personally didnt check this game out. sorry!

enjoyed the overall look of the game but the gameplay was a waiting game to get the npc's to the left side of the house. a little lackluster but I enjoyed the boob physics XD

I checked it out but, very odd aesthetic and I personally dont play games for the story. one of the images was very sloppy in contrast to the rest XD but i found that funny. the ending lets you discover more about the character and I liked that.

i liked the art and the sound effects, the movement felt slidy and you cant jump and retain your momentum.

I loved the main menu, I do wish it was a little less blurry because some of the text was hard to see.  As far as the gameplay, It was incredibly difficult and I would have little to no time to react. =P

you can always do what you want...but i think if its for the game jam and following regular should follow the theme

I enjoyed the artwork and soundtrack!

I think it could be cool if there was some soft ambient noises based off the artwork near the ink/player. So if the art was a birdlike thing, maybe you hear some soft bird noises

I fell off the right side and it kept going and when i hit escape it didnt bring up a menu but instead simply exited the game.

lastly i enjoyed the freedom to roam but couldnt find out what the goal/objective was so I couldnt win/beat/finish the game.

Lol Yeah all the sounds and music was made by my mouth glad you thought it was challenging!  i made one part almost impossible to not be hit on accident...thanks so much for the comment! =)

I cant beat it! the F by default shoots down, I wish i could shoot with the mouse. I loved the color swap... and the movement felt fluid...was good = )

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took me awhile to understand the have to right click and then while holding the right mouse button you swipe back and forth. After that though the game was fun = )

i couldnt solve the puzzle...but seemed like a cool experience

Win32 version i couldnt start, and 64 bit I couldnt play smoothly so i cant beat it : / good graphics though!

I had to kill a few of those TENT PEOPLE!!! I liked the cactus, it reminded me of the cartoon show "Chowder". Btw...It may have been my computer but i didnt hear any music...why was the download so large(57MB)?

cute, but i dont understand how to win/lose

zombies look good! I got stuck in a corner XD

Neat, I wish the escape button and the magic button werent there...i wanted to escape every battle XD those dang wisps! Good job =)

cute, I think there shouldve been a penalty for clicking the wrong button, I just spam it...overall was good and i enjoyed the art! The laugh at the end startled me XD

hard as balls!

Tried 3 times, Intro makes my computer lag but everything else runs smooth.

I dont gain money from killing enemies and without a tool tip explaining drummers give money it makes level one pretty tough. 

Music is loud and repetitive and when i go into settings to turn it down the settings dont save so in match i still hear it.

No sound and whole game feels slow and sluggish.

Best of luck man! 

actually pretty neat however i found a yellow bush that gives infinite lemons and also i cant punch or hurt the other kids?